Understand oppositions: How to be more in sync with the universe.

Understand oppositions: How to be more in sync with the universe.

Understand Oppositions.
Understand Oppositions: They are a mechanism of growth and expansion.

I want to share why it is so vital to understand oppositions because even though it hurts, there is often a meaning behind it. Stress management helps. But it is not all. Let’s face it; we live in a world full of challenges, starting at birth. However, it was us who chose to come here. And in fact, it has been our own choice to face certain things like our parents (I recommend this article). And really, I’m sure you can look back and see challenges overcome. Things that you can be proud of!

There is a subject that seems essential to me to understand the opposition, and it is something as simple as understanding oneself. It will make you much stronger, but this is not the goal of this entry. I want to talk a little about why it seems that sometimes “the universe is a bit unfair” or “faces” something in your lives. Everything happens for the reason that perhaps we do not understand right now, but we will be able to understand. Many times under challenging times, we do not remember those moments that “everything goes great,” and it is essential to have those feelings in your heart to understand the opposition better. Therefore, when sometimes it seems that everything is a problem at work. Or perhaps love does not go well at all.

Maybe you do not feel good about yourself, or you do not feel pride in your actions and successes.

There are always some steps to follow to understand oppositions and overcome it.

First, you have to realize that if you face them, you can understand the opposition much better, change what is necessary, and overcome it. Like everything in this life; there are always some steps to follow. As well as different strategies that can overcome the problem. In most cases, if you have a problem or opposition, you possibly maybe already able to overcome it. Perhaps it is difficult, or even frustrating, to read it like that, but you can indeed overcome all the challenges you get. We will never receive a challenge that we can not overcome (this is not the same as failing a challenge you have had.) It will help you understand the opposition. To realize that whatever it is, sooner or later, that opposition will have brought a positive development in your life.

So we are going to touch some straightforward points to face the opposition more effectively.

Understand the origin of this difficulty and how it is affecting you.

You have to start by understanding the problem. Sometimes, we see that we have a problem, that something is complicated or that we always have terrible luck. Hurts our ego. But it is possible, and I say almost at the beginning, that this problem is a “blessing” because it is bringing positive changes that you can not imagine in life. But come on, it’s not always the case. First, we have to find some silence and ask ourselves:

Exactly, what is the problem?

It seems stupid; however; do it, but sometimes we are so blinded by the fact that we have to understand opposition that we do not even “look at it.” So first we have to know what the problem is:

  • What is bothering me about work?
  • How is it possible that I am always so tired?
  • Why I never have “lucky moments”?
  • What is frustrating to me about this situation?

It is as simple as that. We may already know that the problem and still struggle, “you have to fix the car, and there is no money.” Well, then time to head to the second step. You will learn the significance of mental peace.

Through introspection, look for a personal/spiritual understanding and look for solutions.

When we know what is happening, we begin to understand the opposition in the right way. Therefore, we can start to solve it.

But how?

With introspection. How did you solve a math problem at school? Spending time and firing up that brain. Didn’t you? Well, the only difference is that you’re not in school, nor is it a math problem. It is a challenge of life. One more step on the road of life, another bump in the street… There are problems and problems, of course. Therefore, some issues may require more time or more tools. Even thanks to the fact of understanding the opposition, you may have realized that the solution to that problem. You may see, for example, it lies in another person. Or in their help.

Many times, the problem can be something personal. When it is like that, you know, it’s time to face oneself. Maybe this article can give you a cable. It will help you to see the problem in a more positive, or even alternative way, bringing good energy and vibration to the situation. Introspection will help you to understand what changes you need to solve that problem with yourself. You can identify the root of the problem. Once you have done it, it is when you have to make changes. However, those changes will solve your problem. For example, go to the dentist before it hurts even more. Or for example, you may realize that you talk too much, and that’s why it’s hard for you to make friends. You already know that you have to change it.

Sometimes that problem is not in our hands, and understanding the opposition will give you that knowledge…

And with all the opposition is the same; you have to understand them. If you know what your problem is not getting that promotion at work, you have to think about it. You may realize that if you take less unnecessary breaks in your work hours, you will make a better impression. Current equal in love, in friendship, in economic problems, and even spiritual ones. (If you can talk to your guides, do it in this situation, and demand with love that they give you a solution if possible.)

