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Daydreaming and the power to materialize your wishes.

Daydreaming will help you materialize your wishes!

Written by Akashicsoul

February 17, 2021

Daydreaming will help you materialize your wishes!
Daydreaming is easy and available to anyone, plus it helps to materialize!

Hi! Do you understand a little better now how to better adjust to this world? Perhaps you have realized that there are many moments that you do not want to be present. You even notice almost as if part of your consciousness escapes. This obviously I do not recommend as something constant, since you have to be present and grounded. However, there are times when you can let part of your consciousness travel and daydream. This week I’m going to teach you how to make the most of these moments. We are also going to talk about manifesting while you are sleeping. (Mercury is in retrograde🙂

Really, I want to tell you about all this because it is straightforward, and it only brings benefits. In fact, you can feel great if you focus well. Well, if you feel this good, you will be able to materialize your wishes with much more power. I will share how to use your imagination and how to be able to daydream about materializing.

Take the best out of your dull moments.

In past posts, we have already talked a lot about gratitude and its power to attract the abundance you need. You also already know the great difference that having positivity makes and taking it into account for everything you do in your life. Therefore, today I want to give you a few tips to multiply your abundance even more. Something we all know how to do and that is daydreaming. If you suffer from aphantasia, write down your goals, and try to feel how you think you will feel when you achieve them.

There are many moments during the day that you can take advantage of to visualize, materialize, and in this case, daydream. In fact, every time you lower your head to look at your cell, for example, it is a missed opportunity to be able to send strong visualizations to the universe. Especially if it is for leisure or “to burn time.” This does not mean that you have to spend hours visualizing. But it is good that you do it, at least a few times a day. And really, there’s not much of a secret from here. The hardest thing is finding the time.

Really, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want.

If you can emulate the feelings you will have when you reach this goal, do it. This way, you will gain much more power. You must have a clear and concise idea. And from here, when you have a little bit of nothing to do, you can daydream that you reach this goal. Put all the dedication, feelings, and details you can. Use all the power of your imagination (a good third eye helps) and enjoy your visualizations very much. You will send strong messages to the universe.

Daydreaming will help you manifest and fall asleep.

I want to share something that personally has worked very well for me. Anytime is good for daydreaming, but there are even better times. One of them is daydreaming while trying to fall asleep in bed. When we go to sleep, our mind generally goes on automatic. It depends on each person, and how they carry their days, some people will have a calm mind, while others will have a busier mind. It is important to relax your mind a bit and consider what to do before going to sleep. However, more or less, everyone will be able to daydream before going to sleep.

When you are already in a sleeping position, close your eyes and clear your mind. Relaxing it a bit is enough since you don’t have to silence it completely. Now, first visualize one of your goals, if possible, one that you are excited about. Start visualizing what your life will be like when you reach this goal. Don’t make too much effort. Let your imagination run wild if you can be an observer in this visualization, much better since, little by little, you will also fall asleep. This could also induce a lucid dream about this goal that you are visualizing. (Do not confuse with an astral journey.) There are many types of dreams, and daydreaming is one more.

The good thing about all this is that you will fall asleep with a smile on your face.

This helps you to be happier, in addition to being able to materialize your wishes. Realize that by doing this, the last thing you will think about for the day is this goal. This has a lot of value energetically since the longer it is in your consciousness, the easier it is to manifest it.

Did you know that daydreaming delivers?

The first moments of the day are also powerful, also good for daydreaming.

The first moment we wake up, we feel incredible moments of peace and lucidness. However, momentarily we will begin to feel thoughts flow through our mind. Daydreaming as you fall asleep can help your first thought be related to your goal as well. If another topic has already crossed your mind, but you are still getting out of bed, you can focus on your goal and feel gratitude. Starting the day with gratitude will make a huge difference in how your day unfolds.

You will realize that in this way, you will get a lot out of those moments that seem like you are wasting your time. You will be able to materialize your wishes more easily. Also, if you get used to having these positive ideas in your mind, you will have many more. You will find being grateful much more easily, and this will also multiply your abundance. And the best thing about all this is that it really is available to everyone. You will see that you will love these visualizations once you start, and you will not stop doing them.

And if you like to meditate, I will leave you a couple of meditations that will give a lot of power to your manifestation. The first meditation will help you visualize everything you want, the second is a gratitude meditation, which will multiply the power of your own law of attraction.

Now it is your turn to visualize, daydream and materialize.

I hope you enjoyed reading and that you can visualize much more easily. It really makes a big difference to go to bed and daydream. The feeling that you take to the dream world. So be sure to add this to your life. Next week, I’m going to talk about finding happiness and how to be happier to continue a bit in the same vibe. There are many posts here to help you be happier (daydreaming helps), but next week, I dedicate a post just for this topic. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! (And listen to February’s Forecast) See you next Wednesday!

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