Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack: An amazing pool of wisdom

Grow your Tarot Card collection with The Conspiracy Tarot enhanced pack. You can find here an amazing Tarot deck, and you will love it. Enjoy over 200 self-reflection questions that you will find for each card. Don’t miss your opportunity and get your copy of The Conspiracy Tarot enhanced pack.



Find an amazing pool of wisdom with the Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack

The Tarot has always accompanied us, serving as a guide and help. The goal is to bring ancestral knowledge within everyone’s reach simply and directly. Tarot symbologies are essential, and you will find many symbologies from ancient times to modern times. A symbology that, in some cases, touches on aspects of the 21st century and how they are influencing our lives.

You will find that the symbols of this deck are simple and direct to interpret. You will be able to identify with many of the situations reflected in the cards, creating a much stronger connection between you and your Tarot.

Characteristics for: The Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack

The Enhanced Pack comes with:

  • A copy of the Conspiracy Tarot.
  • A spiritual set that contains:
    • Some crystals/gems are charged with Reiki energy.
    • Purified palo-santo ready to use*.
    • A couple of powerful guided meditations on a 4 GB USB stick.
  • White light and good vibrations.

Some symbologies in this Conspiracy Tarot Deck are unique and peculiar but, simultaneously, straightforward to interpret. You will find explanations for each card and questions to ask yourself in the little book included in the deck. (*: Only for shipping within the EU.)

Some significant aspects for you to keep in mind

The Conspiracy Tarot has a unique approach to how we are running the modern times as a society. You will travel through times where humans haven’t touched nature, where humans started to interact with nature, and where humans and modern times have overtaken nature.  There are countless deep meanings, you should take a look here if you haven’t read all the information from the deck’s category. You will discover the unique symbolism and educational value of the Conspiracy Tarot deck.

It is a fantastic deck that will be able to answer pretty much any question since you will discover a profound philosophical approach when touching on many living situations. Thanks to its influence from modern technologies and situations to our current times, you will be able to resonate a lot more with the symbology. You will be able to make deeper interpretations yielding more clear and concise readings.

You can read here quite a few amazing things about the Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack. I am sharing a few additional points:

  • Environmental Consciousness: The deck comes with a powerful message about how our relationship with nature has been transcending.
  • Versatility: Observe easy-to-interpret symbolism, which you will find a deeper resonance with.
  • User-Friedly Guidebook: Discover a beautiful book where you will find the card’s symbologies, and self-reflection questions that will shift your life.
  • Intuitive Interpretation: As you work and connect with this deck, you will see that your intuition keeps developing and turning sharper.

You only need to be open and willing to receive. The amazing thing about Tarot is that you constantly discover new things. You never get to extract all the symbolism from a single deck, in the future, you may find powerful (and sometimes even obvious) symbologies. Get today the Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack!


Q: Which crystals are you including?

A: I have a big bag of different crystals, and I always allow my intuition and the crystals to guide me. I pick them up energetically from a hugely varied stock. If you want some crystals specifically, please let us know, and we will do our best if available.

Q: Why don’t you ship Palo Santo Internationally?

A: Since your enhanced pack contains several things, Palo Santo generates a red flag in some borders due to Biosecurity, therefore, to avoid issues, these don’t go internationally.

Q: Why meditation does the flash drive include?

A: I will pick up a meditation I felt drawn to from my assortment. However, most of the time I feel drawn to share a manifestation meditation, as well as a gratitude one.

Q: What do you mean by white light and good vibrations?

A: Setting strong intentions triggers various Laws of the Universe, facilitating positivism. The Conspiracy Tarot’s intention for everyone holding a copy is to meet with a profound degree of personal abundance and profound spiritual development. This is included within the Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack as with the Basic option.

Q: Will I be able to do readings with the Conspiracy Tarot Deck?

A: The Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack will allow you to provide beautiful and profound readings thanks to the unique symbolism.

Q: How will the Conspiracy Tarot help me in my spiritual path?

A: The Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack comes with a powerful transformational opportunity within. For each card, you will find two or three self-reflection questions applying everything in your life. If you follow through with these, you will get to know yourself to a much more profound degree.

Q: Is shipping included?

A: Correct! Worldwide shipping is included with the purchase of the Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack. We will ship the deck within 48 business hours.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack


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