Although there is something real, it is not always limited to us or needs an answer at this time. And right now we’re going to talk about it.

Understand Oppositions and control your world.

And when you do not have the tools or possibilities to solve it.

Maybe you’re thinking:

I’m breaking my back by working, and I know perfectly that Fulanito is the boss’ pet and I’ll never be able to grow.

Yes, your problem may be an injustice, and that is why it is necessary to understand the opposition. If the problem is out of your hands, or at least, the apparent solution is worthless (like working more in this case), I recommend that you continue exploring the reasons for the problem.

Let’s say yes, that Fulanito is the boss’s pet, even though he is a lazy bum, it takes all the prizes and promotions from the boss. Your problem is that you do not have enough money and your solution is to improve your work.  You know perfectly well that such a case where you find growth in that job will not happen because of Fulanito and the boss. Well, why do not you look for another job? Possibly, you feel you only need to look for a new job when you’re missing one (it’s widespread). But if your job does not cover your expectations and needs, it’s time to look for another job. Best of all, what is much easier to find a job when you already have one!

There are many reasons.

Or to give another example, the love of your life is not divorced from his or her partner, who is an abusive person who makes that person you love very unhappy. It is the decision (and perhaps a spiritual need, read about karma) of that person to remain married to the abusive partner. Maybe you should open your heart and stop focusing on this person. Perhaps you only need to go out and enjoy it. That may solve your problem. Maybe you have a crush on someone you meet there, starting a relationship that will last until death separates you.

Yeah, but sometimes not even that works.

Some of the problems may be final. Maybe divorcing yourself from the person you love is a problem, but these persons need to divorce you. Therefore there is no solution. Even so, you do not have to spend the rest of your life wandering around an unsolved issue. There is no problem, in fact (it is “dead”), now there is the possibility that new doors open …

Even sometimes understanding that defeat or blockage can open new doors that you do not know.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where the problem is not going to be solved. You have been working for 20 years in a company that you love, and it declares bankruptcy. Right now, you do not have a job, and you feel “it’s the end,” professionally speaking. Finally, you find another job that yes, maybe the finances are even better, but you’re not happy. You want your old job back. However, in the next two years, a colleague of that new job that you do not like so much informs you of a unique possible opportunity.

You take a look, and you make it. You realize that you have a much better job than you had initially (yes, I refer to that 20-year-old job), and although that job will be in your heart for life, the initial problem has brought progress to your life (overall). It has merely required to walk a path of events. Some steps hurt, some are awesome. We live in a society based on linear time. The Universe fits. And I do not need to give examples of love, for instance.

Everything happens for a reason!

Sometimes understanding the opposition is necessary to know that these oppositions have a reason, although you may not realize that reason until the future. Letting it flow helps a lot more, and also meditation, the Journey that Relieves Stress, and you can find it here. So now, you know why the things that get uphill sometimes, and the power to understand the opposition.

Do you want to check more exciting stuff? Head to the resources section to discover more!

Next week, is forecast time! And the blog post will happen to launch right on the 1st! So you will have it here from day one (but remember that they are always available over Youtube by day one). I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Get to know yourself. New Guided Meditations: The Journeys.

Get to know yourself. New Guided Meditations: The Journeys.

get to know yourself
Get to know yourself. The Journeys start.

Get to know yourself a little bit more every day. (By the way, did you get to know someone while channeling?) Welcome to “The Journeys,” a group of powerful guided meditations that will take you to explore and discover that there is much beyond what we can perceive.  The Journeys will help you discover many things that will bring positive impacts to your life. You can read all about “The Journeys” by clicking here. The First journey will help us find ourselves.

Know yourself! Because it is important.

Today, we meet many people. At work, in the grocery shop, in the park, at school and in a lot of other places. Today, thanks to the internet and social networks, we got to know many people, much more than we could have imagined fifty years ago. But, do you know yourself, do you know who you are? Although it seems rhetorical, I say it very seriously. There is not one, but two entries about the importance of knowing yourself.   Ironically, in social networks, we can follow other people or entities, but we can not follow or like ourselves.

