The Middle World: The Energy Mirrors the Human World and the physical plane in general.

The Middle World: The Energy Mirrors the Human World and the physical plane in general.

The middle world reflects humanity.
The middle world, where everything is happening. Where humanity and nature are reflected.

Hi! One more week, and one more entry. How about the forecast, I hope it helped!? September has arrived and it is about time. I had planned to share this article in April, but a week before, I decided that it was not the best time due to all the problems we have had this year. I was ready, since as I said, that there were other planes where you can leave your home without problems. Now you can leave your home (I hope, I’m just pushing this entry.) Today we are going to talk about one of those planes. One of the shamanic worlds, the Middle World. Perhaps right now, April 2020, is not the best time to visit this world. I am going to tell you about this world, and you will understand it better.) And today, is the 9th of September.

The Middle World represents the human conscious world. It is almost like being physically out on the street. At all levels, because if, for example, you visit someone on the astral plane, you will feel the peace and harmony that you can feel in higher planes. However, like the rest of the shamanic worlds, the Middle World is on planet earth, and in the third dimension. The difference is that you navigate with the mind, and not with the physical vehicle that we call the human body.

We have already talked about the Lower World, how you get there, and a guided meditation that helps you get there.

Let’s tell some truths.

Let’s see, the Middle World is a bit complicated, and on top of that, there are many lies about this place. I can not agree with some aspects that some people claim. The reason is that these aspects are not only partially correct based on my findings. A lot of information also contains fear. On this page, there is no room for fear. So, then, what’s up with this place?

The Middle World reflects human consciousness, and yes, disordered human consciousness is quite dangerous. This does not mean that the Middle World is, however, that dangerous energy can be reflected in this world (yes, but only if you seek for it.) It would not be dangerous to do so, or at least, not severely, but I don’t advise that. Perhaps it would be a negative experience, and energetically if you can feel something. A proper journey is okay. Nothing will happen to your physical health, nor to your soul. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of it, just understand it. Do not seek negative energies. Probably this world will be the one you visit the least.

If humanity were wonderful, everyone with a heart full of love and light, with positive intentions, and without fear, this world would be wonderful. But we all know that we, as a civilization, are probably not an example to follow, let’s be frank. Therefore, that type of energy is what you will find in the Middle World. This world is denser than the other two, it is even as heavy, and navigating in it seems like everything is going more in slow motion, or as if there was a lot of gravity.

Where the heart of humanity is reflected.

In a global energetic state, it will greatly dictate the energy of the Middle World. In fact, when I was going to release this post in April 2020, there was a lot of fear globally, a lot of greed, a lot of hate, and a lot of uncertainty. Therefore, all that energy was reflected in this world. I would not recommend visiting it, for example, at times like this, that is why I have delayed this entry for five months. But if you did, the worst thing that could happen to you would be feeling anxiety, and probably ending the session in a short time, since right now it is not nice. Right now it is not the best time neither, but the spirits are asking me to release it now, and to not keep waiting.

Normally, the Lower World is the most visited world, and in difficult moments, it is wonderful. In fact, it is always the first to be visited when you start learning how to do these trips. The Middle World, on the other hand, is the last one you will visit (although here it is the second world we are talking about.) However, when you seek for something you don’t know, and you don’t know where to go, visit the Lower World.

And the commotion we are causing the planet.

The current state of the Earth also influences this World. Although the Lower World is the most elemental, here everything is as more superficial. Earth’s damaged energy can be reflected here, not at the Lower World. People with global empathy, for example, have the ease of knowing how the energies are before visiting this world. Although we are not yet as a civilization taking good care of our home called Earth, the Middle World is not normally deeply affected by this.

However, when there are difficult times in humanity, globally, the Middle World is greatly altered. It also makes it easier for less vibrating beings to try to connect with you. They really just want your attention, and steal your energy while interacting with them. Since not all beings in the Middle World are positive or have good intentions (just like people, not all have good intentions)m it’s important to protect yourself. There is nothing to be afraid of, the fact of protecting yourself will raise your vibrations and these beings will not even see you. Problems can be easily reflected, both globally and yours (and sometimes, seeing your problems is goo…)

¿Sabías que también puedes obtener respuestas del Mundo Medio?

What are the advantages of the Middle World?

