How can you prolong your Lucid Dreams and minimize sleep paralysis (1-2)

Stop Sleep Paralysis: Control it and don't feel it. Even, prolong your lucids!
Minimize or even stop sleep paralysis and enhance your lucid dreams now!

Sleep paralysis is fine! Therefore, you will stop fearing it! You will enhance your dreams instead!

Hey, hey, folks! How are you guys doing? How are those lucid dreaming and astral travels going? I have received many questions and comments from you guys, and I am very grateful for that! So, I am going to touch this week on two topics that I am also often asked. How to prolong lucid dreams and try to reduce and almost stop sleep paralysis. Something that I am sure that many of you have been looking forward to. I believe this is the second time in over two years that a blog entry is so long that I have to spit it in two weeks. Don’t worry; you will already have some good stuff to do right after reading this one!

Yes, of course, you can, and it is quite easy. You can indeed prolong your lucid dreams easily. With practice, you can lengthen them to the point that you will force yourself to wake up. You will be able to have lucid dreams so long that they will feel like hours. Time is not always the same in the dream plane. Trying to stop sleep paralysis is trickier, though. It is part of the process in some lucid dreaming induction techniques. It is as well an essential stage for astral projection. But definitely, you can do some stuff to go around it. I have been Lucid Dreaming my whole life. Therefore, after many years of research and practice, I like to share it.

You can’t entirely stop sleep paralysis; you don’t want to. However, you can dodge it.

I am going to start to talk first about sleep paralysis. It is usually the most significant problem and concern during lucid dreaming and astral projection. Sleep paralysis often scares the bejeezus out of those who are not used to it. But it is an essential phase that is required for some induction techniques. There are ways to Lucid Dream without feeling Sleep Paralysis. If you do, there are ways to even get a great advantage from them. First, I am going to share a few points about sleep paralysis.

Take a read here about paralysis dream too.

You can’t stop a mechanical and natural protective mechanism like sleep paralysis.

It happens every time we fall asleep. The mind paralyzes the body, so do you don’t act out your dreams. If the mind is awake (you have not lost awareness), you will feel the sleep paralysis consciously. It may be that your mind is awake and your body is asleep, triggering sleep paralysis. It always happens when you try to induce a lucid dream using the WILD technique, and the same goes for astral projection. Do NOT MOVE nor try to move at this stage, or you will break your trance and blow it, just let go and ignore it.

There are no demons, dark entities, archons, reptilians, Illuminati, leeches, evil spirits, or nine-legged snakes trying to eat you whole and steal your soul while a big block of concrete blocks your chest, and you can’t even move. Yes, sleep paralysis can be scary, terrifying. It possibly happens this way due to all the junk that humanity has in its consciousness since it is just hallucinations created by our minds. But again, as I said, they are just hallucinations.

By the way, if you have trouble sleeping, try this guided meditation.

No need to fear a simple hallucination.

When you reach this state, try to take deep breaths. Your body will be pulsating/vibrating, and you may hear loud noises and buzzing sounds in your ears. The buzzing can be incredibly intense, but it is not a real soul, so your ears are fine. You do not want to stop sleep paralysis (besides somnambulism) because you can use it as an “eject” button to astral travel.

If you wanted to astral project, you have to focus on raising the intensity of these. Still, since we are talking about Lucid Dreaming, you are going to ignore sleep paralysis entirely. Focus on your desired dream, on what you had planned for your lucid ride (or focus on something, or somewhere you want to be), keep calm, and repeat to yourself, “I am lucid, I am in a dream, I am dreaming, I am aware” and similar stuff around that. Always in the affirmative and present tense. Of course, you will repeat it mentally. Soon you will find yourself in the dream, completely lucid, right at the start of your new REM phase!

And that’s it! As you can see, this is all about sleep paralysis, and no reason to fear it. It actually would be a problem if you did not have the “blessing” or mechanism of sleep paralysis (for example, somnambulism.) I talked about sleep paralysis in an earlier blog entry, and you can check it out at this link. You can find some additional information there, but it gets down to just this.

L-DEILD takes you from one lucid dream to another one. It is almost like you stop sleep paralysis to induce a new dream!

Can you prolong a lucid dream?

Another problem is not being able to have long-lasting lucids or having just “mini-lucid dreams” and waking up prematurely. If you always have lucid dreams that are very short, it could mean a few aspects. I will share them with you.

It would be best if you had more practice in lucid dreaming.

  • Be patient; practice makes the champion!
  • Journal more dreams, night after night. Focus more on lucid dreaming. Do plenty of visualizations through the day of having great lucid dreams. Progressively, you will improve.
  • Do reality checks in your lucid dream too. Not only to make sure you are dreaming but to remind your subconsciousness that you are dreaming. Doing reality checks in a low-quality dream will “ground you more” in the very dream when you do this. You will be “more asleep,” and it will be harder for you to lose your lucid.
  • Learn dream stabilization. (I will share an easy technique next week.) You will be able to prolong your dreams when you feel they are going to fade. You can make a big difference here.
  • The use of mantras throughout the day related to having long and vivid lucid dreams can help.