It is time to “like” ourselves and “follow” our needs, even take it into account in your priority list. Something in which perhaps society has forgotten a little, what do you think? If you’re not sure, you indeed need to get to know you!

Tools always helped human beings, and there is nothing wrong with using them when it is for functional purposes. This week “The Journeys” brings you one of those tools. An effortless and straightforward guided meditation that will massively help you. Know yourself; it will help you discover more about your connection with your being, your thoughts, and even your energy. Sometimes, you only need someone to point to where to look. Or maybe a little reminder. This guided twenty-minute meditation will help you out.

A healing meditation.

“Know yourself” is one guided meditation for beginners, for advanced people and even for experts. From time to time we all forget some fractions of ourselves (don’t you think, astral projectionist?) Our physical bodies, minds, and spirits have to be in sync to bring harmony to our existence. This guided meditation will help you find that balance.

Besides being very easy to do. It’s loaded with healing and good vibrations, like all the meditations on this page. Therefore, I can assure you one thing: After the twenty minutes of meditation, you will notice that you have much more energy and well-being. You will love it! You will like it! So I invite you to click here or on the image to get your copy. Get to know yourself now:

The Journeys: Meeting yourself.

And well, that’s it for this week! More new things are coming, because of next week, something that you physically ship is going to be available. The Conspiracy Tarot will soon be available to send. But I explain everything in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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What are some things people should know about astral projection, meditation, or spirituality in general?

What are some things people should know about astral projection, meditation, or spirituality in general?

The steps of Spirituality, to relax, to meditate and to dream. Reach mindfulness.
Spirituality: Firstly, what is it?

Hello, there! How is the week going? I believe it is essential to know about astral projection and spirituality before you venture into it. First of all, did you read about the third eye last week? I wanted to share that I was looking forward to bring this information to you. It is an excellent way to have some key points when you are awakening and getting started with spirituality. You will be able to relax and reach mindfulness.

I want to share something I feel a lot:

Spirituality it is about the self-improvement, learning to leave your life to the fullest why you allow others (or even help) to live theirs to the fullest. Trying to live in the “here and now” without unnecessary fears or miss believes.

I just shared the primary foundation of spirituality. If there was a Bible for this, I just wrote the whole Bible in that Italic text, since, there is nothing else behind it. It is a simple as that. You could add meditation and many other spiritual practices as well. Only if you desire, of course! It is not required as each person has their dreams and goals. You need to be true to yourself and accurate to others, for the highest good. So, to give you a smooth and straightforward list, I would personally choose. It helps in reaching mindfulness.

I want to mention that staying positive plays a significant role, therefore, ensure it!

My little personal spiritual foundations. Nevertheless, you may or may not take them all.

  • Make sure to live with honesty, integrity, and trying to find passion in everything you do, being true to yourself at all times. If you do not know yourself, check out this entry about getting to know yourself betterTry to live your life honestly, fill up your heart with gratitude, and understand that all is energy. We are energy. For the energy to be active and alive, it needs to flow. We all need a hand now and then, but we all have hands to lend as well!
  • Make sure to be kind to others, try in the best of your way to empower the lives of those who need help. You will be more empathetic to others, have a more generous heart to those who surround you and also with yourself (this second one is a harder lesson to learn.) Start to be unique and honest with yourself. Be authentic in bringing your true essence. You are perfect the way you are; no one has the right to claim the opposite. And if there is something you do not like about yourself, pursue the reasons, and fix them.

Firstly, for this one, with care as much as possible. Health professionals decide your medication, and furthermore, your diagnoses.

Remember: There is more dirt in our lifes than the one we dust off…

  • To add to mindfulness: Detach from the mystification of all social media, gossip, celebrities, drama, sports, politics, news, religion, and fear, especially when it is entirely unnecessary. Do not be a cookie-cutter person. Be yourself. You do not need to go with the flow all the time, especially if you are not keen on it. Be authentic enough to pursue what you truly desire as well as the people you want to make a connection. Rather than being connected online all the time, take a look to find out more about your spirit guides! Connect with your guides instead! It’s rewarding!
  • Add silence to your life, as well as meditation and self-nurturing. Instropect your life to success, be grateful at all times.
  • Teach as you learned. Be careful with labels. There are way too many labels in spirituality. I wrote an article that explains why spiritual labels are unnecessary.
  • If you want mindfulness, you do not need these.

