The Fool Tarot Card plus June’s Monthly Tarot

Today's card: The Fool Tarot Card. June's Monthly Tarot brings the information you need, and even if you think you will continue to have uncertainty, you will see that you will feel better. Let's dive deep into the meaning and messages from The Fool Tarot Card.
The Fool Tarot Card: Feel free!

The Fool Tarot Card helps you unlock your originality

Hello, everybody. I hope you are getting the most out of your day, every day! Last week we talked about the Monthly Tarot readings and the changes for the actual Monthly Tarot articles such as today’s. We are going to talk about The Fool Tarot Card to explore it together. We will talk about one card each month so you have plenty of time to get the most out of their wisdom. You will also find three self-reflection questions for you to explore and maximize your life in any way you desire. Remember that you don’t have to learn by heart everything I am sharing here with you. This is intended for you to have a foundation from which you can grow in your direction. For each Tarot Card, you want to find how it connects with your life today.
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But first, as you know, your free reading is here! The monthly Reading for June 2024 is ready! As usual, you can find these on my YouTube channel, and also, you can watch them right here. I invite you to subscribe to my channel now; this way, you are always up to date with goodies and other surprises I have planned for YouTube! If you are not very sure what is about this reading, you can read more in this article regarding the Monthly Tarot psychic reading. Check out the June 2024 Monthly Tarot Reading for:
So, did you enjoy the reading? Now that you have listened to it, we can start talking about The Fool Tarot Card and its meaning and how you can start applying all the teachings that resonate well with you in life. It’s always significant for you to approach with an open mind. You must not learn word by word everything I am sharing, but instead, see how things apply in your life, and what you want to take from this. Make sure to set aside some time when looking at a Tarot Card, so you can have some undivided attention. The more you observe a Tarot Card, the easier is for you to find some meaning that will resonate in your life. If you have a copy of The Conspiracy Tarot, you can look at the card while you read this article. If you don’t have your copy, check out The Conspiracy Tarot here and use the coupon BLOG111 at the checkout.

Let’s meet: The Fool Card – An introduction

The Fool Tarot Card is perhaps one of the most significant Tarot Cards because of its unique energy of originality, frivolity, and foolishness. You can see that there is an energy of ecstasy and maybe a certain degree of naiveness. However, sometimes this is necessary that someone reminds you that there is much more to life than the daily grind and you need to learn how to get the most out of each situation. The Fool Tarot Card reminds you of the opportunity to question things before taking action. Life is fast-paced, but this doesn’t mean you can go along without paying attention. The Fool reminds you that you can make grave errors, and sometimes with irreparable damage if you don’t pay attention. A powerful card that reminds you of how important is to be grounded, focused, and properly aligned with the path you want to take.

Upright meanings

When we find The Fool Tarot Card on its own in an upright position we can think of the general meanings of innocence, freedom, adventure as well as unconsciousness. The energy aligns with a life where perhaps there are fewer boundaries or limitations.
The Fool Tarot Card: Live your life with passion while paying close attention.

The Fool Tarot Card: Live your life with passion while paying close attention.

Taking life easily and excitingly, a lot of times not take into consideration the risks and dangers around which actions and decisions, as well as not keeping into account the Principle of Cause and Effect. A proper alignment can bring amazing results as long as you keep following your passion.
  • Love and relationships: If The Fool Tarot Card is connected to your love life and relationships, you can interpret it as finding excitement and spontaneity in the relationship, as well as a potential Honey Moon stage. If your relationships connect with this energy, you need to also keep into account the important foundations. Sometimes, a lack of commitment or readiness to take a more serious path or invest properly in a friendship can be a significant aspect that will need to be addressed.
  • Money and career: If you are professionally aligned with The Fool Tarot Card you need to start pursuing new ideas, but with a wise approach, not skipping steps, and especially avoiding assumptions to dodge unexpected results. You will have a great energy to take calculated risks when talking about money or advancing in your professional life. You will find a great deal of passion that will encourage you to keep advancing.
  • Health and spirituality: You need to both celebrate your good health and your spirituality, celebrate you are feeling well, and that you have the opportunity to consciously walk your spiritual path with control and passion. You need to also be cautious to avoid unnecessary accidents as well as unnecessary negative spiritual experiences by investing properly in your knowledge and experiences.
I feel that celebrating the moment is something fantastic, especially when you have ensured before that everything is tied up. Once you set a strong foundation, you will be able to celebrate, and the amount of joy you feel will be significant. Make sure to also keep a good healthy Root Chakra, so you are grounded and focused.

Reversed meanings

When we find The Fool Tarot Card on its own in a reversed position we can think of the general meanings of lack of self trust and faith, as well as dangerous recklessness. A situation with a lack of passion where you can make wrong decisions, generally because you have either given up or don’t care anymore.
The Fool Tarot Card might also remind you to trust yourself more and to properly focus in life.