This is something I have asked myself many times. In fact, I have to confess that I have hardly visited this world since I have always opted for the Lower (and sometimes the Upper, which we will talk about in a month.) The Middle World is not only negativity and bad things, the same truth applies to humanity. We are doing it wrong, but still, there is some good and kindness in many people’s hearts. Therefore, unless there is a crisis or a very big problem, you can visit and get positive aspects of this world. It is like an “echo.”

For example, it is easier to find answers or positive beings that can help you, with a very specific problem of your work, for example. Inspiration and guidance in how to solve a problem, or even complete a highly complicated equation (if you do maths, of course). Some “very human” matters, or close to our reality, Perhaps the Middle World will give you a clearer answer than in the other worlds. Perhaps you will receive something more symbolic, or even, conceivably, an alternative response to what you are already looking for.

Also, to find your own energy reflection, and to better understand what you need, or how you can get it. What do you truly need and you are not seeing.

So, is it worth visiting the Middle World?

Sure, every shamanic world is worth visiting, as it has its own stuff. The Middle World can also be good at solving, as I said, something very mundane and unspiritual. Or even, to find, or see the solution for something you are planning or questioning.

In fact, when you go to the Upper or Lower World, you will always go through the Middle World. However, it is good to do a certain visualization to get the full energy of the Middle World well. The same you do for the Lower World, where you visit a well or cave to go down.)

To get to the Middle World, it is very simple. When you’re ready to “go out”, start walking and visualize some rocky mountains, with a path between them. Keep walking until you see changes, or notice you go through a membrane or portal. It might make you feel dizzy for a split second. The Middle World will appear as a forest with small/medium trunk trees with deciduous leaves. You will always see the horizon blurred, or as the optical effect of something moving when there is a flame or it is very hot.

It is not very popular, and your power animal will not be with you, however, its energy will be. Here you can find fragments of consciousness that can be “personified” in beings. If your vibrations are high, and you are looking for answers to something, you just have to ask, and you will get it instantly, or “they will accompany you” to what you need to see.

It is a peculiar world, difficult to explain, but with good vibes, you will have a good experience

And well, next week, there is a new journey. To the middle world, of course! Who said you couldn’t leave your home? It is a great way to free your mind at any time, but this world is more for solving things as you have read. There is a little bit more stuff too. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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To what extent our trust to big corporations will reach and how much info we give them?

To what extent our trust to big corporations will reach and how much info we give them?

How much do you trust the big corporations?
Everything you are giving away about your private life to big corporations.

Hello! Well, we have an interesting entry for today, and after talking about something as high as alternative existences, we are going to go down with something mundane. This article is not to conspire, nor to criticize the big tycoons of this world. The purpose of this article is for you to reflect a little what you are willing to give to large corporations. And with giving, I am not talking about money, but about your time and your private life. Sometimes without realizing it, we blindly trust some great online corporations, but do you know what the big corporations are doing with your data and image? By the way, I am not going to mention any company; we all know them.

The era of communications and technology.

With globalization and the industrial revolution, we have come a long way. At the end of the 20th century and especially at the beginning of this century, we made an even more significant leap. With the expansion of mobile communications, we have improved in many ways but worsened in others. I already shared a few articles about electronics, and the abuse that, as a society, we are giving it. We are not going to talk about that today.

Today, we want to do more in less time. Society demands all of this, more and more. The point has come, that saving a few seconds is worth it. Yes, it is true, on this planet, especially in the last 25 years, time is a resource and a good. Like virtual goods, especially around smartphones. What we call “data” or more colloquially “gigs” is the resource I am talking about. Some corporations manage these “gigs” according to the plan we have, as well as the mobile expansion and coverage itself. Therefore, something that has become an essential good in these times, big corporations administrate it.

However, these are not the corporations I am referring to. An entire society that depends on “gigs” to function has higher needs than society had three hundred years ago. Those “gigs” improve our dull moments, such as waiting for the doctor (although mental silence is lovely.) Also, they help us obtain information to cover our needs, and even these little things can save our lives in an emergency, where 30 years ago, you could die.

The corporations that are there for you, right?

By accessing so much information, we have brought continuously new needs and desires. We have run out of time; we can’t fit everything within one day. But we demand and demand more. Therefore, there is an industry where they “sell you time” or save you time. Even, it seems that sometimes they give it to you. For example, home automation has been dramatically developed. Now, with a phone, you can turn on the washing machine (Alexander Graham Bell never imagined that a phone would do everything they do today! Look how they were before here and even before here.)