Silence can be a fantastic friend; therefore; add it to your life.

  • Remember to be grateful, fill up your being with gratitude and abundance.
  • Once you cross over, do not just follow whatever being(s) show up. It does not matter if this being shows love, a friendly face (such as Ganesha) or even a loved one in Spirit. Make sure to:
    • Focus on love, gratitude, and light.
    • Discard any limiting self-believes, fearful thoughts, or doubt.
    • Set the intention to receive only for your highest good.
    • You (soul) will know what to do from this point.
  • Keep pursuing wisdom in life; keep growing.
  • Reach mindfulness.

I keep on learning, hence discovering and applying what servers a useful purpose for me and those around you. It is easy; you only have to do it.

In my spiritual path, I learned that spiritual courses boost your spiritual development, and sometimes you save on headaches or dead-ends. I want to list here the available courses for spiritual growth, as I am sure you could be interested in one or more:

A bit extra:

I want to share some articles that are worth reading, as they will bring more awareness about how to deliver better mindfulness and spirituality to your life:

  • Avoiding monotony is an essential part for you to get the most out of your life. Make sure to check out the first and second part 🙂
  • I recommend you to read more about gratitude and being grateful. These feelings are significant and extremely important. Check out this gratitude blog entry and feel up your heart with grateful emotions.

I also want to share that there is no right or wrong in your spiritual development. It matters to slowly implemented in your life the above. Of course, there is much more to this. However, this is an easy way to share a solid foundation.

Spirituality is mindfulness, and meditation takes you far. Time to relax and meditate.

And while you can find a lot of aids online, in the end, you can learn to meditate on your own. It is the most essential. I have created a lot f guided meditations. If you join my mailing list, you can download one for free 🙂 You will find here the best free meditation. I am pretty sure you will love it.

Spirituality and meditation: What is meditation, and what are its benefits?

Meditation is essential for every single human being, so it is relaxing. Science backs up that adding meditation to our lifes, bring significant benefits. There are many benefits of meditation, accessible to every person who gets into meditation. It does not matter how spiritual you are to meditate. The best thing of all is that if you are asking yourself “where can I meditate?“, You have an easy answer: Pretty much everywhere. The key is to find time for meditation.

There is always time for meditation, even if it is a short brief exercise. In our fast-paced society, it is most important to find some quality meditation time. You do not need to set aside the same time every day, but you need to make sure you meditate a little every day! Find time to relax and reach mindfulness.

I have a series of 30 royalty-free ebooks that one touches on this topic.  I did not write them, they are royalty-free.

Meditation always brings change.

I have an article where I share a lot more about what is meditation and its benefits if you want more literature to read.

I also have an article where you can learn a simple meditation to start meditating today.

You may also be wondering about the correct way to meditate, and if what you are doing is okay. While there are some great meditation techniques, you do not need a specific procedure to be able to move forward with meditation.

I am going to list why is meditation helpful briefly, and what can you achieve with meditation:

  • You will relax your heart rate, blood pressure, and body stress. Therefore; feel better. Reaching mindfulness recharges.
  • Substantial benefits will occur to your brain and nervous system after meditation for some time. A before and after will be noticeable.
  • Be much more connected to your very self, hence bringing greater self-confidence.
  • You will connect more at a spiritual level with your spirit guides and other beings of light, enhancing your spirituality. Besides, you will feel more connected to all.

Firstly, realize that you always win.

  • Spiritual development will enhance, therefore; assist you in your path.
  • Accomplish several goals through meditation such as visiting your akashic records, balancing your chakras, meeting with your higherself, attract abundance and much, much more. It is unquestionably awesome.
  • You may have a profound experience, receive wisdom, and make many realizations. It will be easy for you to relax.
  • Astral projection can occur from meditation, go into a trance, and more if you go very deep into meditation and mindfulness.

