Guided Meditations

All my life, friends and family have told me that my voice is very soothing. Several years ago, a shaman and vocalist friend encouraged me to create guided meditations, and that’s how I got started. Since then, I began to develop them, inspired and channeled through my Spirit Guides. I have been honored to host guided events in the United States and Spain. Now, thanks to the Internet, all of you will be able to experience a beautiful journey following my voice.

So don’t think twice, I invite you to try one today, and you will see that you will have a profound experience!

Meditations for Abundance


Bring blissful and joyful energy into your life. The start of materialization is feeling you already have it.

Adventure Meditations


Here you can find some extraordinary meditations. These are unlike regular meditations to find relaxation or connect with your Spirit Guides

Aphantasia - Reach and touch Spirit with your Heart


Enjoy a powerful and very different Aphantasia meditation. Some people cannot visualize images in their mind’s eye; if this is your case, you will love this guided meditation.

Beginner Meditation


Experience quick and easy relaxation. You will find that these are very easy but profound meditations.

Build your own meditation.

Build your own Meditations

You choose everything. I channel the script and use my voice. I can guarantee you will love it.

Breathing Meditation


Breathe in powerful energy. Simple and fast breathing meditations, to fully revitalize you.

Activate your Chakras

Chakra Activation

Expand your Chakras to their ideal level. Activate the full potential of your Chakras and start shifting your life.

Divine Connection


These are extraordinary meditations, and little by little, there will be more. These are Christmas meditations full of magic

Divine Connection

Divine Connection

Connect and channel the Spirit. Feel the connection with your Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, and more.


Build your own meditation.


Venture far while you experience a profound relaxation. Discover something new and amazing!

Soul Retrieval - Shamanic Healing


Allow yourself to be guided into relaxation and profound healing. These are easy and gentle.

inner child healing

Inner Child Healing

It is time to start healing your Inner child and bring out your full unlocked potential.

Spiritual Courses


Easy and fun meditations for kids! You will see them shine as they relax.

Talk to Fer.

Love and Relationships

Experience a powerful meditation that will help you to materialize love in your life, and bring healing.

Low Guidance

Low Guidance

Super easy-to-do guided meditations filled with love, light, and beautiful intentions for you to get the most out of them.

Mini Medinations


Small 3-5 minute guided meditations. Fantastic for a quick relaxation! It is amazing how much you can relax in a shor time!

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Start the day with the right intentions! Powerful meditation to materialize a fantastic day.

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If all you need is to experience a quick relaxation, you will enjoy these easy guided meditations.

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Materialize and attract the success you desire. You will get a fantastic lift to move forward in confidence.

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Get to know yourself, and explore the depths of your very existence. Self-empowerment is guaranteed.

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Do you want to sleep? Experience one of these powerful guided meditations: Sweet Dreams!

The Journeys

The Journeys

The second set of meditations. You will venture in special explorations to meet fantastic destinations.

The Classics

The Classics

The Original Meditations: Where everything started. Thousands of these are out there already!

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Allow yourself to be guided by my voice while you let go completely. You will meet with beautiful situations.

Experience a Powerful Guided Meditation with Fer.

Firstly, every person who tries one of these meditations has a fabulous experience. Hence, super easy-to-do guided meditations filled with love, light, and beautiful intentions for you to get the most out of them.

Therefore, please, remember that you only need to set clear intentions before starting guided meditations, and then let go completely and allow yourself to have. Finally, don’t forget you will fill your existence with highly positive energies!

So do not wait any longer!

If you want to experience a life-transforming guided meditation, this is your opportunity. If you never heard my voice, I invite you to do so in the video above. I am pretty positive you will find my voice soothing, and relaxing. You only need to let go completely, and you will meet with the light you are seeking.

Let’s meditate together now! Lots of light!