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Do you want to Astral Project? – Visiting the Pleiades through astral travel!

Lucid Dreaming can trigger Astral Projection.
Do you know that Astral Projection can happen during lucid dreaming?

Hello there! Last week we talked a little about dreams, and I shared the first dream I can remember. Well, this week we’re going to talk a little about astral travel. And I’m going to share one of my trips with you as I explain a little about astral travel and how to do it. In a lucid dream, you can experience an astral projection. It is quite amazing, but different.

Everyone astral travels practically daily; however, we are not aware of it and do not remember it. It happens because these astral journeys occur from a deep sleep, and we are not mindful. However, with dedication and discipline, you can get to master the technique to induce an astral journey. The significant difference is that if we cause an astral voyage, we are conscious during the whole trip. During an astral trip, you will see your body in the same position as you were (Out of Body experience), and you will be floating, and you will be “like a ghost.”

Just by wanting to be in one place, you will arrive there (there are rules and limitations, of course!).

Add now I can edit this entry, to invite you all to my Astral Projection course, which you can check out further right here. You can also read about different dream types here.

No word in the dictionary can describe the feeling you have when you are out of your body. It is a sense of absolute freedom, where there is no type of “heaviness” (gravity, physical effort, physical pain, weight, etc.). To this is added a feeling of happiness very high, and possibly your first astral trip leaves a very positive mark for life. To all this, we add that on the astral plane there is no linear time. It is true even if your astral projection happened from lucid dreaming.

Therefore, there is no perception of time. For example, “this lucid dream has been going for a long time, surely this REM phase is going to end soon”) in a state of absolute “happiness and freedom” for the duration of the journey.

And speaking of lucid dreams:

You can jump from lucid dreaming to astral projection.

I will not leave you with your mouths watering… I am going to explain how you can induce astral projection from lucid dreaming.

You need to be in a lucid dream, (you must remember in the dream to do so). Be sure to stabilize your dream very well. It needs to be as clear (at least) as life on the physical plane (in a dream you can “see” much better than in physical life). Once your dream is stable, and of high quality, you must fly to a high place, the higher, the better. You must lean on something (on the top of a building or a cliff where you cannot see the bottom).

It must be a high place so that your subconscious does not think that you are going to crash. From that height, fall on your back, do not fly or anything, drop, and as you fall, visualize that you leave your body and think with all your strength that you want to go to the astral plane.

Astral Projection from Lucid Dreaming is simple!

You are likely to appear floating above your physical body in your bed. Quickly leave the room to avoid going back to the body prematurely. If it’s not as obvious as that, be sure to do a reality check to know “where you are.” It is possible that you appear in another dream (losing lucidity) or that you go to the upper astral plane directly and no longer see your body. Some reality checks do not fail and will be negative like when you are awake. However, if you are floating somewhere, it is evident that you are not awake!

If during this fall you do not notice anything happening and suddenly you wake up in bed, do a reality check, because it is almost sure that you are in another dream and you have had a false awakening. Get out of your room (or wherever you “falsely awaken”), go flying and try again. What is the worst thing that can happen to you? That you fall into the dream, that the dream “goes crazy” and being lucid is fun, or that you wake up.

Shifting quicking among planes of existence can confuse you a bit, but a reality check will always tell you where you are.

Are you a bit lost with some of the terms?  Maybe this article will also help. All this topic about lucid dreams and how to induce or prolong them is available in my course of mastering lucid dreams. Besides, the WILD technique (explained in the course) can also be used to make an astral trip at any time of the day without needing to sleep:

Lucid dreaming course.

Well, the truth is that I did not intend to make this entrance so long because I wanted to focus more on sharing my experience. But a lot of you have already told me, “keep going, and it does not have to be short!” I thank you very much, and I am happy about that 🙂

One of many of my Astral Projection reports. Out of Body exploration.

Now, at last, I will tell you one of my shorter trips. This astral projection did not trigger from lucid dreaming, but it is interesting nonetheless:

I was lying in bed, already thinking about getting to sleep and I was in a vibrational state (strong vibrations throughout my body). I knew that I could make an astral trip, although I had not thought of it at first. It was going to be the first time I’d made a face-down trip (I always make them face-up). I visualized my body becoming lighter and began to “push” my astral body out of the physical body. Momentarily, I found myself floating above my body, and I had no difficulty in deciding where to go.

I visualized the Pleiades, and at that same moment, I could see the earth moving away.

More or less in 3 seconds, I reached the Pleiades. And they are 400 light-years away! But as I said, there is no distance. That distance of three seconds is symbolic because I try to put it on this plane. A 4D experience does not “enter” into 3D, just as a 3D soccer ball does not fit into a circle painted on a sheet (2D). I found myself floating inside a planet, with a reddish sky and orange ground. There were natural formations like obelisks and other rocky structures.

I decided to mark this point as reference point A

It is essential to put reference points in lucid dreams and astral travel, to have a better memory of what happened.

After enjoying this state for “a while,” I was going to visualize a particular area in the Pleiades. As I did and I started to float, but, OPPS! I ran out of fuel! I appeared again on my bed, and after the appropriate reality check, I saw that I had woken up. The experience had lasted about 10 minutes. And this trip was short because I did not plan it. Therefore, I never focused on concentrating the energy to carry “more gas” in the astral body.

By the way, there is a guided meditation to visit space, it may aid to induce astral projection.

Proper and planned setting will always grant you more energy and longer projections.

When you to plan a trip, with meditation, attitude, and appropriate aptitude, you will extend your projection for a longer time. However, as time ceases to exist at the Astral Plane, it does not guarantee that the journey lasts longer. What you are guaranteed is That your trip will intensify much more and, besides, you will go to higher planes, and you will vibrate more. As I update this, I also want to invite you to check out more about astral projection right here.

By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this, therefore, take a listen!

And well, this is all for this week. Next week we are going to talk about the good habits of sleeping well. It is essential, and as a society, we are forgetting. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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  1. Damien Mcdonnell

    I have been astral projecting for years, however I use the fear technique to be able to dettach, have been using this to be able to experience the astral plane.
    I have never been too far, only in my surrounding area, home, neighbourhood. I always get sleep paralysis first and then a metallic distortion sound as if you drop a pellet inside a cone shaped metalic device going faster until it explodes in infinity. its hard to explain. but its real, just like this plane.

    • Akashicsoul

      Try to ignore the sleep paralysis and focus on space and floating, that should eject you!

  2. F***rouq

    Am 13 and have also been trying to A.P but to no avail and i was wondering if there was another effective technique.And yesterday i had sleep paralysis and i wasnt scared so i decide to try but i immediately snapped out of it like a defensive system and am kind loosing hope so pls give me an effective technique

    • Akashicsoul

      Hello, it’s reasonable to have some fear at first. Sleep paralysis can be scary, but it’s safe. I have a blog entry about sleep paralysis here, well, I have several, but here is an old experience of mine and the reasons behind sleep paralysis fear. If you ignore these fears and allow yourself to go, you will project. It takes practice, but you are close.


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