And not only this, the fact that we want to cover so much, we need help to put it all together. Once again, these corporations come “to the rescue” to help us with endless apps. Except for the soul, or other astral things, you can record everything on the internet with technology. Some programs control the hours you sleep soundly, automatically it can buy you more detergent before you run out… Or, it can even open your car, your front door, access your bank account, or your medical history.

All this is all very nice, but let’s think a moment about this.

We live in a world that unfortunately never “gives a nickel for four cents.” And even less a corporation that would lose millions. In other words, these large corporations are not giving you anything away. In the United States, you surely remember Nielsen. Well, all of our “TV accounts,” where we have series, movies, sports, even for regular TV, not requiring it to be life, you can go back. These apps learn what we like and offer it to us. Some of these services are free, or better said, you don’t have to pay money or time to get the service.

Is likely that big corporations don't delete data.

The digital gold: Your data.

Maybe a charity will help you without asking you for anything in return. We all help someone unconditionally, or we should. But when a flight company takes an olive out of each salad to save millions, big corporations will give you even less. All these programs are the same as Nielsen, however, for those of you who don’t know what “Nielsen” is, it was basically (or is) a corporation that gives you a device connected to a TV that analyzes what you see. In exchange, they gave you coupons, prizes, and some other little thing. I was lucky that it took me a few years to be a ‘Nielsen Family.’ Although I remember very little, it was terrific. Now, we are all “Nielsen” families, many without knowing it, in exchange for all those free services.

Even payment services like some with series and movies will also analyze everything you see on TV. In fact, you want it to be that way. Maybe you like to watch love and comedy movies. I don’t think you liked turning on that TV and watching a gloomy face full of blood from some horror movie. And well, here we only talk about TV, and because it is the first step. All those contracts that we do not read because they are very long, we accept that these companies use our data for their marketing purposes. There are more and more data protection laws because twenty years ago, it was also high-value content for unsolicited advertising.

To this day, some people still do it, but thanks to the laws, less and less. Here you can read that on this page, your data is protected, and they are yours, not mine.

It’s just what I like on TV, nothing else. And well, how many corporations are there?

Maybe you are saving many minutes every day. That adds up a lot, and it’s great. Also, you only had to pay once for the gadget. You don’t have to pay for a monthly service, and by talking to this little gadget, you can make a food order, buy a fridge, open a bank account or even fall in love with someone else (yes, without even knowing how the face is.) It seems wonderful. , true? Geez, these big corporations are more supportive than the gentlest people on this planet. How nice, isn’t it? This little gadget also learns and becomes more efficient over time. Outstanding!

Are you starting to tie the dots on the free services of large corporations?

There is not much to say, it is not a big secret, but I wanted to include it in this blog. Perhaps someone will reflect on it. Now even these corporations offer us a secure password that they generate and save. We are giving them absolutely everything in our lives on a gold platter. Marketing moves millions a year. Big corporations get a lot of information from your life. The photos you upload, the things you post, the things you do at home, what you buy online, what you like on TV … Except for your Akashic Records, everything about you is on a hard drive of many corporations (And several people can’t live without using these corporations.)

There is much more to us than we imagine. When something enters the internet, it will never disappear again, because even if you send your private parts from one mobile to another (better not do that …), they will go through some servers, computers, and filters. These corporations control all that data that passes through their servers… And needless to add more!

Everything in its measure.

This entry is not for you to hide inside a bunker, but it is for you to have a little awareness. There are some corporations, the largest of all, that increase our quality of life. A permanent service in exchange for buying the device, wherein many corporations, they are not expensive. Keep in mind that your payment is the advertisements they bring to you, usually for things you already want. However, this will generate either increased (perhaps unnecessary) spending or frustration at not having sufficient financial power. You will receive advertising based on studies and algorithms from many corporations.

And well, I would always recommend not having your whole life on the internet. If you use a PC (which are lovely), have an external hard drive with valuable information that you don’t want to lose (backups can save you a big headache), and with substantial or personal information that doesn’t “go through the internet cable.” To continue with the previous example, if you like to record yourself with your partner on video, save it on a safe hard drive, disconnected from the internet, and in a safe place. I am not going to tell you that when you pass the video from the camera to the PC, you need to unplug it from the internet…

No need to be paranoid.

If your PC is virus-free, what you have on your hard drive is offline, unless you upload it to a cloud or something (that’s why no one recommends uploading server data online…), you will have no problems. But come on, if you prefer, pull the cable, put it in the hard drive and plug it in again when you are done! Now, it’s popular to disconnect or cover webcams, “just in case.” Apply that “just in case,” when you pass sensitive or personal information online.

