Talk To Fer: Transformative Conversations with Fer

Experience personal growth guidance with Transformative Conversations with Fer where you will experience a self-discovery conversation. Do you need spiritual support or help through your development? Book a “Talk to Fer” session and witness what Transformative Conversations with Fer can do for you.



Do you want to have Transformative Conversations with Fer? Talk to Fer is here!

Do you want to experience Transformative Conversations with Fer? You now have this opportunity thanks to the “Talk to Fer” sessions. This session is not designed for readings but focuses on having a friendly chat and discussing things. Maybe you prefer to talk about something of your concern rather than have a recorded reading.

However, there is no need to be concerned about something negative in your life to enjoy a “Talk to Fer” spiritual coaching session.

If you choose to book a session, we will focus more on spirituality, your life progress, or anything that comes up in your mind and you want to share. It’s about you, and only you.

For example, more and more of you seem to be seeking starseed and angel guidance. As a starseed myself I can certainly help you because I know from the core of my being what it is to be one. As an incarnate angel, you will resonate a lot as well. But it doesn’t matter your soul origin. You may be a human soul but still seeking positive spiritual sessions. The key is that you open up, and you allow yourself to receive.

What can I get from a Talk to Fer session? Do I need one?

If you feel you might benefit from experiencing transformative conversations with Fer, it is because probably it will serve your highest purpose. Everybody can benefit from life progress discussions, and certainly, with me, you will have plenty. Check out a few quick benefits you will experience through transformative conversations with Fer:

  • Soul Purpose Exploration: Perhaps one of the top significant ones, as I will help you to develop through your life purpose. I will hold your hand during the journey of development, and will be answering questions, and help you avoid unnecessary roadblocks.
  • Personal Transformation Goals: Precisely, when we talk about transformative conversations with Fer, bringing a major shift to your life is in store. Maybe you are shifting to where you want to be. I will give you an extra hand for you to get there.
  • Mindfulness practices and self-reflection: I will help you to include practices and positive behaviors to contribute to your spiritual and personal development. Self-reflection is a cornerstone in Spirituality, so I will make sure I teach you this well!

These are just to name a few, perhaps the most important ones, but for everything you need, we can talk about it. Transformative conversations with Fer will also bring you as greater awareness of how to properly tap the Law of Attraction, helping you align with your spirituality so you can enhance the manifestation of goals and desires. You will receive a lot of empowerment from me, the push you need to keep going on your own!

Experience Transformative Conversations with Fer! I will be delighted to help you on your path.

Each “Talk to Fer” chat time is about 30 minutes. Especially for the first time, I recommend you book two sessions at once, so we can be together for an hour. Sessions lasting 30 minutes go away fast, but this is the basic option, because sometimes, especially after one initial session, could be enough for a proper checkup and update.

It is possible that you are lost, and perhaps you do not know if you need to experience transformative conversations with Fer. If you are reading this, possibly you can benefit from one session, but check out a few points below:

  • Do you feel different from most people?
  • Are you concerned about death/reincarnation, and do you need to talk about it?
  • Are you a starseed or incarnated angel, and you are feeling lost?
  • Do you believe you have gifts but are unsure how to use them?
  • Do you need help to develop and open up your gifts?
  • Do you have requests regarding your spirituality?
  • If you want to start a complete transformation, this is an excellent first step, so don’t hesitate, and let’s meet now!

One or more of these is already good enough to experience transformative conversations with Fer, but there are many more. If you are not sure you need one session, you can contact me, and share how can I help you, and we can move from there.


Q: What is the purpose of a “Talk to Fer” session?

A: “Talk to Fer” sessions bring to you transformative conversations with Fer. Here, you will be able to transform both personally, and spiritually. I will guide you and support you.

Q: How long is the chat time?

A: Sessions are 30 minutes, but you can book up to three at a time for a 90-minute session.

Q: Can I discuss concerns or negative aspects of my life?

A: Absolutely! This is what these “Talk to Fer” sessions are for!

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Transformative Conversations with Fer


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