Read the Akashic Records online course: Receive inner wisdom

Get to connect with your Akasha as the Akashic Records online course is here! You will be able to access the cosmic library of information with great ease, yielding you to transformative learning experiences. With the Akashic Records online course, you will start connecting very soon!



The Akashic Records online course is here: The Library is open!

It is time for you to start to access your Akasha thanks to the Akashic Records online course. The Akashic Records are an almost infinite source of information about everything that exists. As you keep learning through this course, you will find yourself unlocking true potential with the Akasha. All the experiences we have in this life (including past and future lives) are “recorded” in the Akashic Records. Our fears, virtues, connections with others, purpose,… absolutely everything.

This is a straightforward course; you will see that it has no complications. It is much easier than you think if you put aside labels, ego, and unnecessary beliefs. The main focus here is for you to open and read your Akasha where you will connect with a pretty much endless source of knowledge. One foundation for this Akashic Records online course is practice, and you will find a lot of it throughout the classes and exercises.

Understand what Akashic Records are and effortlessly access them. Once you do, you will start to reap the benefits of connecting with your past, present, and future experiences. You will also learn quick and easy healing techniques within your Akashic Records. It is amazing the amount of things you can do when you start accessing your Akasha. 

Accessing Akashic Records benefits

Accessing the Akashic Records should be an essential skill for everybody because the amount of wisdom there is endless. Unlocking true potential with Akasha is a feat that you can achieve when you start accessing daily. Don’t you access the Internet daily? You should access the Akasha even more! Take a read about some of the benefits you will be gaining if you complete the Akashic Records online course.

Soul Contracts and Agreements

One of the most significant aspects of accessing the Akashic Records is learning your soul contracts and agreements. One important thing we do in between lives and before birth is to decide about future life lessons and other agreements for the following incarnation. However, many times there is no recall to these purposes unless we consult the Akasha. Once you recall certain aspects from your Records, you will start shifting your life in a greater alignment with the Universe.

Sometimes, we experience situations in life that we cannot understand, even seeing these repeating over and over. If you check the Akasha you find understanding, and even a potential solution to stop the loop. One possibility is that we agreed to experience something or meet a specific type of person for a specific reason, and knowing this can make things a lot easier.

Healing Modalities in Akasha

I want to share that I have grown a lot as a healer since day one. Over the years, I have learned a lot of healing techniques by reading my Akashic Records, but also from the Akashic Records of other individuals. I found this to be quite amazing, and it is certain, that you can find a lot of “lost knowledge” in the Akasha. Maybe you did a specific healing technique hundreds of lifetimes ago; by accessing the Akasha, reading and understanding this, you could bring back this technique and use it nowadays.

Thanks to the Akashic Records online course, you will be able to read your Akashic Records, as well as from others as long as you have their permission. Imagine the amount of learning possibilities you can encounter! You can find many healing techniques (as well as other spiritual techniques in general) from the past lives of hundreds of individuals. You may be even meant to learn something from the Akasha of another individual who will stumble on your path and ask you to have their Akasha read.

Understanding Karmic Patterns

Another essential aspect of accessing the Akasha is understanding karmic patterns. Karma is not a punisher, but a facilitator of life lessons and soul growth. Through karma, we can learn from soul contracts and agreements we make before we are born. In a way, this is like a colleague, to learn a lesson, you need to understand it first. You have access to professors as well as a library full of books to find anything you need.

Karma goes the same way, your professors are the Masters of the Records and the Akasha is the cosmic library of information, holding everything you need to understand. From here, you will gain the knowledge to tackle that karma and grow above it. Thanks to the Akasha, you will be able to take action and shift your karmic paradigm yielding to spiritual growth.

Akashic Records and Intuition

Another fantastic aspect is the spiritual development you can experience. The Akashic Records online course will give you the essential tools for you to access your Akasha. By doing so, you will develop more of your spiritual chakras such as your Crown and Third Eye. The stronger these chakras are, the better your intuition will become. Everything is connected, and if you develop one spiritual ability, all of them become stronger.

You also will become used to perceiving and understanding things more outside the box. You will not be bound only to what you can see, nor you will limit yourself to the concept of linear time. Thanks to these, you will have a greater understanding of how things flow in life, and how to approach certain situations. You will see a lot more outside the box and you will feel as if you know things from intuition and claircognition.

