Spiritual eBooks Bundle: Get 30 eBooks and 12 nature ambiance soundtracks

Do you want to learn more about spiritual stuff? Get today the Spiritual eBooks bundle and start learning while you listen to 12 amazing nature ambiance soundtracks. Everything within the Spiritual eBooks bundle is royalty-free, so you can use this for anything you want, including voiceovers and podcasts.



Enjoy the sounds of nature while you learn with the Spiritual eBooks bundle

Do you want to get an introduction to several healing modalities and other spiritual practices? You have now the opportunity thanks to the Spiritual eBooks bundle where you will get 30 Royalty-Free eBooks at a symbolic cost. On top of this, you will also get 12 audio tracks with ambient nature sounds. With these files alone you can travel far if you let go completely to the sounds of different nature scenarios.

You will have a fantastic opportunity to take a peek at a lot of spiritual topics, allowing you to find what you feel connected to the most. From here, you can choose to study more one modality than another. Backing this up with peaceful background sounds, you can benefit from these anywhere!

Spiritual eBooks: Learn over 20 healing modalities and more!

A great asset from the Spiritual eBooks bundle! Get to explore 30 subjects surrounding spirituality, alternative medicine, and even practices such as Yoga and meditation. It is a collection of thirty spiritual eBooks that will explain everything about healing, self-healing, self-discovery, and other spiritual matters of different traditions.

Each book has several dozen pages, written clearly and straightforwardly.

They are great at the truth and have a lot of useful information! You will not achieve mastery with any of these, as they mainly provide you with a solid foundation and general idea. Although Soul Guidance has not created these files, I can assure you that you will get many benefits. They come from many authors (I did not write these). These authors grant permission for distribution.

The reason why is the compilation of spiritual books is 100% royalty-free. Feel free to check out all the subjects these eBooks talk about.

Ambiance Sounds: 12 tracks with lovely nature sounds for anything you need!

A magnificent selection of ambiance sounds music, totally with a royalty-free license, 12 ambiance audio tracks of one hour of duration each. I have to say that this ambiance music is lovely. Although Soul Guidance has not created these files, I can assure you that you will get many benefits since they are great for meditation, for self-reflection, or brainstorming moments.

These are great for grounding exercises as well.

These files are in MP3 format, meaning that you can play them anywhere. You will be able to mix these files with any of your creations since these audio tracks are 100% Royalty-Free, including a license stating it. You can use these also for voice-overs as well as videos.

Feel free to check out the entire playlist that these 12 Ambiance Nature soundtracks hold.


Q: Can I use the Ambiance soundtrack for my YouTube videos?

A: Absolutely! These files are 100% royalty-free with a commercial license. YouTube doesn’t flag these files, and if they ever did, you can show your license to revoke their decision.

Q: Can I edit or sell any of the eBooks from the Spiritual eBook bundle?

A: Absolutely! These eBooks hold a Royalty-Free license allowing you to use them for commercial purposes, as well as to edit them or sell them in other bundled products.

Q: Do I need to credit the authors when using these eBooks or audio tracks?

A: No. In the Spiritual eBook bundle set, you will find your Royalty-Free License with 100% commercial rights for both the eBooks as well as the Ambiance soundtracks.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Spiritual eBooks bundle



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