Now, a little self-analysis and be aware of what you send through these large corporations.

And one problem is that these corporations sometimes don’t do their jobs well, and your data is in the shuffle. For example, what happened this day (click here.)

And well, that’s it for this week. Next week I am going to share something. I don’t like the whole test topic and such to see what kind of soul you are, or if you have a spiritual awakening or not. I see them a little mumbo-jumbo. Therefore, instead, what we will do next week is to teach you how to see for yourself the potentials you have. Explaining a little some details, and giving you some tips, you will be able to see with your own eyes (and heart) what you are looking for, without tests. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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A Spiritual Life is more than just meditating or channeling all day.

A Spiritual Life is more than just meditating or channeling all day.

A Spiritual Life does not mean meditating or channeling all day.
Living a spiritual life does not mean you need to meditate all day.

Hello! I am thrilled that the new payment buttons are more accessible for you to use. Now that we have that ready let’s talk about an easy topic to touch on this blog. It is about how to lead a spiritual life. You will realize that it is much simpler than you think. You do not have to change your life for your spirituality, nor stop being you (quite the opposite). I want to share a little about how it is to lead a spiritual life; you will realize that it only adds!

Well, first, I want to recommend a related reading that will help you a lot. You can read it by clicking here. But I want today’s topic to be direct and straightforward. I want to explain well what it is to be spiritual, what it is to lead a spiritual life. There are hundreds of thousands of sources of information that not only teach you a spiritual way of living but indoctrinate you. Therefore, I want to keep it to a simplicity, where you will see that you can have a life that, however mundane it may be, for your spirituality, is what you need without indoctrination.

And if you realize that you would like “a little more,” it is easy as adding things like meditation or introspection to your life. Nothing else.

If I am a party animal, does it mean I can’t be spiritual?

It has nothing to do one thing with the other. All my life, I have had a certain degree of spiritual awareness; however, as a young teenager, I also partied. I didn’t like it very much, and it wasn’t a widespread event for me, but not because it wasn’t “something” spiritual. It is because I have always been an introvert, and my best friend at that time was also an introvert, and neither of us liked going to party very much. It was our female friends that “forced us” to go, so we flirt, get flirted, or both. How mundane all this seems, right? Well, I assure you that such an experience is much more spiritual than making a painful personal sacrifice for some belief.

Life, although sometimes it becomes tough, with plenty of difficulties, also has many fascinating aspects. We are always busy and with no time. It seems there is less time when we want to meditate, read, learn, work-out, etc. True, there is no time for everything. However, there is plenty of time in the day for doing lots of things. Therein lies the key to doing many things. You will want to invest time in your spirituality if you are spiritual. However, spiritual life does not mean meditating all day long and trying to deny this planet as much as possible. No, since the “part” that says “life” involves a human experience on the physical plane, hence, your life here.


In fact, part of a spiritual life is sharing all your knowledge. Share your experiences so that others can grow too. The growth of knowledge and experiences is a big part of spirituality. For this reason, in this blog, you can learn many things for free. Especially during a spiritual occurrence, and you try to introspect your experience. Connect with your guides if you can (this course can give you a hand), and discover the symbolism and meaning of your experiences. In this way, you will understand even negative things much better.

What aspects are there in a spiritual life?

Well, let’s see, I comment about that a little on the article that I mentioned before so that I will be more straightforward here. It is essential to know that we are multidimensional beings and that there is much more than our physical senses can perceive. Just by being aware of that, you already will make a significant impact in your spiritual life, because you have a knowledge that liberates you. Second, it is time to lose the fear of death, and this entry talks about it, it will help you. You must be free from all kinds of fears of death. They have been feeding us for many millennia with fear; enough is enough.

You are free to follow your beliefs; no one will question them here. However, you have to see how all this goes with your beliefs. Meditation and Astral Travel are essential aspects of a spiritual life. But you will also discover how something as mundane as self-knowledge will also have a vital role in your spirituality. A crucial element of spiritual life is knowing how to leave your ego behind and analyze yourself. Question your attitude, your hobbies, your desires. The fact of working on your being and mind to improve is already a very positive and spiritual aspect. I always say that if a person stops learning, dies spiritually.

No matter what you learn, the goal is always growing. Growing and improving, We have come to this plane to have a human experience, so that knowledge enriches the soul.

Did you know you can live your life to the fullest, and be spiritual?