Secondly, go for it.

A couple more things to lend you a hand!

I am pretty sure that you might be asking yourself how to get started with meditation. It may be possible that you have tried in the past and it did not work, or you want to get better at it, or maybe, this is your first time! Whichever is your situation, I believe that these two entries will help you a lot. After all, everybody can relax. You will learn some meditation tricks as well as how to progressively improve:

You will relax during meditation; your body and mind will love that. Another significant benefit of meditation I want to share with you is that you do chakra meditations and focus on empowering your energy centers. Your chakras are an essential part of life. If your chakras are healthy and robust, you can get a lot of positive outcomes in life. You can check out this article where I share more about what are the chakras and what they are for, as well as how to keep them healthy and bright. Mindfulness will follow.

Indeed. The list keeps on going!

If your chakras are healthy and active, you are going to experience more lucid dreams. An open third eye will give you more significant dreams and of higher quality, as well as increase your amount of lucid dreams. You can check my article about types of dreams to get to know more! Everything adds to expand your spirituality, and you can by experiencing fantastic stuff!

So, shall we get to meditate?

While there are different types of meditation as well as different ways to meditate, I believe that guided meditations are great to get started. These are easy for newbies, as the only thing you will need to do is to follow the sound of my voice. The best thing of all about guided meditations is that you can season them for a specific goal. You will also relax at a profound level and find mindfulness.

Firstly, some Powerful Guided Meditations: “The Classics”

But wait, there is more!

  • Secondly, I also wanted to point out that you can use meditations to activate your chakras and to start empowering them at a deeper level, enhancing your spirituality. Check out the chakra activation series, and find out more! When you relax, they expand.
  • And lastly, The Journeys are here; they are 20 easy guided meditations. Easy to do and connected with daily living needs, such us empowering living areas or relieving stress and adding mindfulness.

But, once again, to give you some other key factors about astral projection and meditation:

(The key is to be open-minded and allow… negating fear.)

  • Meditation is essential to be able to astral-project because you need to clear your mind. It adds to your spirituality and mindfulness. While I talk more in detail about this on my blog, I can mention a few key points:
    • Ensure you have a right set and setting and that no one is going to disturb you or disrupt you. You need to relax.
    • Find some soothing, soft music, and maybe burn some incense, bring up the mood. Beware with naked flames.

By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this.

Do not miss this one!

    • Set an intention for your meditation time; what do you want to archive?

After that, a little bit more to have mindfulness:

    • Add some discipline, spirituality is about your personal growth too, and you need to invest some time. Do not make it a chore (it is essential), and if one day you feel you do not want to meditate, don’t. Disciple yes, but not a problem!
    • Have a relaxed mind is essential to astral travel. If it is not the case, you will need to work on that first. You can find on this site how to clear your mind quickly.
    • Make sure you are comfortable, and you meditate the way it connects with you the most. Do not do as I (or any other) say, do as your heart and mind tell. Take from your research what serves the highest purpose for you and leave the rest. Spiritual does not mean difficult!

You will realize it is simpler than you thought.

  • Once you got some decent meditative skills, a good 5–10 minutes at least worth of meditation (you will crave for more), you can venture into astral projection. I already have shared in the past a lot about astral travel, but here is a quick guide:
    • Avoid trying to astral project when you are exhausted; your body will be too tired and stiff.
    • Same as above, proper set and setting, no disruptions, otherwise, your projection can be ruined.
    • Relax your body completely, to the point of not feeling it at all.
    • Relax your mind completely (no thoughts for several minutes, until you, actually project.)
    • Ignore sleep paralysis stimuli, and focus on your body vibrations, do not be jolted by sleep paralysis.

Firstly, sleep paralysis is just a phase. Secondly, it only hallucinations.

    • You will feel said vibrations, and you want to focus on these vibrations, empowering and growing more and more. Your spirituality plays a functional role here, as well.
    • Focus on floating sensations, imagine you are floating above your body, that you are light as a feather.
    • Think of space and desire to be there.

