Monthly Complete Healing: Enjoy Monthly Healing Sessions

Do you need some energetic support and white light? Book now the Complete Monthly Healing. You will start to receive the healing you need and this will help you to feel much better. You will feel awesome after the Complete Monthly Healing.



The Monthly Healing Sessions program will fill you up with light daily

Do you want daily healing? Experience the Complete Monthly Healing Sessions starting today, and start to feel awesome. A treatment feels like a wonderful white light flowing around you. Energetic healing will bring your body, emotions, mind, and spirit the optimal balance. The feelings of tranquility and inner peace are always present. Finding the sentimental sources that cause physical pain usually eliminates pain.

Improving balance in your life enhances focus, well-being, and happiness. Life brings new challenges every day, so through this program, I have your back, energetically speaking. If you go through very difficult times, I will support you as much as I can. I send healing several times through the day, and even more at night, so you will have a lot.

Holistic Wellness

The main goal for a healing session is for you to be well, and improve. I make sure I focus the white light energy in addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects for overall well-being. You want to feel well, regardless of what is happening in your life. Also, you want to start making things flow in a direction of resolution and closure, so you can achieve greater mental peace and happiness. Keep into account that I am here to support you, and we will use the healing for these intentions.

However, you will experience a big assortment of positive side effects:

  • Energetic Alignment: Day-to-day life experiences can bring positivity and negativity, affecting the health of your Chakras and energetic balance. I will focus daily on balancing your energy and chakras to promote optimal physical health and enough energy to get all out of your day.
  • Removing Energy Blocks: Because of difficult and frustrating situations, we can reach a dead end, and these generally cause blocks in our energy. Since this is a daily care program, I will also make sure that if any block is formed, remove it, and replace it with more empowering energy.
  • Manifestation: We can work on the intentions you are projecting. I work with energy beyond time and this Universe. We can tap into parallel realities through the multiverse, as well as past, current, and future timelines. Energy flows above linear time, so I will take advantage of this to materialize your needs by triggering three of the 7 Laws of the Universe.
  • Transformational healing: Perhaps, your intentions revolve around your Spiritual development, and expanding your energy. As you release personal blocks, you will experience transformative experiences and personal growth through this healing journey. Limiting self-belief is the main bump on the road of awakening, so we will sort them together.

These are to name a few. One of the good things here is that you can have a customized approach in terms of the intentions you want to set. Some individuals use some of the days for some intentions while the rest of the week for different ones. We will work together to make your perfect healing schedule with all you need and perhaps more. Sometimes, you might get some spiritual guidance too, which will help to bring more to the healing when necessary.

Characteristics of “Complete Monthly Healing Sessions”

You will receive daily healing for the next 30 days,

  • I will keep your chakras, energy, and aura in a state of balance and address past moments.
  • I will go through everything necessary from your main intentions.
  • I will send you healing for your new intentions; you will be welcome to e-mail me every time you need something.
  • I will send you a voice report every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, giving you updates about the sessions and if there is any necessary advice.


I follow my intuition and let the Universe guide me in my life. Please keep in mind that I do not embellish my readings, and you will only receive the truth.

If you only want to receive news that you want to hear, you should remember that you will receive the news with my readings as it reaches me, whether good or bad.

You must read the terms and conditions by clicking here.

It will be a huge pleasure working with you.


Q: Can I choose specific intentions for the healing sessions?

A: Absolutely! The best aspect of the Monthly Healing Sessions is that you will be able to share with me everything you need.

Q: How often will I receive voice reports during the 30-day healing period?

A: You will receive a voice report every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can change these days if you prefer, but in general, these are the ones people like the most.

Q: Can you get too much Reiki?

A: No matter how long the practitioner channels the energy, you can never receive too much Reiki since the activation of pulsations in the practitioner’s hands and/or Heart Chakra adapts to the recipient’s changing needs and stops when necessary.

Q: How do you know if Reiki works?

A: You need to be open and willing to receive. Most individuals feel a warm sensation, but even if you don’t, you will still receive the benefits. If you observe how you feel versus how the energy feels, you will certainly feel there is some work going on!

Love and light!

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Monthly Healing Sessions


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