The Reading: Text Based Conversation

The Reading: Text Based Conversation



Text-based live psychic reading

This is a text-based live psychic reading. My readings are very dynamic and profound. Don’t worry if you don’t know precisely what reading you need. During all the readings, I will connect with as many sources of information as possible to give you complete reading.

For example, if you want a reading of Spirit Guides, but I see the need to connect with your Akashic Records, I will do it to give you the highest clarity on the matter.

There are times when you need to ask a lot of questions during a psychic reading. After receiving help from the Guides and the Akasha, new questions appear. This perhaps flows a little worse with voice-recorded readings, as sometimes a conversation is needed. After doing several of these readings (beta testing) and seeing how the energy flows, I’m happy to tell you that this reading option is now available!

Characteristics for “Text-Based Live Psychic Reading”

You will receive guidance, help, and predictions. You will get what you need. Sugarcoating does not help, so you will not find that here.

In all my readings, I access all sources of light at the same time to get the most information possible. (Akashic records, Spirit guides, Higherself, Tarot, Chakras, Soul, Shadow Side, Aura, Past Lives/Karma.)

You will get some healing energy also, addressing the different aspects of the reading.

And speaking of energy, the price of this reading format is lower than voice-recorded readings. There are these four options:

  • The first option is around fifteen minutes. The price is $70 (recorded voice is $89.95)
  • The second option is about half an hour. The cost is $125 (recorded voice is $179.95.)
  • The third option is about an hour. The Price is $200 (recorded voice is $359.95.)
  • The fourth option is about an hour and a half. The Price is $290 (voice recording $539.90.)

If you prefer, you can read all about “The Reading” right here.


I follow my intuition and let the Universe guide me in my life. Please remember that I do not embellish my readings; you will only receive the truth.

If you only want to receive the news you want to hear, remember that you will receive the news with my readings as it reaches me, whether good or bad.

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