What is the best way to travel to the dream plane? Lucid dream with ease!

Conscious Dreaming: What is the best way to travel to the dream plane?
Conscious dreaming will enhance your nights.

What is the easiest way to Lucid Dream and experience conscious dreaming?

Hi guys, I am asked to blog a lot of stuff related to dreams and astral projection, and I will try to do that for a few more weeks, okay? Last week I already shared about dream control. I also like to talk about more stuff, and I am planning to talk some more about empathy, but for this week (and the next few ones), we will “stay” at both the Astral and Dream Planes. This week, I will share the fastest way to lucid dream (And in a few weeks, I will make an easy, lucid dreaming guide here also. That way, you start to experience conscious dreaming.

There are many ways to lucid dream, being a lifestyle for some, something natural for others… and something available to everybody through learning. I can tell you that it is true that knowing a few things beforehand can propel you forward in your lucid dreaming progress. As you know, I share a lot about the topic here. If you comply with the checklist below and follow some steps (also shared further below), you can quickly and rapidly lucid dream.

Again, I will share the enhanced and fastest way to lucid dream, but if you cannot meet all of these points, do not worry. You still can have a lucid dream, it just might take you a little longer, or you will need to hone some of these.

Be conscious and follow this list to enhance your dreaming.

First of all, make sure you can check off this entire checklist, as these are essential, okay?

  • [_] Own a Dream Journal, recall your dreams, from tiny fragments from whole dreams… the 101s should be covered. REQUIRED.
  • [_] You have a regular sleeping schedule; it helps a lot. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.
  • [_] You do not have conditions that alter your sleep, but if you do, you can also try. IT MAY DELAY IT, BUT YOU CAN LUCID DREAM.
  • [_] You can quickly fall asleep both at night and even if you wake up in the middle of the night (early morning hours.) It needs to be natural. GET A MASSIVE BOOST HERE.
  • [_] You can tell yourself to wake up and actually wake up in the early morning hours and do so. GET THE MOST OUT OF THE EASIEST WAY TO INDUCE ONE.
  • [_] You can “sacrifice” 15 minutes of sleep during your WBTB, and you will not be distracted, and neither will trigger significant sleep loss. WILL GREATLY RAISE THE CHANCES.
  • [_] You can quiet your mind, keeping it silent for around 1 minute and ignoring any phenomena that happen (in your brain) during the process. ESSENTIAL FOR CONSCIOUS DREAMING.

If you have doubts here, I recommend that you work your foundations of lucid dreams, be aware of your dreams.

If you are getting confused here, I recommend you build your foundation in lucid dreaming. These are essential, and they are easy to learn, but you need to make sure you set yourself up a good foundation. You can check out my video course, which brings you from zero to hero. Check it out right here.

WILD is easy to induce a conscious dream.

Your fight or flight will be more aware so that you will have a higher chance of lucid dreaming. Unless your heart is racing or you got scared way too much. But to go back to what we were talking about. I am going to share now what to do with the abovementioned checklist completed.

You wake up remembering your prior dream (proper conscious dreaming will… Wasn’t that beautiful drive through the Hashulikojuhala dimension… Crazy non-lucid ET dream, and your mind blows. Regular dreams can be awesome too. But now, it is time to induce a lucid dream:

  • Since you went to bed and told yourself to wake up in the early morning, you noticed 4:00 AM. Make sure to slowly move away from your bed; do a reality check to ensure you are awake. Now, while you keep moving slowly, ensure to be focusing on your last dream, your memories… it is time to write them down… and you slowly move towards your Dream Journal and start jotting down (easy on the light, remember the 101s, use a red or green light if you can.)

Be very careful with the light; you can destroy your serotonin for that night!

  • You probably helped yourself with drinking some water before going to bed, so most likely, you need to go! So, time for the throne! While at it, keep stretching your brain to remember more (this will strain your mind a little, enhancing lucidity, but backfires with insomnia if you have it, if you are healthy, you are fine.) If you had to go first (lol jumpy!), go to the toilet a second time, and sit more. I know you females might even pee a bit more… not us men, though.
  • Go back a little more to your Dream Journal and juice that brain a little more. Push it further. Also, focus and assure yourself that the next dream will be lucid.
  • Return to your bed. Make sure the whole process took 15–30 minutes. It is worth it. If it took less than 15 minutes, read (faint light) some lucid dreaming-related stuff.
  • Use the WILD technique (here is where you need to keep your mind silent, 101s folks!) (I talked about it several times in this blog).

At this moment, you have a very high chance of lucid dream.

Now, at this point, you have dramatic changes to induce a lucid dream. It is time for conscious dreaming. Because your body is relaxed still, rested but still sleepy, and your mind is at peace, cleansed from stimuli. Since you woke up at 4:00 AM, the residual energy you had was pretty much all about dreams, so it’s like a high 95%!  (Do not even think about checking out your phone during your WBTB. Neither do, regardless of being able to remove blue light, nor you lower your chances.) So shutting down a sleeping parrot is more manageable, right?

It makes the WILD process easier and faster. So, next time you find that “nothing happened,” make sure to do a reality check. It is always good to do one, even if you find yourself flying and know you are lucid. Dream quality will enhance, and lucid time will extend. (You asked the best way, right? I will share more about this in some future blog posts!) Also, the WILD technique has a decent ratio to generate a false awakening. If you “wake up” in bed and all around you is normal, still do a reality check, as it may be a dream.

Roughly 80% of my WILDs end up in a False Awakening. Many of my lucid dreams already start in my bed with a false awakening unless I turn lucid in the middle of a non-lucid dream (DILD). Just make sure reality checks will always tell you where you are. If conscious dreaming is part of your life, your dreams will always enhance.

Stabilization is also essential; it is part of conscious sleep.

Now, ensure you can prolong your lucid dreams with dream stabilizations, use key points, remind yourself in the dream to write this down when you wake up and do not be too greedy. If you feel you are risking it, wake yourself up. It is crucial so you do not start losing your dream memory. Our brain does have little space for it (practices expand that space, though). As soon as you do (especially if you pushed it too much, as you will be able to), run to your dream journal, write keywords down, and then develop a little, especially the first parts of the lucid.

It is still four, and you do not have to go to work. Develop further if you want, even if it takes a whole hour. You will have a killer dream. And the best thing of all is that you are talking all that excitement back to bed, falling asleep fast and multiplying the chances for lucid dreaming, creating a long chain of amazing and shorter dreams/lucid dreams. Imagine triggering WILD in a slot machine. Pun intended. Furthermore, check out other planes.

When you get used to this process, you will be able to induce lucid dreams and prolong them extensively… which is the best way to lucid dream. You can do several short WILDs and have several lucid dreams in one single night. Furthermore, check out other planes.

And, before I go… during WILD, you may astral project or remote view… and sometimes, you can find yourself somewhere but still “not make sense” in terms of “dream sense” You can find the differences between a lucid dream and astral projection right here.

I hope you enjoy it! Happy Conscious Lucid Dreams.

Next week we will have a forecast reading since it will be a new month! I am so glad I started working on these, and I am very grateful for all your messages and positive feedback about it, the reason I keep on doing them. So September’s Forecast will be in a week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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