Reiki Fundamentals: Start your path as a healer and learn all three levels

Are you feeling drawn to become a healer and help others? With the Reiki Fundamentals manual, you will learn about this wonderful healing art. You will know the techniques, symbols, and even my signature technique. Get started today with the Reiki Fundamentals manual and start your path as a healer!



Learn the Reiki Fundamentals and start seeking your path as a healer

Lots of light to you, because if you are reading this, it is certain that you are pursuing, or at least interested in connecting with the wonderful light of Spirit. If you are considering learning the Reiki Fundamentals, it means that your soul is yearning to bring healing to this world. I am a Reiki Master, and I have taught dozens of students for all Levels: 1, 2, and Master/Teacher. Therefore, I have compiled a very straightforward manual to teach you Reiki. The possibility of passing attunements and personalizing these classes is here too!

I will be honored to be your Reiki Master if you find it in your heart, and I will be honored to pass you a Reiki Attunement. So, I invite you to first check out the Reiki Manual, because this way, you will be able to be even more clear in choosing your path as a healer and your Reiki Master. I mainly teach Usui Reiki (check out this wiki if you want some general information), however, I add my personal touch such as including one of my signature techniques.

The best first step is to read a Reiki Fundamentals manual where you can grasp all about Reiki. You can even see the symbols, hand positions, and how to perform every technique from Level One to the Master Level. From here, you can choose to receive a Reiki Attunement if you feel the calling.

Reiki for Personal Growth

The first intention when learning the Reiki path is to experience personal growth, as well as develop yourself as a healer. Therefore, in the first level, you will mainly learn how to work on self-healing techniques. Before you can heal other individuals you need to heal yourself. You will have the opportunity to know what to do for self-healing, and if you become attuned, to channel the energy for this goal. You will find a greater alignment in your day-by-day, bringing improvements in your living areas.

You will learn to heal yourself entirely or to focus on healing different areas of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Maybe you need to grow stronger in your professional life, and with the proper awareness, you can channel healing to make it happen. From here, you will learn to send healing to any intentions in your life and needs, bringing an amazing shift of events that will allow you to thrive more.

Chakra Balancing with Reiki

Another amazing skill from learning Reiki Fundamentals is the ability to work on your Chakras. The Chakras are the energy centers that manage the energy within your body. Because of day-by-day happenings, the decisions you make, etc, you may block or close down one or more Chakras. With Reiki, you will be able to re-align and balance your chakras. If you feel disbalances in your life, sometimes by working on your chakras alone, you already bring great improvements.

Emotional Healing with Reiki

One of the things that Reiki Works best is with emotional healing. Even if you are a seasoned healer, you need to be well and balanced to heal others. What if someone asks you for healing and you are not feeling well? The first step would be to work on yourself, with self-healing. If your problem is an emotional one, Reiki will work wonders to cut away these problems. Releasing past trauma as well as promoting emotional well-being is pretty much guaranteed with Reiki Light.

Many times, you might feel uneasy while technically you are balanced and healed, proving that it’s the area you are in that needs these positive energies. You will learn fantastic energy-clearing techniques where you will be able to clear negative energies from yourself, as well as from your home, office, vehicle, etc.

Advanced Reiki Techniques

Reiki is not only about self-healing, but helping other individuals from anywhere. As you develop in your Reiki Fundamentals manual, you will be able to archive this. During the second level, you will study the  Reiki attunement symbols for you to use to deepen your healing practice. With these, you will be able to send remote healings, as well as to send healing to past, and future moments. Here, you will start to feel a lot more connected spiritually, and you will grow more sensitive to sense spiritual helpers such as Spirit Guides and Archangels.

At the Master/Teacher Level, you will receive the Master Symbol, yielding a lot more potential to your healing light. Here, you will also learn how to teach other individuals, and even to provide Reiki Attunements to others who chose you as a Reiki Master. This is an essential part of learning Reiki Fundamentals. You will feel even more connected to the Spirit and the Energies of the Source. Your empathy is also developing, allowing you to understand and help other individuals better.

