Unveiling Double Consciousness: Understanding, Experiencing, and Exploring Questions

Do you know what Double Consciousness is? It is a very special state where you can perceive things from two or more places simultaneously. I show you how!
Double Consciousness

Double Consciousness: Perceive more than one place at a time!

Hello! How are you doing when it comes to focusing on living in the now properly? As I explained to you, it will improve, little by little, over the weeks and months. This week we will talk about a fascinating topic that some of you have asked me: What exactly is Double Consciousness? How to experience this state? And some more questions. Therefore, in today’s article, I will answer all those questions.

To start with a simple explanation, Double Consciousness is as if you perceive two situations simultaneously. And I’m going to give you an easy example where all of you have experienced it. You are watching TV at night before going to sleep, already very tired (this is not good), and you fall half asleep. After a while, you find yourself dreaming something, and the TV has “got into the dream.” This leaves you confused because you were watching (and perceiving) TV, but simultaneously, you were also dreaming. This is a very typical Double Consciousness situation.

I am delving into the double perception.

It is possible to reach this state accidentally or on purpose when you are doing something while simultaneously being immersed in your thoughts. Although it is not Double Consciousness, it could be perceived as such in this situation. You will be focused on something specific but thinking about something else. So far, there is nothing ordinary. However, you may find yourself more surrounded by these thoughts, to such an extent that it gives you the feeling that “you are there” and that something you were doing seems to be a little more in the background.

Being lost within many thoughts may trigger Double Consciousness.

You can also perceive this during meditation, especially in Divine Connection Meditations, where you travel far away to some light source. Your Consciousness will be focused on listening to the information the guided meditation gives you and feeling relaxed. However, depending on the gifts you have and how deeply you have gone into meditation, you will be able to receive information from these Divine sources as if it were in the first person.

Your Consciousness simultaneously perceives the physical plane (recording) and the astral plane (divine source of information), a form of Double Consciousness.

Other methods to perceive the Double Consciousness.

There are various situations where you might perceive this state of Consciousness. One is when you practice Astral Travel or Lucid Dreaming (the links will take you to a guide on how to do it). During sleep paralysis or twilight sleep, you will begin to perceive a new dream or astral separation while still perceiving some stimulus from the physical plane in addition to the inspiration of your sleep paralysis.

Going into a semi-trance state, such as in a séance session, you could also perceive Double Consciousness. When the spirit connects with your energy, you will continue to perceive the physical plane, but you will also perceive what the heart needs to transmit. During a Shamanic Journey, this state could also be perceived since you will be visiting the shamanic worlds (lower, middle, and upper) without losing the connection with the physical plane, perceiving it.

How it is noticed, and how to practice it.

Perhaps it is a little tricky to describe how it feels to have Double Consciousness; it is like thinking about two things at once but with much more intensity. When practicing remote viewing, it is quite possible to experience Double Consciousness. And is practicing remote viewing that can help you a lot.

An easy way to start practicing this is to exercise while walking down the street. Especially if it is a very long street, it will be easier for you at the beginning. You need to be very aware of your surroundings as you walk. When you focus, try to visualize that you are walking about 30-40 meters ahead. This happens by projecting attention into this distance and intending to “be there.”

Focus around you, and focus ahead of you to trigger Double Consciousness.

Focus around you, and focus ahead of you to trigger Double Consciousness.

You must try to perceive what is happening in those 40-50 meters ahead and understand as much as possible. In time, you will be able to see some things that “you have seen 50 meters ahead” are accurate when you arrive physically. You can perceive (physically) what you have perceived with distant vision. This exercise, adequately done, gives you Double Consciousness because you perceive what surrounds you and what surrounds you 50 meters ahead. And from here, you can try further distances and remote sites.

What do you think?

There’s not much more to say; it’s a pretty straightforward topic. As always, I want to remind you that Double Consciousness is not something instant you will achieve in the next few hours. Here I have provided you with the information, so you know what is going on and how to start practicing it.

Now, it’s up to you to practice and, little by little, to see how you improve until it starts to come out and you become experts. Next week we will talk about the risks behind astral travel or, more than risks, things to take into account, but all this in a little week. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday!

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