It’s like an add-on to your lifestyle.

Let’s see how can I explain this. A person who has a spiritual life should know how to have a good time and enjoy a worldly experience. Drink a bottle of good wine, take a walk on the beach, travel, and even for those who are in the possibilities, to correctly enjoy their navel chakra! All these experiences generate a lot of positive energy, and it must be taken into account. In fact, they are usually voluntary, and if you remove them for “spiritual discipline,” you lose them, and their positivity. Perhaps you have a job, that although it is important to have gratitude, maybe that job will not fulfill you. You might not be able to reduce your work, so you will reduce what it was already positive.

The key is to organize your life a little. And speaking of organization. The “Path to Success” course can help you a lot. Primarily if you work on your own and you feel saturated. As you begin to develop your spiritual life, perhaps if you want to meditate, and it will come in excellent. But if on Friday night you want to go out with your friends, do it. You don’t have to be accountable to anyone. You just have to try to do things with the best of your purposes, and not step on other people. Remember to keep some balance too.

So… how do you define it then?

Very simple, a person who has a spiritual life, is a person who lives with few fears (because if we are here, we always have some), and tries to overcome and strengthen them. A spiritual person usually feels gratitude, even with a severe financial, health, or love problems. There are many things to be thankful for (check here.) A person with a spiritual life wishes, almost invariably, to be able to develop and grow. But not in a discipline plan, it will be an inner desire, you will want it. The same way you might want to watch the latest superhero movie.

A spiritual person will have much more empathy with other people and will probably be willing to help out if necessary. You will have a slightly different way of looking at things, perhaps seeing the whole panorama much more than focusing only on one small detail. Spiritual people are becoming more sensitive to energies, and some may connect a little with their guides. Even hidden gifts may come to light, and the person can put them to good use.

A person with a spiritual life will appreciate silence, doing nothing, and feeling peace by being in communion with the mind. This person will search more in their inner-self and even connect with their spirit guides to channel something.

As you can see, there is nothing exotic when it comes to having a spiritual life. Nor will you belong to a “select group” with its own agenda.

You can have what people call “a normal life.” Maybe you have a different way of seeing things or understanding the behavior of others. You probably have some spiritual desires that your friends don’t understand. But you can continue these friendships if they bring positivity into your life. And you don’t need to stay home meditating because it’s New Moon, you can go party with your friends. And well, next week it’s forecast time since it will be the first Wednesday of August. But you have to wait for one week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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We need to eat to survive, but mindful eating will give us much more life.

We need to eat to survive, but mindful eating will give us much more life.

Mindful eating is essential.
Mindful eating is vital for us to get the most out of our food at all levels.

Hello people! How is July doing? Last week I was going to talk about this topic, but the message I received last week seemed necessary to share; it will help you with your difficulties. Let’s talk about why mindful eating is essential. We should not merely “eat the food.” I’m not going to talk about the type of food you eat since that is personal. Also, it is the work of a nutritionist. However, food, like everything, also has a spiritual aspect that is good to consider.

I will be straightforward, but I will only mention it once. Vegetable foods have a higher vibration level than “a piece of meat.” However, and against many teachings, even spiritual, I am going to tell you one thing. There are ways to eat “that piece of meat” where your gratitude gives it that vibration, making it better on a spiritual level. For an animal that grew up happy and with dignity, or a hunted animal that has not lived in fear, you will also have additional positive aspects. But anyway, I’m just going to leave this comment since we’re going to talk about mindful eating instead of questioning what we eat. I’m not talking about veganism or anything. This article will NOT question your feelings or food choices.

Let’s go. Time to eat!

You may love to eat, and it may be one of your passions in your life. Maybe you have problems with food and your image (if you need medical help, don’t hesitate to follow it.) Maybe, you eat to feed your body, where food is “fuel,” period. Or maybe, you just eat because you have to eat, or because you are hungry. You can eat on your keyboard while you work, sitting on the sofa watching TV, in a hurry anywhere, or perhaps, you have time, and you want to eat “family dinner” every day. The fact of mindful eating goes beyond all this since each different person’s possibilities, but we can all pay attention.

