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Written by Fernando Albert

August 2, 2017

News 4: Easier and simplified!
News 4: It is much easier now! A few upgrades and what’s not!

How is your success going? Many blogs “close down” for these vacation times, but I like to keep it going šŸ™‚ I am working on well-needed updates (you all have been witnessing the site growing!), so I share these “news 4” with you. It is going to be brief today, but essential site updates:

As I shared with you last week’s post, I wanted to upgrade the whole payment process. Simplify it further to make it easier for you all šŸ™‚ You will be able to find these as soon as you grab a meditation, healing, or a course! It is much moreĀ user-friendly than before, and the format is more aligned with today’s cell phone app style, but of course, giving it my personalized touch. If you guys find any issues or bugs, please let me know in the suggestions section. I hope you guys like the new payment system!Ā Prices stay the same; the only change is in the looks!

As a second update, you probably have been already noticing the looks in some areas through the site. Most of the old images have been evolving into better-looking ones! I pinned them all to my Pinterest account. I invite you to follow it and share any pins you desire (you will find plenty of “Did you know…?” and many other things. It will be of great help! (We even got to our tenth anniversary)

That is not all for “News 4”. There is more!

And last but not least, some of you might have experienced some e-mail issues with me. You get to buy original software from Microsoft, and yet, functionality is questionable! So I switched to another emailĀ client, and I have been able to email back and forth okay (with people I had email issues), so if you experienced any of these, first haveĀ my apologies, and then, please be aware that (initially) this issue should be no more! And now that I am editing these two years later, I am glad it worked well, except for the first few days! Electronics can be a nuisance!

And that’s pretty much it for “News 4″. Always growing, improving, and enhancing is vital. So, besides knowing, apply it!

However; there are a few essential reads that may be of interest to you, so check them out:

I want to make a “relaxing” blog entry next week about silence, as it is possibly one of the bests gifts we can enjoy when there is the opportunity. But this and more, next week! Have a great week! (News 4)

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(News 4) Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Read other news) (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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