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Reiki Attunement: It is time to connect with the Light

Contact me first if you have chosen me as your Reiki Master. I’ll be happy to have a little chat! A Reiki Attunement will connect you with the White Light.

I think that more than reading a lot of information, it is essential that you contact me and be able to chat a little first. A Reiki Attunement is a special moment to awaken your full healing potential. However, this opens the door to perceiving more energy and perhaps perceiving the mood of other people, and you will even start to feel the need to help more people on your way.

It is vital to find self-healing first and gradually become aware of the white Light in your life. You will realize that there is much more Light in you than you could imagine.

I explain a little more in the video below:

A Reiki Attunement to Heal them all.

Connect with the Light and receive:

  • Love and warm energy are all around your aura.
  • An ability to bring love and Light to those around you and yourself.
  • To feel closer to Spirit and your Light.
  • And much more!

Once connected to the Light, you will start seeing life from a different perspective, and people will pick up on you more joyfully.

If you see this but didn’t talk to me, please reach out first!


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