The modern society is accustomed to eating with the television on. Constant noise, and a screen that absorbs you without you even noticing. You are watching TV while you eat. Why? Are you doing something else while making love? Or maybe, while you are playing with your dog, or swinging your little one (you can use the mobile too, but I don’t recommend it). Maybe you are watching a movie on TV, and you don’t pay attention to your smartphone! When doing sports, especially if it is outside, it is most likely that this is the only thing you do. However, “while you eat” makes room for you to do more things (work, use your mobile, watch TV, read something …) All in all, it’s just chewing and swallowing, chewing, and swallowing, right? I am glad it tastes good; it is how it should be.

All this without mindful eating.

Invest undivided time for eating.

What if you go to a restaurant (fine dining), you enjoy the food much more? You eat much slower; you taste the food better and more attention. Sometimes you even end up eating a little too much (this is not good either, and you have to control it). Once you arrive home, you feel like relaxing. A restaurant has its charm, starting with not having to cook or do the dishes. You also break the monotony of each day. Also, in the restaurant, we always pay much more attention to the taste of the food. The food that we make or that they make us at home, “it’s the same as always.” We are removing the value of our food. Sometimes, we only “jug the food down” instead of mindful eating.

However, most meals are at home and work. You can even go to the local neighborhood restaurant to eat with your colleagues during a lunch break at work. But these “usual” foods are the ones that are feeding you day by day, and you have to take them more into account.

It’s time for mindful eating en enjoy your food more.

Let’s leave restaurants, family meals, and parties aside. Let’s focus on that salad next to a bowl of rice with meat, to mention something very ordinary that you may eat at home any day. First of all, it is important to feel gratitude, because although you need to eat to live, in the world we live in, it is every day more and more a luxury. And it’s not about thinking about the misfortunes of others; you will only give power to that negativity. Focus on your gratitude for your food. Also, if someone else has cooked that food for you, it’s something you shouldn’t take for granted, it takes effort. Similarly, it is also an effort in the aspect of gathering “energy” (money or farming) to obtain this “energy” (food) that you are going to eat.

Gratitude towards the actual food.

Let’s be frank, to keep a human being alive; it is necessary to sacrifice. In fact, to keep a deer alive, it takes sacrifice as well. Herbivores do not feed on thin air, but on living, things called plants that feed on nutrients, water, and the Sun. However, plants are also living things that also feel. This has been tested with anesthesia (source.) Furthermore, if we are talking about an apple (where we are obviously not killing the apple tree), we must also be grateful, since we have received it from that tree.

It is not about feeling bad; our body does not allow us to live on thin air. It is how it works on this planet; one living being eats another. There are even plants that eat insects. The question is mindful eating and eating with gratitude towards the foods that are giving you life. And if for some reason, you do not feel the latter, you must analyze your diet; you will surely find improvements (but this is not the goal of this article.) Everything you have on the plate has a soul or comes from a being (plant or animal) with a soul. Like the egg from the chicken or the chestnuts from a chestnut tree.

Cook mindfully for mindful eating.

If you are the one that cooks.

Sometimes it is a very tedious task. We prepare the food in a rush, as “we have to go.” It’s also not correct. It’s better to plan (it will also save you time making fewer trips to the supermarket.) Try to make your mealtime sacred, and the kitchen your temple. It is much more than making food. If you can, and you need it, ask others to leave you alone in your kitchen. Putting on TV is not the best advice, but if you feel like it, you can put on some music.

As you make the food, paying attention, and putting love into it, the energy of that food will change. When you say, “I’ve cooked it with all my love,” it makes a difference that if you “make food in a hurry.” Therefore, especially if you like to cook, try to make this moment for you. It can even become spiritual because you are enjoying your world. Sometimes it is complicated, and you have to adapt to the kitchen there is, but visualize your ideal kitchen, and one day, it will materialize.

So, try not to make the food a “beating” time. Try to be in good spirits, as part of your energy will channel to the food that you and your loved ones will eat.

So how it goes mindful eating?

Actually, it is straightforward. The key to mindful eating is paying dedicated and undivided attention to your food, and also have a little bit of gratitude. I leave you a small list with tips:

  • Avoid eating with the television on, let alone using your phone. Both will absorb you without realizing it. If there are other people, talk to them, but without losing yourself in a conversation.
  • Take a moment to look at what you have on your plate (especially if you haven’t made the food.)
  • Take a moment to feel gratitude as you see fit, but do not forget to feel gratitude for the living beings who have donated their lives to feed you.
  • Especially in the first bite, savor the food well and chew it well. It’s good for your health, but also to observe well all the flavors in your mouth.
  • Try to feel gratitude within yourself that you are enjoying the food. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, feel as grateful as you can. Correctly, communicate it or do something else to eat if you cooked.
  • Live in the now. For mindful eating, you have to eat and be in the now. Living in the now is essential, so is it at lunchtime.

