Transformation Package – Life Transformation Coaching Program

Experience a Life Transformation coaching program and get completely aligned with the Universe. Start shifting your life today with this three-month transformative journey where you will unlock your true potential. A life transformation coaching program will magnificently affect all your living areas.



Transformation Package: Experience a powerful life transformation coaching program

Are you awakening or developing Spirituality? Or maybe you need support in your daily endeavors? Through the Life Transformation coaching program: the Transformation Package, I will be on your side, guiding and supporting you to reach your goals. With the help of your Spirit Guides, Higherself, and great determination and passion, you will start aligning yourself with the most ideal path you can seek in your life.

The Life Transformation coaching program: The transformation package includes several Zoom meetings since personal coaching or counseling is much more efficient than recorded sessions. You will also enjoy Reiki and Shamanic Healing. I will visit the different Shamanic Worlds for healing, support, recovering soul fragments, and wisdom for you. You will have an assortment of readings, guided meditations, courses, and more.

Think about getting a huge toolbox loaded with different useful gadgets. But don’t worry, you will have personalized guidance on how to use each of these tools. Think about when you learned to ride a bike.

At first, you had training wheels, and then someone helped you ride a two-wheeler until you were able on your own. I might not “suddenly let you go” as if this was a bike-riding lesson, but I will help you notice you can too develop with great success.

What does the Life Transformation coaching program hold?

For you to experience a very profound life transformation coaching program, you need to have a lot of options. The Transformation Package is the most complete program, holding pretty much everything you need to do to meet your goals. By working with thousands of individuals, I built this combination of different services. It is most likely that you will need to go through these during the next three months as you go through your awakening and transformation.

However, not everybody is the same, and perhaps you will have different needs as you walk your spiritual path. Therefore, you can change some things along, with a 10% discount from the original value. This program is flexible, and some things can be swapped for personalization. Please, don’t forget that you still need to have various services to get the most out of these programs.

Personalized Healing Plans

This Life Transformation Coaching Program also contains Reiki sessions. When you go through a personal and spiritual transformation, you will find stuff that will require some healing. Each session is tailored to your unique needs, and we will discover them as we go through the program. Furthermore, the Transformation Package also includes shamanic practices, including Upper World healing.

We will work together for these healing Ceremonies as well. 

I will be asking you for feedback as we go along the Life Transformation coaching program, precisely to benefit from its versatility. My goal will be for you to get the most out of every session you experience, so you can put it all into your development and Life Transformation.

We will work with your Spirit Guides, as well as with your Higherself to make sure we can get the most out of this program, so we may do some variations on the program along the way. You will always have the last word on top of any personal advice from me, or your Spirit Guides.

Contents for the Life Transformation coaching program “Transformation package”

  • 15 “Talk to Fer” sessions:
    • Because meeting in person is much more efficient.
    • We can cover a lot.
    • Release and healing become more profound.
  • Talk to Fer Monthly (WhatsApp Text): The entire program (3 months.)
    • You can reach me whenever you need to, and we have small text chats.
    • Enjoy my unwavering support throughout the program, ensuring a transformative experience.
    • Explore more about the sessions and their impact here.
  • One hour 45 Minutes Recorded Readings.
    • All the guidance you need from Spirit.
    • Energetic and spiritual checkups, as well as any other questions.
    • We will do spiritual assessments to make sure everything goes clockwork in your development.
  • 15 Complete Reiki Healings.
    • Focusing on the past, present, and what is yet to come.
    • Experience chakra, aura, and energy cleansing.
    • Cord cutting and parallel healing when necessary.
  • 5 Visits to the Upper World for Healing.
    • Shamanic work is essential for transformation.
    • For shamanic reintegration, especially from retrieving Soul Fragments.
    • Seeking empowerment for you to get more out of all your efforts.
  • 2 Visits to the Lower World to look for a Soul Fragment.
    • Recover lost talents to regain confidence.
    • Shamanic work for soul recovery.
    • Become more whole and ready to keep growing.
  • 1 Visit to the Lower World to look for an Emblem.
    • We can set any specific intentions.
    • The spirits of Earth might bring additional ones as gifts.
    • Sometimes, we need to “search for something” without knowing exactly what, until we find it.
  • A 20-item combination of Guided Meditations, Spiritual Courses, or Individualized Audio Lectures
    • Benefit from 20 guided meditations and/or spiritual courses of your choice.
    • Expand your spirituality thanks to hundreds of different mini-spiritual lessons.
    • Receive small teachings and suggestions as daily practices for you to implement in your routine.
  • 1 Personalized Guided Meditation.
    • Receive a personalized guided meditation to enhance your spiritual practice.

I will be side-by-side with you during the entire duration of the program!

You will always get freebies from me, and I always make sure that you can be the happiest, and for your development to be extremely positive when focusing on the big picture. My life purpose is to help you awaken to your true potential, and start to deliver! If you have any other questions, feel free to use the Whatsapp button below, or reach out by clicking here.


Q: What is a life transformation program?

A: We will focus together on enhancing every one of your living areas, normally, aiming for a complete spiritual awakening, and activating any gifts you may have. We will work around your goals.

Q: How long does the Life Transformation coaching program last?

A: We will work together for three months, and you will get the program’s full benefits such as “Talk to Fer,” and others. Starting in 2024: For every unused service, you will not lose your money, instead, it will turn into “store credit.” Technically, you will only lose the 10% discount on your remaining. However, you will likely complete these within 2 months and a half!

Q: Will I be completely awakened when completing the Life Transformation coaching program?

A: One of the first things you will learn is that you never stop awakening. There is always more to awaken for. After the program, you will be spiritually independent, holding the knowledge of everything you need to do to keep growing.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Life Transformation coaching program


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