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Can you meet someone in Astral Projection? Sure you can, find out how!

Astral meetings are pretty real.

Written by Fernando Albert

April 25, 2018

Astral meetings are pretty real.
Astral meeting: Discover the magic of meeting someone in the astral.

Hello, everybody! How is it going? Did you activate your solar plexus? Here is getting warmer as we approach summer! But today is not the weather that I am going to share. The “place” we are talking about in this entry has no climate at all! That is because we are talking about Astral Projection and meeting someone on the astral plane.

Make sure that both of you are well skilled over astral projection. You can help yourselves starting by checking out this free astral projection quick guide. You will get a great jump start. Checking out here helps too!

How does meeting in the astral plane work?

You can meet with someone in the astral while both of you are Astral Projecting! It takes a few steps that I will share with you below.  It is straightforward when both of you have some decent astral projection skills: and you know you are not in a dream!

Make sure you know this person well.

Knowing well with each other is vital. Please get to know him/her at all levels. Having a good connection with this person is essential as well. Now:

  1. If either or both of you can sense and recall the other person’s energy/aura, make sure this is a feeling you use and visualize when setting your intentions for your Astral Journey.
  2. If neither of you can sense energy, visualize what you like the most about each other. Necessary: Make sure that this is something that creates a good feeling. Focus on that feeling while you are visualizing. Doing it is essential to match the vibrations later.

There is no linear time in the astral.

However, to make it easier for the mind, you want to give it the comfort of linear time. So, while not need, make sure to go Astral Projection simultaneously (you do not need to be in the same place.) This way, it will be easier for the mind to understand it. Doubting will slow you down, and your mind can trick you with, “This person is working know, sure it will not work!” Be assured it will not work, but not because of this person, but your mind. Even if you astral project at different times, you can still meet.

Next steps for the astral meeting.

Get out your physical bodies and make sure to “ground” in the astral plane (float away from your physical body, focus on your astral body, ignore all external stimuli, etc.)

Once your Astral Projection is stable (you won’t know the other person’s yet), set the intention to meet the other person, focusing on that person’s energy or feeling caused by what you like the most.

At this stage, you will be in bliss for “moments,” but also you will find yourself “next” to the other person if this person has successfully gone through this process. You will feel the presence, and here, you will feel the energy, regardless of your abilities in waking life. You can use the recall of this energy for future meetings.

An astral meeting is possible!

From here, it takes practice! You both will know what to do. Allow your hearts to guide both of you. It will be a beautiful experience, beyond explanation. Besides, it can apply to every person you have a good connection with! It is not love, nor friendship, fun, or excitement… But it will be a combination of all of that and more, and there is no word for it. Just make sure to set the intentions with the other person first!

For future projections:

  1. Stages (skip 1) 2–3 (with practice, you will be able to do this even if both of you are not Astral Traveling physically at the same physical time)
  2. Out in the astral, recall (use your heart) the feeling from one of your prior projections. Ensure both of you do this. It does not need to be the same projection. As long as both of you recall one that you both were together.

And, momentarily, you both will find each other together.

By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this.

Do not forget to share the notes after the astral journey! Something essential after an astral meeting.

Can you spy someone or somewhere in astral projection?

The quick answer is no. Many ask about this, and while it is appealing, it is impossible to do it (accurately). I did share more about this in an earlier blog post, which you can find right here. It is a Q&A entry about Astral Projection, where this is one of the questions!

We can bylocate in other planes of existence. Add that to astral meeting!

What is bilocation?

Bilocating is where astral projection becomes more and more interesting. Yes, you can indeed be in two places at once. If you are prone to Astral Projection already, I am sure you have experienced double consciousness, where you had astral sensations while you had some feedback from the physical plane still. Bi-locating is more or less of the same thing. Furthermore, check out other planes.

However, splitting your “consciousness in half” and setting different intentions for each can trigger bilocation. (Being in two places at once). As hard as it sounds (or reads), it is effortless. It will be as easy as setting the intention in astral form, and practice makes perfect, as with everything!

You can find out more questions in these questions and answers entry! By the way, there is a guided meditation to visit space. It may aid in inducing astral projection.

Time to enjoy your astral meeting!

Next Wednesday will be the first one of the month… So you already know what is coming! The monthly forecast for May will be ready and uploaded to my Youtube channel. (And here, of course!) So, I hope you enjoy loads this week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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  1. Tejeshwara

    So How do i start Astral projecting? Where do i start?

  2. wilbert

    Interesting! I really want to be able to astral projection but still can’t due to fear of darkness or fear of ‘unknown’. Do you have any tips regarding this? Also if you don’t mind it would be awesome if you share your personal experiences of meeting ‘them’ or like travelling to loweer plane. Thank you in advance!

    • Akashicsoul

      Hi Wilbert,

      Do not worry, it is normal to have so roadblocks like these. I have a few post that can help you out: – Typical post, this one is in video!

      I have to write a few more, such as a guide and a few tips to counter these fears.

      I have not logged online travels done to lower planes, I usually go to higher planes, but it is a good point, I might make a blog post about it. But let me share with you one of my projections I shared here in the past:

      And yeah, it has also some tips about Astral Traveling.

      Let me know also specifically, which goals you have in terms of visiting lower planes? I believe you are referring to the lower astral, or to an actual low vibrational plane?

      Happy astral travels,


      • wilbert

        Thank you! that was really awesome, glad I found this website.

        If you don’t mind explaining, may I know what’s the differences between lower astral plane and low vibrational plane? sounds similar to me.

        Also is it true that we can’t see other person when we astral project? is it true that we’re just in etheric realms which looks exactly the same with our physical plane when we astral travel?

        There are lots of questions I really want to ask if you are okay with it.

        Sorry and thank you in advance!

        • Akashicsoul


          That is a great question, and I am going to add it to my next Q&A AP video, only two to go! But sure I am replying here as well 🙂

          – The lower astral, I also called it “Real Time Zone”, located in the lower 4th dimension. The first astral projections usually happen here (you see your body, your bed, your house, neighborhood, etc.)
          – The lower vibrational astral is not so much the “Ghost Copy” of our reality, but a plane of existence itself. The same way there are higher planes of existence (high vibrations, light beings, positive souls), you can find the opposite in the lower vibrational. I believe you do not want to go the lower vibrational, but if you did, out in the astral visualize negativity (not recommended.)

          And yeah, you can meet with someone in the Astral, there is a blog post (or maybe coming soon), about meeting others in the Astral. Takes practice but it can be done!

          The etheric realm you mention is the “real time zone” I mentioned there. You may see others, others will not see you EXCEPT psychic mediums. In fact, I busted Lisa Williams astral projecting to me to check me out before accepting me in one of her courses a lot of years ago. I told her face by face in the weekend workshop part of the course, and she admitted!

          I hope these help!

          Have fun in the Astral,

          Fernando Albert.


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