Akashic Records and Spiritual Evolution

The Akashic Records online course comes with a lot of teachings and suggestions besides unlocking true potential with Akasha. When you work on developing a spiritual skill, you grow and improve, your chakras get stronger, and your aura’s vibrational frequency augments. This yields to having better results such as your psychic senses, your intuition, and your ability to sense energy overall. You will be more open to the subtle planes of existence, picking up their essence.

There is a Collective Consciousness in Akasha, yielding you to be part of such knowledge when you connect. Sometimes, you will pick up on things that you didn’t expect, or you will start sensing beyond your normal, and sometimes even connect with new Spirit Guides such as the Masters of the Records, or Akashic Guides, who can help you further in what you need to find, as well as yielding additional wisdom.

Past Life Regression within Akasha

Another reason that you should not miss this Akashic Records online course is regarding your past lives. You can access them through meditation, right? How do you think these meditations work? They enable you to connect to your Akasha and receive insights. If you control your ability to access your Akashic Records, you will be able to learn from your former lives, getting answers to certain situations, such as feeling a great connection with a place you have never been.

You will no longer need hypnosis or meditation to reach your soul’s history. You can even learn if your soul is of human origin, or perhaps others such as a starseed, incarnate angel, or elemental. If you do this, and especially if you are not a human soul, you will feel a profound connection and wholeness from understanding.

These are some statements that will apply in your life

  • Understand what Akashic Records are and how to access them.
  • Discover the benefits that you are going to obtain by connecting.
  • Understand in an effortless and fast way how to use healing in your Akashic Records.
  • You will find that life becomes a little easier when you can connect easily.
  • If you want to help others, you will also learn that it is easy to access.
  • You will discover that you can also use the Akashic Records to learn and find many things.
  • You will get an Akashic Records Certification of competition when you finish this course.

Get started today with the Akashic Records online course and start connecting

There are no more complications. I want to share some points that will help you see how this course is:

  • From a personal experience point of view, I explain clearly what steps to take to develop your ability to connect with your Akasha. I have been developing my spirituality since I was a kid, and over ten years working with the Akashic Records every single day. Thanks to both positive and negative experiences, I have been able to rely on what I picked up from them a lot. I want you to also meet with this skill, so I will help you achieve it.
  • Experience an effortless Akashic Records access learning without theory or step-by-step sections. The Akashic Records online course will give you practical exercises that you will implement in your life and get your connection with them going.
  • A fantastic aid is guided meditation, and you will have access to some. These will help to go through a different experience and ultimately solidify your progress. You will activate the energy of your third eye, as well as from other chakras, making you more prone to development. Some meditations will help you to connect with your Akasha.

You will better understand how to work with your Akasha in less than a couple of hours. However, this is only a foundation. The true purpose of the Akashic Records online course is for you to realize that your effort is what pays off here. It will be your hard work and dedication that will give you the expected results, making this a positive life-change course if you keep open to this concept. By adding daily practice alone, you will start witnessing great results from the start.

You only need to understand these simple teachings, let go of labels and unnecessary complications, and be open to the light. If you do, you will enjoy the Akashic Records online course a lot, and I can tell you that you will succeed with an open mind and a desire to receive. Please, remember you can benefit from personalized spiritual guidance through the Talk to Fer sessions.


Q: What are Akashic Records?

A: These are the cosmic library of information, where everything that your soul has experienced is recorded. Think of a universal library that holds all the information about your existence.

Q: How can I benefit from connecting with Akashic Records?

A: You will discover spiritual gifts, your soul history, your life purpose, life lessons, and karma to deal with, and much, more more.

Q: Is this course complicated for beginners?

A: The Akashic Records online course has very simple guidelines for all individuals. If you are getting started on your spiritual path, this course will help you a lot. I explain things in a way you will understand better.

Q: How long does it take to understand Akashic Records?

A: The course lasts a few hours, but the pace is up to you. With daily practice, you can become better, but you shouldn’t rush, or set yourself a specific goal. Keep in mind that you will constantly get better, and discover more about your Akasha, so the learning never ends.

Q: How can I learn Akashic records online?

A: By following the video classes, you will comprehend a lot of easy terms. Furthermore, the course has exercises and guided meditations to help you get there.

Q: How do I activate my Akashic records?

A: You need to raise your vibrations, clear your heart and head from emotions and thoughts, invite your Spirit Guides in and start channeling. With practice, you will be able to perceive this frequency and receive a download of information.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Akashic Records online course


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