Of course, to meditate and astral project requires practice, and this is a very digested version, but this way, you will get out of your body. As simple as that, and the more practice you have, the better you are going to get at it. I invite you to check out the astral projection article, where you will learn more about this incredible state of being! Also, I want to invite you to see this article that will help you understand the difference between astral travel and remote viewing. Make sure to know your dream types too.

Help yourself by understanding What is the difference between a Lucid Dream and an Astral Projection?

Last but not least, maybe you need someone to lend you a hand or with whom you can share your spiritual progress. For that reason, I invite you to check out Talk to Fer. It will help you relax.

Specifically, like everything else in life, you have to put some effort!

And this is pretty much it, I hope this helps and that you have enjoyed the read. Have a great journey and life! (Home)

And next week, forecast time! You know the drill! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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What is Reiki Distant Healing? Can we send healing to someone is unaware?

What is Reiki Distant Healing? Can we send healing to someone is unaware?

Reiki is Spiritual Healing.
What is spiritual healing? Everybody can heal!

Hello, my fellows 🙂 How are you all doing? Did you have any lucid dreams lately? How is that first week of Spring? Did the love bug, the development bug, or any other bug bit you yet? More than one bug, you say? I hope we are talking about the “first two bugs” instead of “any other bug.” But regardless of the bug, let me remind you that this entire site and blog, as well as all the other sites, are charged with spiritual healing white light energy.  This energy comes to bring good vibes and healing to you as you read this and every other page.

Also, the intention for the cookies that remain on your device from the browser itself is to bring protection to your device (no real code, only commentary code as well as healing visualization intentions while working on the site.) Do not use this site as your “soul antivirus” though! Keep your device protected; I am just “adding” an additional layer of positive energy to it.

Well, I felt I wanted to share that before I started this entry, but let’s go to it, and let’s go for something that people ask me now and then:

It can define in many ways, so I will share in my very own words, as for a standard definition, there is always the Wikipedia! I approach healing in a very natural way since healing comes naturally to me, and the more natural the healing session is, the more efficient. Moreover, I can account for having the tremendous honor to work on healing with many souls.

So, what is spiritual energy healing for me?

A treatment feels like a beautiful white light that flows through and around you. Energy healings will bring your body, emotions, mind, and spirit in Balance. People report feelings of tranquility and inner peace often. Finding the sentimental sources causing physical pain usually leads to complete pain removal. Bringing balance to your life enhances focus, well being, and happiness.

It is just light; it is not me, it is not some superpower, it is nothing that Marvel can think off (yet…) Do you want to give it a try? I will super happy to help. I keep healing at a meager price because I love sending healing, and it is the most we all need. You can try here or click the image below:

Try spiritual healing yourself!

Sometimes it is as simple as that, but the blog entry does not finish here…

What is Reiki?

For just one reason, Reiki is a label I am comfortable t. I neither call the healing sessions “Reiki Healing” anymore, however, for the sake of sharing information, it is an excellent label to use for this very reason:

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

It is saying the same, the word Reiki is more of a composed word use meaning

“White Light from Source”

It is a beautiful way to approach healingReiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Now we could go down deeper the “rabbit hole” (“Reiki hole”) and start talking about attunements, etc… but this is neither the purpose of this post.

The purpose of this post is to get you closer to healing and to make you aware of something significant:

You may have the gift of spiritual healing. However, in the end, you are too a healer.

Everybody can be a spiritual healer and give healing.

We all can heal to some degree. Maybe you believe you can only send a “little bit of healing” through intentions, for example, and perhaps, for whatever reasons, this is all you can do at this moment. It does not mean you are just capable of that. Every single healthy human being can lift 300 pounds, and the human body is capable of that… however, can you lift 300 pounds? If you can, congrats man/woman, you rock!!, however, most likely you cannot. What you can do is train yourself to get there.

The same goes for healing. If you are energetically healthy, you will be capable of sending more spiritual healing. Just for the fact of having a healthy and happy life, your aura is stronger and empowers at a passive level those with less “luck.” You should use weight lift equipment with some degree of training, or you can injure yourself at the gym. The same goes for channeling healing; you need some degree of discipline to do so. Global healing is there too.

