Life Transformation: Transformation Package.

Life Transformation: Transformation Package.



Life Transformation: Transformation Package

It is the time for you to shift your life entirely and transform into your best version. Are you awakening or developing Spirituality? Or maybe you need support in your daily endeavors? I will help you if you need someone to give you a hand, some directions, and tools. This is the Life Transformation: Transformation.

Personal coaching or counseling is much more efficient than recorded sessions, so this package includes several Zoom meetings, Reiki Healing, and Shamanic work. I will visit the different Shamanic Worlds for healing, support, recovering soul fragments, or wisdom for you.

This three-month subscription allows you to have several Zoom sessions with me. We will distribute it at your convenience within two weeks and three months. Check out the video below:

With a Life Transformation: Transformation Package, you will have the support you need.

  • 15 “Talk to Fer” sessions.
  • Talk to Fer Monthly (WhatsApp Text): The entire program (3 months.)
  • One hour, 45 Minutes Recorded Readings.
  • 15 Complete Reiki Healings.
  • 5 Visits to the Upper World for Healing.
  • 2 Visits to the Lower World to look for a Soul Fragment.
  • 1 Visit to the Lower World to look for an Emblem.
  • 20 Guided Meditations and/or Spiritual Courses of your choice.
  • 1 Personalized Guided Meditation.

I will be side-by-side with you during the entire duration of the program! You can find out more about these sessions by clicking right here.