Welcoming 2023 with Hope and Abundance: A Heartfelt Message for the New Year

Happy 2023! We will enter a year full of opportunities, transformations, and good times. It is time to feel this reality!
Happy 2023!

Happy 2023!

Hello there! I hope you all are great! How are the holidays going? This week I bring you a quick entry to wish you a Happy 2023. We will enter a year full of opportunities, transformations, and good times. It is time for you to really focus on this, but really, from the heart. As you know from the Principle of Mentalism, you must put your whole being. It would be best if you didn’t project that a year is ending and everything is already solved with the new one. I wish you a great year, and for those who didn’t see this last year, you can now.

I want to be honest and tell you that this is not the case, and you know it. If we are based on linear time, it has only been a few minutes. Nothing special has happened. Everyday minutes pass. It is something widespread. Also, knowing the Hermetic Principles, you know that it takes a little more than “a few minutes” you have to take action.

However, this is precisely why I tell you that we have already started this “happy 2023” (even if it is still 2022). It is time to start projecting your desires so that you already feel they are a reality. As there is always a lot of hope in the world (collectively, those “few minutes” are highly valued.) Thanks to this and the Principle of Vibration, it will be easier for you to materialize your desires.

Happy 2023 and the happy road to abundance.

I wanted to leave you a quick post, but I wanted to comment briefly on this topic. As you know, I always like to share a dose of light, even if it is, while wishing you the year. I invite you to find good moments of silence and reflect. About what? That is something that you must find. Therefore, if you don’t know, you can also introspect to find little things to focus on and empower yourself. Sometimes letting your mind flow is wonderful, especially if you find small improvements that bring great transformations.

But come on, I want to invite you to see each other in those moments you long for so much. In fact, this meditation to manifest will help you a lot. Well, speaking of meditations. We already ran out of last week’s offer, but you can imagine I will extend it another week.

Therefore, until next Wednesday, the healings, meditations, and courses have 2×1. That is, if you buy a meditation, I give you another. The same with the courses and even the healings. This option is not available for readings or the “Christmas Bundle.” It would be best if you mentioned that you want the 2×1 deal.. And since I mentioned it, I also leave the Christmas bundle until next week. It sure helps a happy 2023.

I’m sure this post looks familiar to you, but I want you to have this same reflection this year (or for the first time if you haven’t followed me since last year since this is essential.)

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And with this concludes the last entry of the year. Next week we will have the forecast, and thus we are already heading toward a prosperous transformation. I wish you a Happy 2023! See you next Wednesday! Don’t forget to visualize positivity and feel gratitude. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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