What is checked through a love compatibility reading?

Hello! For this week I want to share an entry about love compatibility readings. Since some of you have asked, I want to share my thoughts about love compatibility readings and also, the actual process, what information I pull, from where and why.

What is a Love Compatibility Reading?

To cut to the chase, this is a reading that touches several topics:

  • In this reading, you will receive guidance in how both of your souls are connected and why?
  • The soul ages and vibration, how those match.
  • How both personalities go together.
  • Strong and weak points of these.
  • Auras, personal space.
  • How the overall looks for a long term.

It always depends on the time, but the essential information that serves the highest purpose of your relationship will be shared in the reading.

I want to get started by stating that as a healer I believe in healing. So, during one of my love compatibility readings, you are going to realize that the reading will be aimed at the goal of healing. In other words, it does not only fall into saying if you are more or less compatible but sharing the strong points and potentials, as well as bringing up the negative aspects with a solution (if spirit provides) to them. I believe that most love relationships can be fixed if both parties desire, even if the compatibility is terrible (it can be worked out to be improved, and I like to share how based on the energies I find during these readings.)

All the relationships may work!

I want to point out, that a love compatibility reading does not heal the relationship itself (but I always add healing to the readings, so you will still get some.) It is up to the other person and you to get to fix things. The reading will point out those things, in addition to giving cues on how to heal them. For this reason, playing with the time I have for the reading, I bring the following up in this type of reading:

  • First impression. As many of you know, I am very sensitive regarding sensing energy through the eyes. In fact, I cannot stop it, and it is a nuisance having a hard time to keep eye contact with almost everybody. But for readings, it is quite useful! I started reading photos years ago just for fun, and ironically, I get some of the most impressive feedback on these type of readings, lol.  So, I use this to get the most out of the reading. I first share what I perceive from looking into your eyes. How your energies feel to me and how these energies play well together. If there is no photo, I ask your spirit guides to provide me with a sense of this energy. If you both are together in the photo, I will also share how invasive (or not) your energies are towards each other (this can be sensed from the aura.)
  • Type of connection. This one goes second, even though many times I am forced to share first. We live in a world of labels, and many of them are misleading. Especially a trendy label nowadays, besides the “mighty” soulmate, you can find a powerful “rookie,” called twinflame, which, unfortunately, brings more chaos than love.  Almost a year ago, I precisely wrote an entry about Twinflames and Soulmates. Especially twin flames, many times are not even meant for love, but for a higher purpose far away from love (I am basing this on several findings through readings as well as my very own experience.) You can check out more here. I always check against the Akashic Records if there is a twin flame connection. Normally there is not. I follow this up by asking for a quick glance at your overall past lifes. If you had several past lifes, with varieties in connection and most if not all were positive, I would call it a soulmate connection (which might be meant for love or not.) If no soulmate, I will also share how the overall past feels, good or bad. If it is a first-time connection, I will also sense it and share it (and this is better than you can imagine.)
  • Karma and purposes. Here, I check the Akashic Records for any karmic connection. If any, how to address it. If not, I also ask the Spirit Guides in regards to life lessons. I also check against the Akashic Records what soul purpose if any is between the two of you. Everything here is shared. Depending on the length of the reading and the amount of information in your Akashas, more or less information will come here.

  • Love purpose/desire. This is the most obvious goal in a compatibility reading. However, I have to say that these readings can be done for non-love connections also (next point). I first like to bring up the points that need attention and healing. What you both need to work on to empower the relationship. It could be that due karma and energetic mismatches, or even the free will of the other person, that love will not thrive. If this is the case, attempts at healing will still be provided (if you desire, of course.) As well as asking Spirit what should you do next with your love life. Followed by this, I will ask your Higher Selves and your Spirit Guides to guide me concerning your personalities (this is why I connect with multiple sources at once.) I will also share, based on the energy, the possibility for healing. In case of a healthy relationship, its options to be a lifelong relationship and what is the best approach to make this permanent connection happen.
  • Non Love connection. These type of readings can be done regarding friendship, family and even professional relationships. These readings are used to find out possible past life connections with people you meet. Maybe you do not understand why a specific connection with someone has struggled, or why you connect so well since day one, or even, why working together you are terrible, but in sports, you are awesome together… This reading will help you to understand better your connection with the specific person you are asking the compatibility with. The advice that comes from Spirit will revolve around the type of connection you are asking for.

And this is it. I like doing these readings this way because you can get a lot out from them. Since I first started doing these readings, they have evolved a lot, and a lot of information comes forth setting the intention to receive this guidance. Please, remember that this reading will be found at The Reading like every other reading. No labels are needed. The tiers are based on time only.

Remember, I combine all the readings in just one type of reading, as labels are insignificant (you can read more here). That is The Reading, and you can find it here:

the healing

I wrote about Psychic Readings: The Right Way – Ensure to receive clear spiritual readings, so check it out to go even deeper with the understanding of how to properly order a reading.

Now, you all know the mechanics 🙂 So, I do have a fascinating topic for next week! I want to share with some family members who have crossed over and, sometimes, they become our spirit guides or helpers. It is a fascinating topic to talk about, so see you next Wednesday!


Much Love & Light.

I invite you to check last year’s post clicking here!

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

thank you

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