Research Package – Spiritual Awakening Guidance

Start today with Spiritual Awakening Guidance and embark on a life transformation journey. With the Research Program, you will experience a three-month program full of guidance and support for you to experience a shift. Spiritual Awakening Guidance will help you to grow stronger!



Spiritual Awakening Guidance with the Research Package

Now is the perfect moment for you to completely change your life with a customized life makeover. Receive Spiritual Awakening Guidance with the Research Pacgake. Are you growing spiritually or are you just awakening? Or perhaps you require assistance with your everyday tasks? I’ll provide you with all the tools and guidance you need, as well as unending support if you need someone to lend you a hand.

The Spiritual Awakening Guidance – Research Package bundle includes many Zoom visits since in-person coaching or counseling is considerably more successful than recorded sessions. You will also enjoy Reiki healing. You’ll get access to a range of readings, workshops, and guided meditations.

It feels as though you are buying a toolbox full of many useful gadgets. Don’t worry, you will receive specific instructions on how to use each of these tools. Do you remember the days when you were learning how to ride a bike? It’s going to be the same here, but I won’t “let you go” if you’re not ready. It will only be you who will be able to “hop on that bike” and experience riding it without the need for training wheels.

Modifiable Modules

This program for individualized Spiritual Awakening Guidance includes reiki sessions. A spiritual and personal transformation will reveal issues that require healing. Every session is tailored to your unique needs, which we will determine as the program advances. Additionally, the Research Package does not include various shamanic practices, but if you need any of these, we can make modifications and include them.

Together with your Spirit Guides and Higherself, we will make sure we get the most out of this Holistic Spiritual Development program. We might therefore alter the program as we go along. You will always have the last word in any personal counsel that I or your Spirit Guides give you.

Contents for the Spiritual Awakening Coaching program: “Research Package

  • 8 “Talk to Fer” sessions:
    • When we meet via video, we will cover a lot of territory.
    • Since face-to-face meetings are always more efficient and personal.
    • It will be simpler if we do it together when you need to let go and heal.
  • 45 minutes worth of Recorded Readings.
    • We will do spiritual evaluations and check-ins to ensure that everything is progressing as it should during your development.
    • Accept all the guidance and support that the Spirit has to offer.
    • If you would like to investigate, inquire, or get messages from higher sources of light.
  • 10 Complete Reiki Healings.
    • The former, the now, and what is yet to come will receive a lot of light and protection.
    • Get wonderful perks like energy cleansing, chakra clearing, and aura clearing.
    • When directed, we will make sure to do any necessary parallel healing and cord-cutting.
  • A 5-item combination of Guided Meditations, Spiritual Courses, or Individualized Audio Lectures
    • Take advantage of ten guided meditations and/or spiritual classes.
    • These are excellent everyday routines that you may incorporate into your daily schedule. You will undoubtedly put many of the little advice and lessons into practice.
    • Numerous mini-spiritual lessons might help you increase your spiritual awareness.

I will be side-by-side with you during the whole program and more!

You will undoubtedly receive gifts from me because I enjoy giving. When considering the bigger picture, I try my hardest to ensure that you can be the happiest and that your progress will be amazing. My purpose for being in this world is to assist you in realizing your full potential and beginning to fulfill it! Don’t wait any longer, and reach out through the Whatsapp button below.

You can also send me a message by clicking here. Your personalized life transformation has already started.


Q: What makes this package unique?

A: You will receive profound spiritual awakening guidance delivered very personalized. We will be sort of holding hands as you keep developing through your spirituality. We will work with your Spirit Guides to maximize the personalization versus using a standard curriculum.

Q: How long is each Zoom session?

A: Each individual “Talk to Fer” session lasts 30 minutes, and normally, we will do two of them per meeting, so we can talk for an hour. You can set the time you need since everything is customizable.

Q: Can I choose the timing of the sessions?

A: Yes, certainly you can. If you are unsure, we will ask your Spirit Guides, as well as my recommendations based how you are developing.

Q: How long does the Research Package last?

A: You will benefit from every program feature during our three-month Research Package. Starting in 2024: If you don’t use any of the services, your money will be turned into “store credit.” The 10% off the remaining products is theoretically all you will lose. However, you ought to be able to complete these in about 2 or 3 months!

Q: Will the Spiritual Awakening Guidance bring a complete Spiritual Awakening?

A: The first thing you’ll learn is that there are always new awakenings. Nothing keeps us from wanting more when we wake up. You will graduate from the curriculum with all the knowledge required to pursue further education and become spiritually self-sufficient.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Spiritual Awakening Guidance - Research Package



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