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The Conspiracy Tarot

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Unique Tarot Cards and Deck: The Conspiracy Tarot will open your eyes.

Are you looking for unique tarot decks? You need to wait no more! The Conspiracy Tarot just arrived. The Tarot has always accompanied us, serving as a guide and help, holding great tarot cards to bring you guidance.

During Ancient Egypt, the Tarot was already used as a divinatory tool, and some sources suggest that the origin goes back to Atlantis. Fascinating tarot cards are the essence of this deck. Therefore, you will find it unique. It has a comprehensive history, but this is not the goal of creating this Tarot deck. The goal is to bring ancestral knowledge within reach of everyone, directly and straightforwardly. Tarot symbologies are essential, and you will find many symbologies from yesteryear to modern times. In some cases, a symbology touches on aspects of the 21st century and how these are influencing our lives. These are the best tarot cards if you want to develop your tarot reading skills.

If you are more of a listener, here is the video that explains all. Otherwise, continue reading!

Modern tarot cards and decks now are possible:

The Conspiracy Tarot has 78 cards. Beautiful timelines, including modern times, are presented here. Hence, grouped into two broad groups:

  • Twenty-two cards in the Major Arcana.
  • Fifty-six cards in the Minor Arcana.

You will find that the 22 Major Arcana numbers from I (The Magician) to XXI (The World). One of the cards (The Fool) numbers with zero.

queen of coins
six of cups
two of clubs
four of swords

The Minor Arcana divides into four elements:

  • Water (Cups)
  • Air (Swords)
  • Fire (Clubs)
  • Earth (Coins)

Within the Minor Arcana, for each suit, you will find a numerical order from the Ace to the Ten, in addition to the Princess, the Prince, the Queen, and the King.

What makes this a unique deck? You will find that this deck sets in several different eras:

  • The impact of human beings is minimal or non-existent. (The branches of a tree create the edges of the letter.)
  • The effect of the human being is already a reality, but always in synchrony with nature and the environment. (An edge made of tree wood and strengthened with natural fibers.)
  • The impact of the human being has made significant changes, and even damaging the nature that surrounded us, losing contact with it. (The edge is artificial, charged with electricity to charge your devices!)

Tarot cards will always have positive and negative messages. Your intuition will be your guide despite your limiting self-believes. When things are in harmony and balance ( like tree branches), everything flows much more, and the tendency to a positive result is more significant. However, when you try to force things by invading the world around you (like, for example, metal structures replacing a tree), you may encounter additional challenges and problems. As soon as you notice these, you will take action.

A beautiful tarot deck.

You will realize that the tarot card art is also unique. Pilof, a great illustrator, materialized the art into this beautiful tarot deck, and the symbolism that Spirit wanted for this deck went through Fernando. The Conspiracy Tarot was birthed after countless hours of creation. Every single card holds a lot of thought and inspiration. Therefore, it results in some of the best tarot cards, great for getting started. However, thanks to the tarot card art, the most experienced readers will enjoy the wisdom this deck holds.

Why Conspiracy Tarot?

First of all, it is one of those unique tarot decks. You will find that some symbologies in this deck are somewhat peculiar (like, for example, “The Devil”). It is increasingly important to learn to question things because we always get the best result when we do it. Today, society teaches us many things, but not all of them are true. Society gives us many things, but not all are positive. Even the teachings we have received are not 100 percent accurate, or maybe? What do you think? In the explanations of each card in this book, in addition to its symbologies, you will find questions for reflection. For that reason, it is worth reflecting on each one of them, you will make changes, and even you may change your life or your perception of it.

A few of these conspiracies go beyond the mundane!

You will leave your old self behind!
the tower

If I am starting with the Tarot, is the Conspiracy Tarot an excellent option to start?

If you want to buy tarot cards, you will realize that these are easy tarot cards for beginners. You will find that the symbologies of this deck are straightforward to interpret. You can identify yourself with many situations that you will see reflected in the cards, creating a connection between your Tarot and you much stronger. In the booklet, you will find affirmations and questions that will make you question many aspects of life and your being. This deck will not only help you like any other Tarot deck, but it will also help you grow through self-analysis and retraining on many aspects of our existence. These are great tarot cards for sale because The Conspiracy Tarot will bring a lot more to your life.

What can you discover through introspection?

This Tarot deck has two main intentions, and unlike the normal for the tarot, you will find one quite efficient!

The first is the symbology that it has. Indeed, one belonging to the group of unique tarot decks because will make you question your life, like no other. Therefore, you will progress in life. The metallic border cards contain modern symbols and situations that you can find in your day-to-day life.

The second is many of these cards will make you think. Tarot cards are great tools for introspection. Perhaps you find yourself very disconnected from life or feel that you are in perfect harmony with the Universe. You may find answers on why you think such a great connection with nature, or perhaps you believe that you are using too much electronics.

It is even possible that you find your personal goals and challenges in your spiritual path or your connection with your being. Additionally, you will have moments in life where you will need the Tarot to tell you things clear and direct. It will make you think that these are the best tarot cards, and they could be, possibly for you! Therefore, listen to the call!

The Conspiracy Tarot is also available at Watkins Books, where you can find Unique Tarot Decks:

Watkins Books and the Conspiracy Tarot.
Watkins Books and the Conspiracy Tarot.

If you visit Watkins, let them know that you found them here!

How do I get my copy?

To facilitate the procedures when sending your copy of “The Conspiracy Tarot,” it is much easier through Etsy. Etsy will calculate the taxes and shipping. Therefore, you will pay the right amount at the time of delivery. The good news is that you don’t need to sign up on Etsy to proceed with the payment, not to mention fast.

You can choose between two packages:

Conspiracy Tarot Basic Pack: $ 64.95 ( free shipping):

  • A copy of the Conspiracy Tarot.
  • White light and good vibrations.

Conspiracy Tarot Enhanced Pack: $ 99.95 (free shipping):

  • A copy of the Conspiracy Tarot.
  • A spiritual set that contains:
    • Some crystals/gems are charged with Reiki energy.
    • Purified palo-santo ready to use.
    • A powerful guided meditation on a 4 GB USB stick.
  • White light and good vibrations.

Claim your copy of The Conspiracy Tarot by clicking here or the image below:

hanged man

Open the door of wisdom and free your mind.

Trust me, in due time, you will expand massively.

And if you do not know much about the Tarot, but this deck “has called you,” it means that it has connected with you and that you have potential. You can start reading everything from the base (click here) of this website and discover everything about astral travel, tarot, lucid dreams, chakras, and much more. If you are looking for an easy tarot course, I invite you to check it out here! You will understand why The Conspiracy Tarot belongs to the unique tarot deck group!

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Rev. Fernando Albert.

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