You might have successfully prolonged your dream.

Even short dreams can be “saved” and chained into a new lucid dream. It will possibly arrive with greater chances for it to be of high quality. Besides, you will feel like you did stop sleep paralysis. You will barely feel the jump. You might forget the first part, though. However, you can link two lucid dreams (or more) and prevent premature awakening. Maybe you heard of the technique DEILD, which is based on programming yourself to (when you wake up), not moving, staying still, and focusing on dreams.

Eventually, it will trigger an awakening on sleep paralysis, that with the right focus, it can bring you back to a dream right away, within seconds. You will “stop” that sleep paralysis. I came up over ten years ago with an enhancement called L-DEILD (Lucid-Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream.) It is a more powerful version than the original and the antidote for those of you who only have tiny lucids. Using this technique is excellent for chaining dreams (do not be greedy, or you will forget dream content) and also, to turn a low-quality lucid dream into a good one. It is also great when someone has short, lucid dreams.

A few steps where you induce lucid dreaming while “you stop” (don’t feel) sleep paralysis.

As you are in your Lucid Dream and you feel you are waking up, start focusing on your breathing and visualize you are still in a lucid dream, concentrate as hard as you can, but allow the dream to fade away, remaining aware and focused.

You will find yourself back in bed, with sleep paralysis, but also a bit out of it, like if you are still in the dream (yes, at the same time as you feel awake in bed). You might not have the hallucinations here (feeling the prior dream might be the actual hallucination). But your body is likely vibrating, and you will feel your heart is going even faster than when doing high-cardio sports. Trust me, much quicker, much, much faster, at an incredible pace… like a hummingbird’s heart).

Remember, it is just a hallucination; your heart rate is possibly much lower than when you are awake, so make sure to ignore it. (Unless you have a heart condition.), However, while my heart is fine, I believe that these “heart hallucinations” are different than when your real heart is overwhelmed (again, my heart is fine, but I have done high cardio, and I have been under stress, feeling it in my heart.) Understand that you cannot entirely stop sleep paralysis so that you will experience some of this phenomena.

Don’t over-use this technique; don’t make very long chains.

Every time I used L-DEILD, the sleep paralysis part has been barely a few seconds, a moment where I am ported back into the dream, fully lucid. So it is practically instantaneous, and you pretty much dodge the sleep paralysis. Most likely, you will find yourself in the same place, maybe with only minor changes (weather can be one for some reason), but the rest will be the same. L-DEILD is great for lucid dream challenges (check them out on my Youtube channel) because if you are about to complete your challenge and are losing your dream, you can do this and pretty much “resume” whatever you were doing.

For me, it has a 100% success ratio.

I have been sharing this technique in a Lucid Dreaming Community, and it has been 100% success, but you need a lucid dream. That is the only downfall. However, even if they are really “crappy,” you can still turn it into a new lucid dream with just super-short sleep paralysis, as well as a much lighter version of its downside. Since you only need to remember to be still, that is all you need, and half a second worth of lucid dream is enough for that! While you do not stop sleep paralysis, you can almost “skip it.” It became a solution for some to lucid dream.

You will get a lot better in your lucid dreams and faster when you use this technique.

The sleep paralysis fear is something that you will need to learn to be above it. If you get afraid and nervous out from it, you will either lose consciousness in the process or have a tiny lucid dream, to be back (possibly) into sleep paralysis and rendering a lousy experience, prolonging the dream paralysis or losing trance all entirely. Fear brings fear… even more when dealing with sleep paralysis, so let go of it completely!

Wow, this entry is already going longer than I thought, haha, so I believe it will be best to continue with this one next week! You already have a long read here and stuff to work with for now. Next week, I will share more about this same topic, dream manipulation, and more. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “How can you prolong your Lucid Dreams and minimize sleep paralysis (1-2)

  1. Tiffany says:

    I managed to escape my paralysis just now for the first after reading this only a couple of days ago! I went straight in to lucid. I tried to astral project after jumping backwards from a high place and for the first time my usual astral journey did not play out. Is this related to the paralysis beforehand? I really love reading your blogs Fernando (and most recently the incarnate angels and different souls) your tips always work when I try them! Warmest, Tiffany

    1. That is awesome, Tiffany 🙂 Very well done. Yes, sleep paralysis is before WILD and Astral Projection, so you did very nicely. Astral travel from a dream can fail sometimes, it is about to keep attempting it, but you are indeed in the right path!

      1. Tiffany says:

        Thank you! ????

    2. Pradnya Prakash Sawant says:

      Thank-you so much for your helpful guidance.. I’m so grateful for your support.. God bless you always.

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