All about soulmates. A potential that may go beyond love

Soulmates: Understand a little about how it goes around with soulmates.
Soulmates can make amazing connections.

Soulmates: A connection with great potential at many degrees

Hi there! At last, we have already talked about all the psychic senses, last week we played the last one that we had, the claircognizance. I’m improving the blog with more information and a few more things. Thanks to this, I got ideas to wrap up on some topics. For example, more than two years ago, we talked about the twinflames and a little bit about the soulmates. Today we are going to deepen the theme of soulmates.

A soulmate connection is a phenomenon that I wanted to talk about you, although I forgot for a while. It is a fascinating subject, and everyone likes to read about soulmates. In this post, I am going to tell you my point of view. I am relying on years of reading from the Akashic Records and on compatibility readings.

Learn through the forecast how energies affect connections. By the way, take a read on the significance as a whole for love.

What two souls need to have to be soulmates?

One of the reasons I wanted to write about this topic is to deny a few myths. For example, many people believe that we only have one soulmate, or, for instance, that soulmates are only about love. It’s a shame because sometimes this type of misbelief may discard a remarkable connection if love is impossible. Although the experience of love can be very profound, there is much more.

I will share what, in my humble opinion, I see. What the Akasha told me, therefore, is more wisdom.

A few points about the soulmate connection:

  • It’s not always about love. Although in many cases, it can be, there are many cases where you cannot apply the love of romance. There are times when souls have an agreement to love during the reunion in this life; however, other contracts may be very different.
  • It is not always the sex that attracts you. People commonly believe that a soulmate conexión is only suitable for love and sex. It may or may not be the case, and if not, you will not be physically or romantically attracted to your soul mate. However, your connection has a lot of potential at other levels. It is also possible that you are much older or younger than the other person.
  • Many past lives. Both souls have spent many past lives together. All or almost all have been positive; we have a soulmate connection.
  • Different types of connections. Soulmates had shared past lives around romance, friendship, work, or even family.

Or even…

  • The soul mate can be an animal. There are times when your soul mate can be your animal companion.

As you can see, there is much beyond love in a connection of soulmates.

Did you know that two different people can be soulmates?

It does not matter if a love connection is impossible. It is imperative to know this. You can have a profound connection at the level of friendship, for example. Or you will sync very well at work if you work together. What matters is that if there is a soulmate connection, the connection will always be intense, therefore, amazing.

A few more things.

Now you know a little more about soulmates. But did you know that we can have and meet more than one soulmate? It is often mistakenly thought that we only have a kindred spirit with whom we will spend the rest of our days. And although this is entirely possible, it is crucial not to burn bridges. Even if you have the perfect relationship, you can meet new soulmates who will give you a lot in friendship or work.

Two soulmates rarely have karma, and if they have it, it is usually recent, and hence not often a big problem. Thanks to this, it is safe to say that two people with this connection will always have excellent communication and synchronicity. Commonly, you feel a more special bond upon meeting each other for the first time. Just like “it’s the first time I’ve seen this person, and it’s like I’ve known all my life.”

By the way, take a read about couples in this entry.

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Next week I will talk about another issue that primarily affects couples. The technological age has brought us many benefits, but it is changing our way of relating. It is essential to empower your relationships. I’ll talk about all this next Wednesday. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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