And enjoy your food!

It has no higher secret; one of the benefits of mindful eating is that you will enjoy the food more. Also, by following the steps above, you may not need to eat everything on your plate. It will save time spent cooking (leftovers!) And calories your body may no longer need at the moment.

As you can see, it is straightforward. You have to break the old behaviors, especially with the television theme. Start with a day or two a week of eating without TV, especially if you have a family of two or more people. You will like it, and in a few weeks, the TV will always be off during lunchtime. Don’t get carried away by “it’s the usual.” Savor food a little more and eat feeling the “here and now” to enjoy food more, and eat better.

A final note to introspect.

Remember that all animals have a soul. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cow or a shrimp. These animals have given their lives to feed us. For this reason, mindful eating with gratitude has a high energy value. However, I personally like to observe the number of souls that are giving their souls to feed a person in one meal. It is a good thing to think about, especially at Christmas time, for example (due to the seafood).

So, mindful eating is easy and has many benefits. Next week I bring you news. I know you will like them. The use of BigCartel will no longer be necessary because of more straightforward payment buttons. In fact, now you can “pay by card” without a PayPal account. I believe it will remove a tax charge that BigCartel shouldn’t be charging to some states. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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Understand your difficulties in life better and you will see that there is much more light than you thought.

Understand your difficulties in life better and you will see that there is much more light than you thought.

You can handle all difficulties if you observe.
Difficulties: Even in absolute darkness, you will find a glimpse of Light. Always.

But you have to find it, and have perseverance and follow it! How are you? Well, we are still in Mercury retrograde, and we also have some recent forecast information. This week I am going to share how to face and understand your difficulties. You likely have more than one; otherwise, you would not be reading this message, or you are doing it from another plane/planet. If you are on another planet, I am glad that our Internet waves reach you. Anyway, I was going to talk about mindful eating, but on a shamanic trip to the Lower World I received a message from the spirits of the Earth:

Even when the road looks completely wild, you will know how to follow the right path through the soft stones.

The spirits and elementals that reside in this world have a shared consciousness with the Earth. Sometimes the messages are straightforward, but many times these come with Earth-related symbology. Humans also do this with our lives. But come on, the message, if we translate it to “human,” would be something like: although our path is full of difficulties, some problems that are not so serious may indicate that we are taking the right path.

A compelling message if we analyze it a little, and therefore, I decided to make this entry.

If it’s all difficulties, there is always a breather, even if it is merely “less intensity” in that challenge.

If we think of a path full of rocks, much more than the photo, and there are only rocks, we can understand that it is a complicated path. Maybe you won’t suffer much with a car that it’s a 4×4 since the rocks can damage a regular vehicle. Imagine going barefoot on this road. It is more complicated and painful than with the car (if the car makes it.) When you walk, you will look for the softest, elongated and flat stones. You do it this way as not to hurt yourself, correct? Sometimes you are where you are; your only option is to follow your path, no matter the difficulties.

Symbolically, if you stop progressing, you spiritually die. In this example, if you are on a rock without ever moving because you will hurt yourself, you will starve and thirst, to eventually die. That is if a random wolf does not hunt you down, for example.

Sometimes we have no choice, and it is the path that we have. Perhaps it is a health problem, a work problem, or a spiritual problem (this entry on spirituality will help you). The important thing is that it is something you have to live with. If you let yourself be carried away by negativity and fear, you just will lead to more suffering. Therefore, you have to face difficulties, but it’s essential to know how and when. In fact, when I received this message, it helped me a lot to understand the way that humanity approaches and faces suffering.

It’s not the right.

There is no need to suffer unnecessarily. Sometimes, especially if it is about health, there is no option. I know that more than one person reading this will understand. Sometimes when we have difficulties, we are only able to see that, the problem. Some may fall apart even if the challenge has a simple solution (I don’t want to mention when you’re dealing with a chronic problem.) However, life goes on, and you have two options: fall behind, or keep moving forward.

You may never have felt gratitude. You are feeling well because you usually feel well. The normal is that “nothing hurts,” right? Just as blind is the millionaire boy who never learns the value of money. So earning a small sum of money will seem like the most normal thing to this millionaire kid and won’t feel gratitude (when at best, that amount can feed a family a whole week.)

