Large Psychic Reading: 30 Minutes

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Do you have questions with no answers? Book now the Large Psychic Reading. You will start to receive the guidance you need and this will help you to feel much better. With answers and actions, you will meet with the solution. You will feel awesome after the Large Psychic Reading.



Large Psychic Reading: 30 Minutes Voice Recorded.

You will get a large psychic reading that is 30 minutes long. My readings are very dynamic and profound. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what reading you need. During all the readings, I will connect with as many sources of information as possible to give you complete reading.

For example, if you want a reading of Spirit Guides, but I see the need to connect with your Akashic Records, I will do it to give you the highest clarity on the matter.

I will access almost all of these in all readings, as needed. Information will arrive in its purest state since I always connect with all sources at the same time. Therefore, there will never be lost information, but there will be even more information and a lot more clarity.

I have been reading this way for years, and people are delighted.

So, if you need a large psychic reading worth thirty minutes, keep going!

(If you need an extra-fast delivery, please also book the extra-fast option.)

Characteristics for “Large Psychic Reading: 30 Minutes.”

  • You will receive guidance, help, and predictions. You will get what you need. Sugarcoating does not help, so you will not find that here.
  • In all my readings, I access all sources of light at the same time to get the most information possible. (Akashic records, Spirit guides, Higherself, Tarot, Chakras, Soul, Shadow Side, Aura, Past Lives/Karma.)
  • You will get some healing energy also, addressing the different aspects of the reading.
  • You will receive all this information through a voice file. For the Large Psychic Reading, the amount of time will be thirty minutes.

If you prefer, you can read all about “The Reading” right here.


I follow my intuition and let the Universe guide me in my life. Please keep in mind that I do not embellish my readings, and you will only receive the truth.

If you only want to receive news that you want to hear, you should remember that you will receive the news with my readings as it reaches me, whether good or bad.

You must read the terms and conditions by clicking here.

It will be a huge pleasure working with you.


Q: Can I ask about anything I need for the reading?

A: You can ask almost any question you want, except legal, health, death, or lottery questions. I invite you to check this article about how to ask for a proper reading.

Q: If I don’t know what to ask, can you do an open reading?

A: Yes, doing an open reading is a great option to receive messages from Spirit. However, if you still want to ask something, check this article about how to ask for a proper reading.

Q: How will I receive my reading once it’s ready?

A: The large psychic reading is a recorded reading in the mp3 format. I will create a personal Dropbox folder to which only you and I have access and here I will upload your reading files.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Large Psychic Reading

1 review for Large Psychic Reading: 30 Minutes

  1. Tiffany (verified owner)

    As always, Fernando’s readings are worth every penny. I never hesitate to pay mainly because of the truth that is shared in his readings and I never feel like the reading is being rushed. I respect and appreciate the ZERO sugar coating that comes with them and also the healing that is sent. I always notice a difference post readings and I am grateful for his incredible gifts and heartfelt guidance. My deepest thanks for your work 🤍

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