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It has been ONE year already! – Check out what is going on!

News 6: Vacation Time!

Written by Fernando Albert

September 27, 2017

News 7: Time to celebrate Soul Meditation’s Blog’s Anniversary!

(News 7) Back from vacation! It is incredible how time flies… I can’t believe it has been a year already! I want to give you all big thanks for following this blog; it gives me the encouragement to keep writing and growing it. Now, looking back, an entire year’s worth of blog work is satisfying! Curious about the very first blog post ever? You can find a link below, but let’s do some celebration first!

To get started, I am going to gift you a little guided-meditation. This one belongs to The Little Meditationand I want to gift “Gliding Above” as one of the five. It is the one I love the most out of the five. This one also focuses on gratitude. This meditation will aid you a little to Astral Project, especially if you are more advanced in meditation(Expired)

“News 7” comes with a few extra goodies.

Also, I will be thrilled to give you a 50% discount on one of my courses. Please, send me a quick email to let me know which one you desire, and I will make an exclusive coupon for you as a big Thank you!

Since we are celebrating, I too also:

  • 20% off on all the courses if you grab more than one (the first one is 50% hehe, that stays!)
  • 10% off on all the guided meditations, any of them, hence, time to enjoy one.
  • 10% off on all the royalty-free stuff (music and e-books.)
  • All readings will include complete healing for free (generally, the middle option comes with a basic healing and the large option with deeper healing.)

Contact me before buying to benefit from these discounts, as I have to make them manually. These will apply only until next Wednesday, so we are doing a whole week of celebrations and gifts.

And that’s pretty much it for “News 7″. Always growing, improving, and enhancing is vital. So, besides knowing, apply it!

However; there are a few essential reads that may be of interest to you, so check them out:

(News 7) Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here 🙂 What do we have for next week? Not telling… therefore, this time, you have to wait until next Wednesday!

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(News 7) Love & Light,

I invite you to check last year’s post by clicking here!

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Read other news) (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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  1. Trish

    Thank you Fernando! Have greatly enjoyed your blog and all the wonderful information you share! Happy 1st Anniversary!

    • Fernando Albert

      I am very honored by your message. It is a huge pleasure and I enjoy lots sharing 🙂

      Many blessings,



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