By the way, cord-cutting brings healing too. Also, I want to share a great meditation for experiencing profound energies.

Healers since birth.

Sometimes, the healer may be born with the gift of healing, and I have to admit this gives a significant head advantage. Nonetheless, to say, it neither makes that healer be a better healer. I naturally (since birth) started to channel healing light. As per my own experience, even after giving family and friends some healing, I decided to get attuned to Reiki for the very reason of gaining more wisdom and discipline in the art of healing. Moreover, I keep desiring to learn more modalities to expand my knowledge. To meet with more spirit guides, see more cases and little by little help others while I keep growing. We all are in constant learning and developing.

Also, to this end, this is the only secret to be a good healer. You do not need to be a natural, nor 108th generation healer. Nor started your spiritual path when you were eight… You need to find the desire in your heart, heal yourself, and start exploring how to heal others.

It is simple:

How does one get to be a great doctor? Years of STUDYING and PRACTICING.

How does one get to be a great healer? Years of STUDYING and PRACTICING.

And talking of which, check out this Reiki guide clicking the image below:

Reiki is Spiritual Healing: Become a healer now!

There are many ways and planes to study from, especially for the second. The key is to keep walking the path. I firmly believe that who stops exploring and accepting growth, spiritually dies. Do some pondering during your times of introspection yourself. The more you follow down this “hole” (it is the right hole, better than the rabbit’s or Reiki’s hole), the more you will grow spiritually. Spiritual healing is wonderful.

It is essential to keep developing spirituality.

And this is pretty much it, just wanted to share my views on healing and with the whole labels thing. So… we are done for today! I hope you have enjoyed today’s read. The month ends… and a new one starts… and with it, the monthly forecast.

I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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Talk to Fer – New Web Section

Talk to Fer – New Web Section

Spiritual Coaching: Talk to Fer.
What is Talk to Fer? Spiritual Coaching.

Hello, my fellows 🙂 How are you doing today, how was the forecast? I hope you to have a beautiful Valentine’s day! Last year it happened to be (by coincidence) a more Valentine’s themed blog post about soulmates and twin flames. The Spiritual Coaching session, “Talk to Fer” has arrived to stay 🙂 I always focus on asking for no information and for me to do all the talking. That is the job of a psychic, among others, and I try to do mine the best way possible.

However, something is missing… It was missing. I am bringing something new!

I need help, can we talk? Yes, that is what the purpose of the spiritual coaching session, “Talk to Fer.”

A Talk to Fer spiritual coaching session will not be about psychic information. Hence keeping a regular third-dimensional conversation is its primary goal. You sure can talk about fourth-dimensional topics if you want. However, there will be no channeling on this one. Both of us will do the talking, here is where you can and talk about whatever you feel up to.

The intention for “Talk to Fer” is to have a more soothing conversation. Talk to Fer is not intended for readings, but more focused on having a friendly chat and talk about things. Maybe there is something of your concern that you prefer to talk about rather than have a recorded reading. There is no need to be a concern or something negative in your life to enjoy a “Talk to Fer” spiritual coaching session. I recommend that if you chose to book a “Talk to Fer” session, we would focus more on the topics of spirituality, your life progress or anything that comes up in your mind and you want to share. It’s about you.

I am well aware that sometimes, all you need to do is to share what is going on in your life, be heard and helped. It is why “Talk to Fer” is not intended for psychic readings. I will not go to connect with Spirit; however, since I am always open to messages, something of that nature might come forth, but far away from regular reading.

Are you feeling up for a chat? Do you have something to share, any concerns?

Do you want to talk to me about your spirituality, or maybe some of your realizations?

I am pretty sure some of you are going to get a lot out from “Talk to Fer,” so I am quite thrilled about it. Click the image below to read more about it and book your first session!

Spiritual Coaching: Talk to Fer.

I am sure you will love this spiritual coaching session. So, next week, we get to talk about Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, Dreams, and more. Sometimes, these states are confused, and there is a lot around them. So, I will share my point of view on these based on my experience as a natural oneironaut lucid dreamer. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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