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Do you want to Astral Project? Learn how now!!

Learn astral projection with this course!
Many ask: How can I learn Astral Projection? The answer is: With this course!

Hey folks! Thanks for the appreciation over the Forecast. It is an immense pleasure! Well, it has been a while already since some of you have been asking me about something. Learn astral projection through a video course. Well, today I come with great news! The astral projection course is now fully available at Udemy, and you will be able to find a particular offer at this site.

I will share a fragment from an older article:

Astral Projection. It is important that you learn that we all experience Astral Projection during our slumber. More during the earlier stages of deep sleep, our soul “leaves” the physical body, always connected to it through an indestructible silver cord. Most (it can be an entire lifetime for some) will not recall anything at all from their astral projections. However, they still happen.

I am sure that sometimes you had an abrupt awakening where you hear a very loud (BAM!), and it seems that you hit the bed, at high speed from a very long distance. Your heart is pounding hard, and you felt like you were falling. Unless you recall a non-lucid nightmare, most likely this is because you had a violent return to your physical body while you were in your Astral Form. (Not a good way to learn astral projection, nor to experience it!)

I want to share from here, that this is a mechanism of self-defense that we have for Astral Projection to be safe. We cannot get lost in the Astral Plane, and we cannot die either, even if you wanted, you can’t. The silver cord will immediately pull the Astral Body to your Physical Body. It will happen if someone or something touches the silver cord, whether it is the astral plane or the physical body gets physically or astrally touched. We can’t stop this, and this will happen whether we are conscious during our astral travel or not.

The Astal is timeless, this might have happened within seconds, or hours.

What do you mean by Astral Projection?

Also called OBE (Out of Body Experience). However, if you want to learn more about Astral Projection, you can find the entire article by clicking right here. Also, if you browse this blog, you will find further information about it to get a lot of free information here!

Learn to obe now!

I compiled a complete astral projection course that will get you out of your body faster than saying Astral-Projection. (once completed, of course!) You can check all about it here.

You can check the course syllabus below:

Learn Astral Projection. Let’s talk about it.

1- Firstly, understand why Astral Projection is so awesome. Find out why you should take this course!
2- What is Astral Projection? What is the Astral Body?
3- Who can Astral Project?
4- Spiritual Benefits from Astral Projection, so you can find more reasons to visit the astral plane.
5- Revoking fears and myths about Astral Projection. Therefore, you can learn it.

Let’s go deeper into Astral Projection.

6- Differences between Astral Projection and a Lucid Dream. They are quite easy to confuse, so don’t!
7- Set and settling play a key role. What is recommended and what you should avoid. (preplan, etc.)
8- Preparing your mind for Astral travel so you can get the most out of it!
9- A profoundly relaxed physical body is also a must. Prepare yourself!
10- The importance of journaling and keeping track of progress.

Let’s leave our physical bodies behind! (For a while)

11- Body asleep, mind awake. The Vibrational Stage. What should you do here? (You may want lucid dream)
12- Exiting the body. Exit point techniques for you to master.
13- Got a Lucid Dream? You can Astral Project from one!

When you learn Astral Projection, you need to learn to drive the Astral Body.

14- You just left the body, now what?
15- What can I do? Where can I go?
16- How to reach an absolute point of bliss. (when you are nothingness) Lastly, the biggest reason to learn astral projection.

Time to return to the Physical Plane.

17- Re-enter your physical body with ease. It will enhance recall.
18- Take notes while it is still fresh!


19- Now is your turn to explore the Astral Realm!
20- Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Since about a year and a half ago, this course has expanded a lot. You can check most of the new stuff here.

So, are you in? If so, click the image below for discount access. You will learn astral projection. See you on the Astral Plane!

Learn astral projection with this course!

By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this. Therefore, take a listen!

Next week I am coming up with something brand new as well. Many of you have been asking for it, and it is finally here 🙂 I am pretty excited about this one. I know it will help many of you! But, I am afraid that we need to wait one more week for that! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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