Energy Clearing Techniques

Another magnificent aspect of this Reiki Fundamentals Manual is that you will find easy but powerful energy-clearing techniques. Reiki is fantastic for removing old energy that servers no longer have a purpose, as well as for removing energetic blocks. A lot of times, a physical condition can cause an energy blockage, and with an energy blockage, you decrease the quality of your health, but through Reiki, you can shift this to a proper energy flow improving your well-being.

One of the level 2 symbols is especially powerful to remove blocked energies. After going through an intellectual realization about a problem, you need to work on clearing the energy away, since you no longer need the negativity. Thanks to Reiki energy, you will bring the necessary white light to aid you in addressing any situation or challenge.

Ethics and Responsibility in Reiki

One fantastic aspect of learning Reiki is the discipline you will receive. The Reiki Fundamentals Manual has everything you need to know about Reiki, and how to work with a patient. I have been able to channel healing naturally since birth. However, adding the Reiki discipline to my practice allowed me to understand better how to work with other individuals. Each individual will need to receive the energy in a specific way or intensity, but they won’t know it.

Some will only tell you they need to fill it at a specific time, or they are feeling too much energy and ask to go gentler. You will also learn better how to connect, because while “tossing a sphere full of white light” seems appealing for the natural healer (it was for me), sometimes, it is not ideal.

Furthermore, you will learn to keep a few essential aspects in much, such as not giving a physical diagnosis or prescribing something. You cannot replace the word or the work of a doctor, so your findings should always be from a spiritual perspective. You will understand how to approach this, including having a “Client Sheet Form,” for them to fill up if you want to have a few essentials signed before doing any work. If don’t do the doctor’s job, you don’t need your client/patient to sign, unless you feel more comfortable with it.

Get the most out of your Reiki Fundamentals Manual

You will find this to be a very straightforward and easy-to-read manual; I am sure you will enjoy each page of it:

  • Find and understand all about Reiki and what it is for.
  • Learn self-healing techniques to bring the Light into your life.
  • Learn a powerful signature technique that my Spirit Guides taught me.
  • Receive the Level II and Master Symbols bringing more depth to your healing sessions.
  • Get to discover a lot more wisdom beyond the basics of Reiki.
  • You will get a Reiki Certification of competition when you finish this manual, and receive an Attunement.

Once you complete the Reiki Fundamentals Manual, you will be ready for a Reiki Attunement, and I can attune you to all levels. Please, remember you can benefit from personalized spiritual guidance through the Talk to Fer sessions.


Q: What will I learn from this Reiki Mastery Guide?

A: You will learn self-healing techniques, as well as the Reiki Symbols to bring more potential to your practice. You will learn all the hand-positions, as well as additional techniques that I added.

Q: Can I receive an Attunement at any level?

A: When you feel ready, you should receive an Attunement for Level I. Depending on your energetic situation, you might be able to receive I and II in the same Attunement. Reiki Master attunement goes alone, after completing the two first levels and having experience in healing yourself and others.

Q: Is this manual suitable for beginners?

A: The Reiki Fundamentals Manual is excellent for beginners because everything is explained very easily. You will not get lost when you work through this manual, and you can always contact me if you need a hand.

Q: Can I learn Reiki by myself?

A: The purpose of this Reiki Fundamentals Manual is for you to learn independently and at your own pace. You also will need an attunement to be able to properly channel the Reiki energy.

Q: What are the 4 levels of Reiki?

A: Reiki has 3/4 levels: Level I, Level II, Level III, Reiki Master/Teacher. Some Reiki Masters, including myself, choose to include the Master/Teacher in the third level, making a total of 3.

Q: How do I start learning Reiki?

A: Get a copy of the Reiki Fundamentals Manual and start learning it. From here, a Reiki Attunement will follow, and I will be delighted to perform one for you if you desire.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Reiki Fundamentals


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