Is it good to tell and share our dreams with anyone?

Share Dreams: In some dreams, we can be open and share, but not all!
With whom we can share what dreams.

Would you share all of your dreams publicly?

Hi, people! Did you check the forecast yet? So, for this week, I wanted to bring a topic that I usually get questions about. Something that probably the mainstream wonders. After all, we all dream every night. There are pros and cons like with everything else in this life. Therefore, I will share my point of view. We also have life dreams. Like in my case, be able to buy one of those tickets that they fly you to the exosphere for a while, something that costs hundreds of thousands, and it is just in the early stages) We have to understand what types of dreams are pleasant to share and which ones aren’t.

While most will say “no” right away, I will reply that telling and sharing our dreams with anyone can be useful. I am referring to dreams we have at night, not our actual dreams (such as buying whatever, going somewhere, etc.) It can be useful for several reasons.

It is essential to know which dreams to share.

When referring to your dreams, ideas, and goals regarding your future, career, etc.… you must beware of what you share. While many have a good heart, many are after others, using whatever means. On another note, dreams can be very personal, and you need to make sure you are okay with sharing that over the Internet. Sadly, there are many bad people out there trying to enjoy themselves by giving a hard time to thirds. Sharing your dreams online has many benefits, but, for your own sake, make sure to “share with a filter” if you know what I mean.), if you want to read more, a blog entry talk speaks about the different types of dreams.

I do share my dreams. I stopped years ago because I do not have time to do so. Therefore, with that, I have lost some of the benefits and joy of doing so. However, we are bound to this “linear time,” It can be hard to find time for everything! It gets to the point that writing down two hours’ worth of dreams a day is exhausting and just impossible in this busy life. However, if you start to lucid dream and listen to your dreams in general, you can develop your skills faster and share the joy with others. The key is to get the most out of your dreams.


Dreamviews is a great community, I was an admin there years ago, but I needed to step down (time started to be tight by then.) Later, became a “Dream Guide” (sort of a moderator/helper with the dreaming section) as well as taking care of the lucid challenges that we had each month. I am PercyLucid there. While I am not active, you can read my dream journal. It has over 700 dreams of mine where a couple hundred at least were lucid dreams.

I will make a list; it makes it an easier read, sharing just the key points. So, referring to dreams that happen during sleep.

These are the positives.

  • You will push your mind to recall more dreams to share later; possibly, your ego will help here too (“to be cool”), which can push it further and bring lucid dreams.
  • You can turn dreams into a beautiful hobby and bring many afterglow times in your life; the high last was much more than whatever movie or photo you could find.
  • You will enhance your lucid dreaming skills, as you will work for them to share. Especially if you challenge yourself or compete (healthily) with others (which will require you to share.)
  • You will enhance your dreams by reading other people’s dreams, as well as reading yours. So, help to contribute to the oneironaut community! I am sure you can be proud of the lucid dream challenge you just accomplished, and you will desire to re-read it as well as for others to do so and comment on it. Everybody wants this. When you read other people’s dreams, you are bombarding your mind that dreams are essential for you, and for that reason, your mind will work harder in giving you more dreams. A big win-win.

You can even go a step further.

  • Maybe you want to practice dream-sharing. It’s two people having the same dream at the same time. Sharing your notes is essential to make sure you shared a dream with that person. There is one critical requirement to share dreams with others. It’s to get to know that person’s dreams, hence, having to share.
  • Sometimes, traumas can heal through dreams, or the trauma itself reflects in dreams, general recurring nightmares. I recently shared about recurring nightmares and how to heal them, but if you missed them, you could check it out here.

We receive messages from dreams all the time, we may have to share those dreams, or not!

Your development will enhance if you share this hobby.

These are to name a few regarding “dreams during sleep.” However, I want to bring something additional regarding dreams. Something fantastic that I have in mind. Maybe the actuals dreams/goals/desires we may have for our waking life. It is fun to fly through a neutron star! But for now, it is a “little hard” for a human being to do that, lol.)

Let’s say that your dream is to be able to travel around the world in first class. You have the cash to afford it. Here, you have a real-life desire or dream, and it may be possible to accomplish it. There is nothing terrible about sharing dreams like these because you are not sharing anything specific, and thus, no one can steal any possible idea you have. Also, it is good to share because:

Law of attraction.

As you share your desire, you visualize it, manifest it, and materialize it (for now in written form, which is a start.) When you do this, you will create something physical (or virtual) of a desire of yours, becoming more real and, thus, more natural to happen. You are likely to feel it as you share it, and when you feel it, the universe listens.

Multiple consciousnesses

It is a little trickier and worth a whole entry, but when you “say something to the world,” it becomes more powerful. The more the world “listens to what you are saying,” the more it will add to make it more real, more connected to the physical plane, more relevant to you. The animal called “human being” is not lonely, but a “pack” type of mammal, and personal contact is essential at many levels. So, even for dreams that are wishes (and not just a cerebral phenomenon), you can share with them to some extent, always know what you are sharing and with whom. This way, you will always keep it safe.

You never know

And I mean it, the universe works in mysterious and surprising ways. You never know what can happen when you share one of these desires/dreams. I have seen couples falling in love, people accomplishing a promotion, or finding an ideal job, just because they shared something, just for sharing it, without even imagining that something could come out from it. Even some unimportant stuff or “easier,” such as finding space for rent without success, but upon sharing, a “my friend has this space…” and it ends up being the right one, and all goes great with it.

Keep the energy moving

The energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it transforms. The energy, to be alive, needs to be in movement. Life is movement. Why do you think the whole universe is in motion? If your desire or dream remains within the confines of your mind, it will surely stay there and remain there. But when you share that dream with the right one, you are giving more energy to your dream, bringing it to life, and empowering the possibilities to accomplish it. Don’t worry; you always have a safe being to share your stuff with, even if you are alone. Visualize it and send it to your guides and the Universe. This will keep the energy in motion.

And mainly, this is what I wanted to bring up. The negatives are quite distinct; why sharing, there is no need to bulk this up with what we already know. Anyone toxic that you get a bad vibe that is opportunists are trolls, and they have any contrary intent (whether it is towards you or not), avoid sharing both your sleeping dreams and wishing dreams. Some people’s desires might be just to hurt others.

I hope this brought some new thinking into this topic. Remember, on average. Human beings spend about 30% of their lifes sleeping. Make it count!

Now you know a little about the right time to share dreams

Next week, we come with another chakra activation, and guess which one is! Finally, the third eye activation has arrived (hey, not my fault it is the 6th chakra!). So, next week (not this one, hehe), it will be released. I know many of you have been asking me about this one! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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