Talk To Fer Monthly Subscription: Transformative coaching experience

Experience personal growth guidance with this Transformative coaching experience, a Talk to Fer bundle where you will experience a self-discovery conversation. If you need guidance with anything spiritual, I will be delighted to talk to you. This transformative coaching experience brings also a monthly chat!



Experience a powerful transformative coaching experience with Talk to Fer monthly

Are you awakening spiritually and need some guidance? Don’t walk the path alone, I am here to help you! This “Talk to Fer” bundle will be perfect for you if you have a lot of questions. You will have a transformative coaching experience as we work together throughout the month. Here, besides having our Zoom conversation, you will have access to a personalized 30-day ongoing coaching, since you will be able to reach me through WhatsApp.

Fill up your weeks with Soulful chats with Fer! Maybe you have a lot of questions, and now, it is your opportunity to ask them all. You will be in a safe space, you can ask for everything that you need, and no one will judge you. We will work on your empowerment and self-discovery right from the start so you can develop at your own pace. A key aspect of a transformative coaching experience.

Tell me more about the Talk to Fer Monthly

This Talk to Fer bundle is quite straightforward. We will meet over Zoom and talk for 30 minutes. From here, you will have access to reach out every time you need. During the next 30 days, I will get back to you the soon I can, not having more than one business day without an answer. We can talk about everything, so if it’s not only about spirituality, but other things are bothering you, you are welcome to share as well.

I am giving you some ideas that I collected from people’s most asked questions during a Transformative Coaching session such as Talk to Fer:

  • Are you concerned about death/reincarnation, and do you need to talk about it?
  • Are you a starseed or incarnated angel, and you are feeling lost?
  • Do you believe you have gifts but are unsure how to use them?
  • Do you need help to develop and open up your gifts?
  • Do you have requests regarding your spirituality?

These are only a few of the topics you can talk about. Firstly, you may come with questions through a Psychic Reading, but normally more questions follow. I have seen individuals having profound realizations after reading, with the urge to start working on development.

A coaching session is not a spiritual reading, so we will invest all the time in working on your development and helping you with anything you need through this transformative coaching experience.

Goal Setting and Action Planning

One of the best assets of this Transformative Coaching program is working on the here and now but keeping into account the immediate future (but only the immediate future). I will help you to set goals, especially first, short-term goals where you can see the next steps of your development.

We will set together reasonable goals for the short term because these are double, and the best way to track progress. Focusing on the far future is irrelevant because your development and dedication will dictate it.

You will also receive a lot of exercises and advice to work on your development. Right from our first conversation, you will already have a few suggestions to add to your daily routine. These will vary depending on what you need to implement. These will take a very little amount of your time. You will be able to do some of these during dull times versus starting at your phone, or the ceiling, for example, when you wait in line.

The main focus during a Transformative coaching experience

Ultimately, our main focus will be the cultivation of your Self-Awareness and Intuition, because it is here where the transformative coaching experience happens. You need to get used to being the one that takes action. It is about maximizing your full potential, and for you to do so, you will need to develop your self-awareness and intuition. I will make sure that this is a fact each time we connect.

I strongly encourage self-reflection and journey, so be assured you will find some of these during any Talk to Fer program. The more you journey and reflect, the stronger you will become. Do you want speed? Your fuel and gas pedal is the time you invest in yourself, and I will drill this not in your head, but in your subconscious, so you never stop growing.

From here, I will suggest you reach out, if first, you want to read more about me, you can do it right here. But if you have decided, click on the WhatsApp button below, or reach my contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


Q: What are the details for a Talk to Fer Monthy?

A: It’s a Spiritual Coaching Session first through a 20-30-minute video meeting, and then one month of written chat such as WhatsApp. The focus is on Self-discovery, Spiritual Enlightenment, Personal Growth, and others. You will find a friendly conversation, guidance, and support.

Q: What are the benefits of spiritual life coaching?

A: Spiritual awakening is a lonely path but through transformative coaching experience you will find all the support you need and you will have a new approach to life, and the world that surrounds you. You will shift your perception of life.

Q: Will I be able to add additional video meetings?

A: Yes! You can purchase individualized Talk to Fer sessions on top of this transformative coaching experience program.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Transformative coaching experience


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