You may find yourself in a job position that you can’t change. And you also have four children to feed. Perhaps you are terrified of what will happen when your life ends (if so, I invite you to read this entry about death.) Perhaps, in love, things do not seem to work. Or you do have something physically hurting you day and night. A list of negative possibilities can fill up pages, not worth it. But the number of blessings we all take for granted is overwhelming.

But if you observe and analyze, everything will be easier.

It is clear that most people are going to have a problem, even of a certain severity. It can happen in love, finances, and work, perhaps more easily to young souls. However, being an old soul does not free you from these possible challenges neither. Although, it is likely that many old souls already struggled in past lives, and gained experience, therefore, dealing better with the difficulties. However, we have one that is unanimous for everyone, and that also, sometimes (other times we do), we do not choose it. That’s health.

However, this does not mean that if you have an “incurable” health problem (for now), you have to give up. Neither that you are a terrible person full of karma. Besides a possible future fix, it’s essential not to give up. There are always ways to tackle your difficulties, even health-related ones. Don’t give up. And in the message, the spirits said, “the soft stones tell you that you are walking through your path.” Since perhaps, in some situations, you will see that you have no way out, you can only pull forward, and it hurts. However, no matter how rocky the trail is, there are always flat or smaller rocks. Within health, work, or money problems, you will always have better and worse moments. Sometimes it is difficult to see the best moments when everything is black, but it is necessary.

Sometimes it matters how you approach your difficulties.

We are going to face difficulties and put a little strategy.

I’m going to give you some quick tips to finish.

Sometimes the consciousness of the human being is a little stubborn. If it doesn’t work, push. Some will be stubborn enough to be pushing without success for an entire lifetime. You need to get a little bit outside the box, question things, and look for alternative solutions. That’s finding those soft rocks. It may still be difficult, but “within the worst, you are getting the best” as you try to take the steps that suit you best.

Having gratitude helps a lot because you will see those soft rocks more easily. I have an article where I talk about gratitude, giving the example of feeling gratitude for having a toilet in your home, and running water. Something that millions of people would dream of (or even imagine) having. Having gratitude for small things attracts bigger things. If you feel gratitude, you will already attract those soft rocks much better. Because luckily, if you are reading this, you already have blessings to be grateful for (your device at least and the internet infrastructure where you are.)

When things get uphill.

Sometimes, especially with health issues, a person can get desperate. Anxiety, chronic pain, kidney problems, insomnia, heart, breathing problems, and countless more. Honestly, sometimes these bodies work like fairground shotguns. But these bodies are the ones we have, we have to take care of them as much as possible, and root ourselves in the positive aspects. Maybe you have a skin problem and a lot of very annoying itching. In fact, it is chronic and untreatable. Perhaps it is a very intense pain (or multiples). Maybe you need to pee every thirty minutes. These issues add worry and make your mind race, but you need to control it (I recommend this exercise if that’s your case.)

But within these difficulties, perhaps you have a good stomach and can enjoy a nice bite. Or maybe you have strong legs and are fit. It is essential to observe the positive aspects of your body. Everybody has “higher traits,” although sometimes it is difficult to find them. You may have several troubled areas of your life. Unfortunately, there are cases with insane suffering.

If this is your case, sometimes you just have to put up with it (discomfort, pain, tremors, whatever), and focus on something yours that its positive. “What a beautiful dream I had last night.”, Or “How nice that I won the raffle.”, Or “Tomorrow dad is coming.” While you are having a hard time, fill yourself with positive emotions, and focus as much as you can on those positive aspects. It will be all shorter and bearable. Sometimes, you have no choice, that’s life, so face it with positive thoughts.

An easy way to find gratitude.

I have said in numerous posts, how vital gratitude and positivity is. But as I said before, gratitude is also fundamental. Similar energies attract, so if you have gratitude and positivity, you are going to attract more of the same. You will find that it is easier to face difficulties when you feel other positive aspects of your life. Usually, with your memories and experiences, you can have enough, but if you need a boost when it comes to visualization, the “ThankYou-ThankYou” guided meditation can help you. It is an effortless meditation that will fill your heart with gratitude, regardless of your situation. You can find it by clicking here or in the image below:

Gratitude meditation to attract abundance.

So, now you have a new way to face your difficulties!

Now, next week I’m going to talk about “mindful eating.” Eating is essential, but due to our society, most people are not eating with some attention. There is also spirituality behind food and the way you eat it. We are not going to question what you eat, but how you eat it. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: third year, second year, first year.

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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