News 30: Dozens of Meditations, Packs, and many more new changes!

News 30: Dozens of Meditations, Packs, and many more!
2024 News: A new coupon!

News 30: Dozens of Meditations, Packs, and many more new changes!

Good! Last week I talked to you about meditations and how important it is to include them in your life. In this “news 30,” I want to tell you that there are many new things, and probably in the last few weeks, you have started to see many of these changes. But if you didn’t notice, you will now!

Dozens of new meditations!

I am sure that this is the first thing you have seen since it is where the web has changed the most. Before, there were about 30 meditations available, which is not a few! However, you have asked me for many and given me ideas for personalized meditations. Thanks to this, I started recording many new meditations, and from now on, new meditations will be released every month. After a lot of web work, you have them all available in the store. Now you can choose what type of meditation to do since categories classify them. And they are these:

And, of course, each of these categories has several meditations. In addition, another good news is that since there are many more options, I have also decided to adjust the price. Also, some of you have sent me messages that you want to try more meditations, so now it will be easier for you! The new price per meditation is $9!

News 30 once again brings you a bunch of discounted packs!

Yes, you read correctly. News 30 is full of new things; another is discount packages for everything, including readings and healings. This is a feature that I have been looking to implement in the store for some time now. These are called “Bundle Gifts,” and you can see them all here. These are great to give as gifts! Here are a few for you to take a look at:

And well, there are 31 packages available right now, and little by little more will arrive. So don’t forget to check the store from time to time. And if there is any doubt, the prices remain the same as in 2019. If there has been any change, the meditations and the courses are a little cheaper!

We must take care of the planet. Web Optimization!

There are many factors to consider when maintaining a website. And one of these factors is taking care of our beloved and abused planet Earth. This website has been optimizing for a few months to reduce its carbon footprint and pollute a little less. And besides, this also benefits you. In part, web pages are much faster because all their content is much lighter. This means significant data saving for you; browsing these websites will cost you less money and less battery!

One more thing!

There are a lot of great articles; however; there are a few essential reads that may be of interest to you, so check them out:

And well, this is all that “news 30” brings you.

Next week, we are anniversary! Nothing more and nothing less than the Sixth Anniversary of the Medita con Fer blog. So stay tuned for next week, as there is always a discount, a gift, and a little something else! But all this in one week. I wish you all a great week! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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