Deep Exploration Package – Personalized Life Transformation

Experience a Personalized Life Transformation and get completely aligned with the Universe. Start shifting your life today with this three-month transformative journey where you will unlock your true potential. With a personalized life transformation you will turn into the best version of yourself.



Receive personalized life transformation with the Deep Exploration Package

It is the time for you to shift your life entirely through a personalized life transformation. Are you awakening or developing Spirituality? Or maybe you need support in your daily endeavors? I will help you if you need someone to give you a hand, a ton of tools and directions, as well as endless support. This is the Deep Exploration Package. 

You will begin lining up with the best path you may pursue in life with the aid of your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and a great deal of willpower and desire.

The Personal Life Transformation – Deep Exploration: Since in-person coaching or counseling is far more effective than recorded sessions, the deep exploration package includes multiple Zoom appointments. Shamanic healing and Reiki will also be enjoyable for you. I will journey through the various Shamanic Worlds to bring you enlightenment, healing, and the retrieval of emblems and other shamanic support you may need.

There will be a variety of readings, classes, and guided meditations available to you.

It is like if you are purchasing a toolbox filled with several practical devices. You will receive tailored instructions on how to utilize each of these tools, so don’t worry. You can imagine the days you learned to ride a bike. Here, it will be the same, and although, I will not “let you go” if you are not ready. You will be the one who will see it for yourself and you will “hop on that bike” and ride it successfully without training wheels.

What can you find in the Personalized Life Transformation Deep Exploration package?

You will enjoy a wide range of possibilities when you go through a personalized life transformation package, such as the Depp Exploration. You will realize that this is a throughout program that includes a ton of things to help you accomplish your shift. Through dealing with thousands of people, I developed this assortment of various services. You will probably need to experience these throughout the following three months as you undergo your awakening and transformation.

But since no two people are alike, your needs may change as you pursue your spiritual goals. As a result, you can make some changes while still receiving a 10% reduction from the original amount of that specific product. This program is adaptable; you can customize it by changing out some of the components.

Keep in mind, that some of the services included are necessary, and they shouldn’t change

Customizable Modules

Reiki sessions are included in this program for personalized life transformation coaching. During a spiritual and personal transition, you will uncover things that need to be healed. Your specific requirements are catered to at every session, which we will identify as we progress through the program. Moreover, Upper World healing and other shamanic techniques are included in the Deep Exploration Package.

To take advantage of the variety of the Personalized Life Transformation – Deep Exploration Package, I will be asking for your comments as we proceed. To enable you to fully invest in your growth and life transformation, I want you to get the most out of every session you attend.

To ensure that we get the most out of this program, we will collaborate with your Higherself and Spirit Guides. As a result, we may make some changes to the program as we go. Whenever I or your Spirit Guides provide you with personal advice, you will always have the final say.

Contents for the Personalized Life Transformation coaching program “Deep Exploration Package

  • 10 “Talk to Fer” sessions:
    • We will cover a lot of ground when meeting in video.
    • Because meeting in person is always more personal with greater efficiency.
    • If you need to let go and heal, it will be easier if we do it together.
  • Talk to Fer Monthly (WhatsApp Text): 30 Days, breakable through the 3 months in 4 by 7-day periods.
    • Feel free to reach out whenever you need to, we will chat about it. During a personalized life transformation, you will find this as an essential cornerstone.
    • Explore more about the sessions and ask me questions as they come to you.
    • Enjoy my unwavering support throughout the program, I will ensure a transformative experience for you while you enjoy all my support throughout the program
  • One-hour Recorded Readings.
    • We will do spiritual assessments and check-ups to make sure everything flows in the right direction during your development.
    • Receive all the wisdom and assistance from the Spirit.
    • If you want to explore, ask questions, or receive messages.
  • 10 Complete Reiki Healings.
    • The healing sessions will focus on the past, present, and what is yet to come.
    • Get great benefits such as chakra, aura, and energy cleansing.
    • We will make sure to do any necessary cord-cutting and parallel healing when guided.
  • 5 Visits to the Upper World for Healing.
    • Keep in mind that any Shamanic work is essential for experiencing a profound shift and a personalized life transformation.
    • To reinforce stuff in your life with down-to-earth energies.
    • Seeking empowerment for you to get more out of all your efforts.
  • 1 Visit to the Lower World to look for an Emblem.
    • We can set any specific intentions based on your needs and desires for your personalized life transformation.
    • Sometimes, especially if it’s meant to be, the spirits of Earth will deliver additional ones.
    • Sometimes, we need to “search for something” without knowing exactly what, until we find it.
  • A 10-item combination of Guided Meditations, Spiritual Courses, or Individualized Audio Lectures
    • Benefit from 10 guided meditations and/or spiritual courses of your choice.
    • These are great daily practices for you to implement in your routine. You will certainly implement many small teachings and guidance.
    • Expand your spiritual awareness thanks to loads of different mini-spiritual lessons.

I will be side-by-side with you during the whole program and more!

I love giving, so you will certainly get freebies from me. I do my best to make sure that you can be the happiest, and for your development to be magnificent when focusing on the big picture. I am incarnated here this lifetime to help you awaken to your true potential, and start to deliver! Feel free to reach out through the Whatsapp button below if you have any questions, or reach out by clicking here. Your personalized life transformation has already started.


Q: What is personalized life transformation coaching?

A: Together, our main goals will be to fully awaken your spiritual potential, improve every area of your life, and develop whatever gifts you may possess. We’ll adjust to meet your objectives.

Q: How long does the Deep Exploration Package last?

A: You will receive all of the program’s perks during our three months of collaboration. Beginning in 2024: Your money will not be lost on any unused services; instead, it will be converted into “store credit.” In theory, all that you will lose is the 10% discount on the remaining products. But you should be able to finish these in around two and a half months!

Q: Will I be completely awakened when completing the personalized life transformation Deep Exploration package?

A: The first thing you will discover is that awakenings never end. Nothing stops us from waking up for more. After completing the program, you will possess the knowledge of all you need to continue learning and be spiritually independent.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Personalized Life Transformation - Deep Exploration Package


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