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How aphantasia affects astral travel and lucid dreaming. What can you do?

If you have aphantasia, its not all black for you.

Written by Fernando Albert

April 28, 2021

If you have aphantasia, its not all black for you.
Even if you have aphantasia, you too can astral travel, even lucid dream!

Hello people! How is spring going? I hope great, especially because, as I said last week, bringing passion into your life is very good to open your sacral chakra. But hey, today we are going to talk about a totally different topic. I want to make it clear that I am not a mental health practitioner. Therefore what I am about to share is based on personal experiences. Experiences of helping and teaching many people since 2011 to develop their spirituality. I have come across many people with a little-known case called aphantasia. Now I will tell you more in-depth, but basically, these people cannot visualize images in their minds. It is impossible.

However, these people may also have inclinations towards channeling, lucid dreaming, astral travel, and other visualization-based abilities. Much is discovered through readings, asking for help from spirit guides. Also, as I learn about people’s experiences and progress with aphantasia, I can tell you that you can enjoy these skills even if you have aphantasia. Although it will be different, you can have deep experiences that you will remember with great passion. For that reason, I am sharing this post with you. Even if you see everything black in your mind, there are more ways to perceive and get to the goal.

I want to have astral travel, but I have aphantasia. How do I do it and be able to remember it?

Aphantasia is not a permanent block, nor is it a dead end. But if it is a necessity to look for alternative ways to reach your goals. Especially if those goals require your ability to visualize, in case you don’t know, a person with aphantasia cannot project images in his mind. They can’t project a face, for example, and they can’t imagine something even if you say, “Imagine a red car.” Although it may seem surprising, some people are unfortunately not capable of doing this.

I have received many messages from people with aphantasia wanting to learn to astral project. At first, it may seem impossible since visualizations before and after astral travel are usually necessary. The human being is a visual being, and we will always want to remember what we have seen. But I want to comment that you can also experience astral travel or lucid dreaming without problems without visualizing images in your head.

How to induce astral travel or lucid dreaming.

I will not dwell much on how to induce these as numerous entries on the astral plane and the dream world. But I am going to give some guidelines a little adjusted for situations where there is fantasy. You will see that it is effortless:

  • The easiest way is to use the “Wake induced lucid dream” technique for astral projection and inducing lucid dreaming. A straightforward reason is that this technique will help you induce both. Also, this is the ideal technique for a person with aphantasia since it requires stopping visualizing. Therefore, as some people have told me, there is even a certain advantage.
  • This technique’s ideal time is to wake up in the middle of the night or the morning. You have to be able to relax your body completely. It would help if you also stopped having images flowing through your mind. With aphantasia, you will have no problem here!
  • Once you are in a state of total relaxation, you will enter sleep paralysis. Since this is in your head, your aphantasia will protect you a little. There are usually terrifying images (at first), which you will never see. However, in sleep paralysis, you will also hear sounds that do not exist, and you will have false physical sensations. This is important to keep in mind, as you may experience little things at this stage.
Now you are one step away from having an astral or dream experience. The most difficult is already done, but a couple of things:
  • At this point, ignore any auditory hallucinations and begin to visualize feelings of freedom. Find a moment when you felt great joy and project that emotion in your mind. If you have already had any experience with lucid or astral dreaming, visualize the emotions you had at that time.
    • If you want to do astral travel: I recommend that you visualize sensations of floating or as if you were in the air. Visualize as if you feel a lot of lightness and also feelings of freedom. Imagine the situation of floating like a bubble (but you will not be able to visualize the bubble, visualize the sensation.) If you notice vibrations, focus on how you feel when you have them, and visualize that sensation expanding. This course will help you.
    • If you want to have a lucid dream, you start to tell yourself that you are dreaming mentally. Since you cannot visualize a dream forming, visualize the sounds of the dream. For example, if you want to dream of the beach, visualize all the sounds that a beach has aurally. In a short time, you will find yourself inside a dream, with full lucidity. Also, visualize physical perceptions such as the sun or the breeze caressing your face. This will help you a lot. And this meditation too.

And really, there isn’t much more to add. It’s really about focusing a lot more on non-visual stimuli. That way, fantasy won’t be a problem for this. If you find a technique on the blog that you like, make sure to suppress any visual aspects and maximize other perception paths.

You can see the sound even with aphantasy.

A Gift!

I want to share with you this four-minute mp3 file sharing technique to train your auditory visualization. You can download it here.

And how to remember the experience with aphantasia.

Now perhaps we come to the most delicate moment. No matter how vivid your dream is, if you have aphantasia, you will not be able to project a single image. Therefore, you will remember the same emptiness that you see if you try to visualize an image in your mind. However, these experiences are not just visual, so you have a way to remember your experiences with a good level of detail. For example, although you cannot visualize an image, you can “hear” the voice of your favorite singer in your mind. Therefore, a good way to remember details of a lucid dream is through sounds.

If you have dreamed of a beach, even if you cannot see the beach, you can describe all the sounds and even the physical sensations that you have had. So the sense of touch is also important and something to focus on to relive your dreams. You will realize that just providing sound and touch to remember your dreams better will already make a big difference. Even if you cannot see what you saw in your flight dream, you will be able to remember how you noticed the air on your face. Also, perhaps the sound of your own flight will contribute. And, of course, what you felt while you were flying. With all this, you will already have a lot of information about what you dreamed of.

And a much more important and essential aspect for astral travel.

Your emotional, mental, and spiritual perceptions. These will also help you remember your dreams, but they will be essential to remember your astral experience. You will have powerful feelings of freedom, unconditional love, unity, and deep peace in an astral journey. This will help you remember your astral experience since this type of perception is much more common than visual perception. In fact, in the astral, the visual part takes a back seat, even without fantasy.

Like everything in life, this will take practice. Perhaps you will find the subject of lucid dreams a little more difficult, especially. However, you will realize that this extra difficulty is not going to stop you. And although I cannot affirm it: In principle, there are people who, thanks to aphantasia, can silence their mind much more easily. This is due to not having the ability to view images.

The power of emotions and fantasy.

After all, the most important thing that remains in our memory forever is emotions. You will be able to bring you many emotions and sensations from astral travel and lucid dreams. You can relive these again, remembering them, even if you don’t have images.

Therefore, as you can see, even in cases of aphantasia, it is possible to enjoy many spiritual capacities that are available to us. And well, next Wednesday, as it is the first of each month, the monthly forecast is due. It is a pleasure always to do these readings for everyone. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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