The Fool Tarot Card might also remind you to trust yourself more and to properly focus in life.

Sometimes, you can find yourself in a downward spiral with something in your life, but this doesn’t mean you must give up. The energy of The Fool Tarot Card reversed teaches you to keep fighting because otherwise, you will perceive the world in a much different way (and more negatively) than it is in reality. Stand up, regain your balance, and meet with your passions once more.
  • Love and relationships: If you are going through a hard time in your relationships where everything seems uncertain, you might be connected with the energy of The Fool Tarot Card in reverse form, feeling unstable and even unloved. Here, you are doubtful about your friends or partner, and many times you act as such, potentially hurting other individuals. You can easily buy your own story where you are the victim and push a lot of important people away.
  • Money and career: You need to pay closer attention to how you are managing your career and your finances. Are you properly focused on the right goals? Or are you taking unnecessary risks to perhaps take an easy way out that deep down you know it will not work? You need to be extremely careful when making decisions since you have a risk of acting from a point of ego, increasing massively the risks for an undesirable outcome.
  • Health and spirituality: When you find yourself in The Fool Tarot Card reversed situation, you need to take better care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health because you likely have imbalances to pay attention to. You might feel threatened by the spiritual development of others around you, pushing you to act the wrong way and potentially hurting other individuals. You need to balance your life, so make sure to do it one step at a time, and don’t worry, you will pull through!
Sometimes, you can find yourself in situations of deep frustration where you are feeling powerless. However, this doesn’t mean that you have lost. You might have lost many battles, but the war is on, and this means, you still have a chance. Re-align your chakras with this powerful meditation, reflect and ponder on what easy things you can change for the better, and get started. You will feel awesome and you will walk away from The Fool Tarot Card in reverse form.

You should reflect on the following questions

When I created The Conspiracy Tarot (if you want a copy, make sure to use the coupon BLOG111 at the checkout,) I added questions for you to reflect upon each of the cards. You can find this within the pages of the Little White Book that comes with the deck. But for today, for The Fool Tarot Card, I am sharing these questions for you to reflect over. Once you do, feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts and findings. This will help others a lot!
  1. Do you follow your heart or the world when it comes to decision-making?
  2. How much do you think you are in control of your life?
  3. Do you assume or accept what is presented to you before making a final decision?
I’ve been questioning whether to leave a comment for each of these questions, but I want to leave them as they come in the Little White Book for the Conspiracy Tarot. I hope these questions help you bring something that will improve your life, even a little bit.

The Fool Tarot Card Guided Meditation

Today we start a new series of Guided Meditations where you will experience the energy of Tarot Cards. The meditation for today, as you have guessed it, it’s The Fool Tarot Card Meditation, and you have it available in the store.
The Fool Tarot Card: Feel free!

The Fool – The passion you put in when making decisions

Experience today, "The Fool" and start aligning yourself with a life of greater passion. How much of your heart do you put when making a decision?  The Fool Meditation will guide you and help you find out, materializing more light in your path. Open your heart and be more joyful.

In this guided meditation, you will go back to the moment when you recently took a decision, or focus on one that you are about to make. You will see if you are putting your heart as well as sending positive visualizations in case you aren’t.


Q: What does The Fool Tarot card represent?

A: The Fool Tarot Card represents originality, frivolity, and foolishness. Making decisions with passion but with a balanced and proper focus.

Q: How does The Fool impact relationships?

A: You will find a passionate and unique energy with loads of creativity, but it is important to set boundaries and be in the same boat.

Q: What career opportunities does The Fool indicate?

A: The opportunity to pursue new ideas that can help you get to the top, while avoiding reckless decisions and unnecessary risks.

Q: Is The Fool associated with good health?

A: The Fool Tarot Card reminds you of the importance of being safe from accidents as well as keeping a proper alignment with your needs while you celebrate your good health and energy.

Q: What spiritual journey does The Fool signify?

A: You have the opportunity to keep growing spiritually while reminding you to keep walking your path with passion and joy.

Q: How does The Fool card differ when reversed?

A: Some of the meanings especially revolve around being unbalanced, untrusting, and unreliable. Energies of recklessness will be present, and you can have a lot of unexpected outcomes.

Q: Do I need to own a Tarot Deck to meditate with the cards?

A: No, you only need to play the guided meditation and follow the guidance from my voice. However, you can still love to own a copy of this amazing tarot deck.

Q: Can I learn to read the Tarot?

A: Yes, you have a course to learn to read the cards with over 100 lessons where I teach about each of the cards.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about The Fool Tarot Card as well as watching the Monthly Tarot reading for June 2024. Next week, we will talk about aura colors and their meaning, to be more specific, we will talk about the meaning of having a dominant color of black in your aura. But all of this, next week!

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