Guided Meditations

All my life, friends and family have told me that my voice is very soothing. Several years ago, a shaman and vocalist friend encouraged me to create guided meditations, and that’s how I got started. Since then, I began to develop them, inspired and channeled through my Spirit Guides. I have been honored to host guided events in the United States and Spain. Now, thanks to the Internet, all of you will be able to experience a beautiful journey following my voice.

So don’t think twice, I invite you to try one today, and you will see that you will have a profound experience!

Abundance (12)

ADHD (2)

Adventure (12)

Affirmations (2)

Aphantasia (4)

Beginner (3)

Breathing (5)

Build your own Meditations (1)

Chakra Activation (9)

Christmas (2)

Divine Connection (17)

Exploration (24)

Healing (34)

Inner Child Healing (2)

Kids (2)

Love and Relationships (5)

Low Guidance (1)

Mini (5)

Morning (16)

Relaxation (33)

Self-awareness (11)

Sleep (14)

Somatics (1)

Success (14)

The Classics (13)

The Journeys (11)

Visualization (23)

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