The Conspiracy Tarot

Unique Tarot Deck: “The Conspiracy Tarot,” discover now a new world.
I have created this modern Tarot Deck with many symbologies from many years ago to modern times that you can see in the Tarot Card Art. The primary goal of this handmade Tarot Deck is to bring ancestral knowledge to everyone’s reach.
Very easy to understand for those who are starting with Tarot readings.

Some symbologies in this Conspiracy Tarot Deck are unique and peculiar but, simultaneously, straightforward to interpret. You will find explanations for each card and questions to ask yourself in the little book included in the deck. All these questions will help you grow with self-analysis and introspection. It is an exceptional deck you will love; hundreds of people already have it!

The Conspiracy Tarot has 78 cards divided into (22) Major Arcana and (56) Minor Arcana.

Each suit (Water = Cups, Air = Swords, Fire = Wands, Earth = Coins) includes the cards from the Ace to the Ten, the Princess, Prince, Queen, and King.

The Conspiracy Tarot is set in different eras and the impact humans make on this world:

– Minimal/non-existent (tree branches create the edges of the cards).

-Basic but in synchrony with nature (tree branches and natural fibers)

-Significant changes (the edges are artificial).

Tarot Cards always have positive and negative messages; you must follow your intuition. Everything flows when things are in harmony and balance (like a tree’s branches), and the results are better. When we force things and invade the world around us (like replacing nature with metal structures), we encounter challenges and problems. Get your copy of “The Conspiracy Tarot” now!

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