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Text-Based Chat Psychic Readings: New option!

News 31: Updates.

Text-Based Chat Psychic Readings: The new option you wanted!

Hi there! I am super happy that you liked the new Aphantasia option very much. I will create more meditations for this section, so don’t worry; more will be coming! I will bring you something new this week; I know many of you will love it. And this is the Text-Based Chat Psychic Readings, a new option that also comes with an incredible price (and a price to stay.) I know many of you have been waiting for this option, and finally, it has arrived!!

This option, I know many of you have been waiting for it, and finally, it has arrived! Let’s get to the point!

We text via WhatsApp or Signal.

There are times when you need to ask a lot of questions during a psychic reading. After receiving help from the Guides and the Akasha, new questions appear. This perhaps flows a little worse with voice-recorded readings, as sometimes a conversation is needed. After doing several of these readings (beta testing) and seeing how the energy flows, I’m happy to tell you that this reading option is now available!

And speaking of energy, the price of this reading format is lower than voice-recorded readings. There are these four options:

  • The first option is around fifteen minutes. The price is $70 (recorded voice is $89.95)
  • The second option is about half an hour. The cost is $125 (recorded voice is $179.95.)
  • The third option is about an hour. The Price is $200 (recorded voice is $359.95.)
  • The fourth option is about an hour and a half; the Price is $290 (voice recording $539.90.)

So you can see that they have a much lower cost, especially if the session is more extensive (in contrast to the usual regular readings.)

And why is it cheaper?

I never like to talk about these topics, but as you know, I believe in clear and direct communication, so I always explain things to you. I will not constantly be channeling in this reading format since I will also be reading your responses. Therefore, the energy effort is lower, reflected in the lower prices for this new format.

In this reading format, we will send messages via WhatsApp or Signal (you have the WhatsApp web option to use the computer/keyboard, which is much more comfortable, and the same for Signal.) You can see everything in more detail here.

And there is not much more to say; I have already told you everything!

We read each other on Whatsapp or Signal!

And that is all! It will be a pleasure to connect with you in one of these Text-Based Chat Psychic Readings. Next week we will have an entry for reflection around making decisions and why it is important to consider much more than what is right in front of you but to know how to see the complete picture a little more. But all this in a week, see you next Wednesday; I hope you have a great week!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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