News 31: (Anual Coupon inside) Changes and updates with the new year.

News 31 brings you information about the start of 2023. It's been a long time since some of these needed changes didn't happen!
2024 News: A new coupon!

News 31: (Annual Coupon inside) Changes and updates with the new year.

How is the year starting? I hope it’s excellent, and I also hope this month’s Forecast has helped you. I bring you News 31 to share some necessary changes and adjustments. As always, I like to communicate everything. In these last three years, Soul Guidance & Meditations has evolved a lot, and in large part, I want to thank all of you for it. Without you, it would have been impossible to get this far, and for that, I always felt, feel, and will feel a lot of gratitude.

Some necessary adjustments.

As you know, in the last four years I have not touched the prices, even with all the world problems we have had. We indeed have touched the prices in the past, adjusting a price drop in the meditations, as I told you last year, due to the large number of them now available. We have also received other changes, such as:

These changes considerably increase the cost of maintenance and help with the website, commissions when receiving payments, etc. Shortly before the pandemic broke out, a price review was already necessary, so it is even more so now.

They only price change in one section.

And this price change is in the Readings section, and this will be the only section that will see this change. I try to adjust the prices as much as possible since, on other platforms, this price is higher due to all the additional commissions they charge. This change is necessary to keep everything running, and this news 31 brings it. Healings will remain at the same price as they always have; the price for healing does not change.

However, this rise will be progressive for those who follow me on the Meditate with Fer Blog! I am leaving an exciting coupon:

  • It is a coupon that brings a 15% discount.
  • You can use it repeatedly until the end of 2023; it has no use limit.
  • This coupon will be valid for the “The Reading” section, which will minimize this price adjustment.
  • When you complete the payment in the store, you will need to use the coupon.
  • Please, reach out, and I will give you this coupon. Since there has been a lot of requests, I’ll leave it here: BLOG2023TY111.

And as I said before, this coupon will expire on December 31, 2023. It is important to know that if you have any reading “saved for later,” you must use it before this date. Otherwise, I will adjust the reading time you have saved to the time with the normal price.

That’s it.

And since I don’t like having to give unpleasant news, news 31 brings you a couple of cool things that will last until February 28:

  • With a small or medium reading, I will give you a basic healing on what appears in the reading.
  • I will give you complete healing plus a Guided Meditation with a large or extra-large reading.
  • With a one-hour reading, I will give you “Talk to Fer Whatsapp” to chat by text during the next seven days.

Please, make sure to let me know about this when you reach out with your questions. I thank you very much for your loyalty. I have been reflecting on this change for months, but in the end, I concluded that there has to be an energy balance. So I hope you will use the coupons a lot this year.

And that’s all.

This is all about news 31. Next week we will talk about something new I will release, a new course. Knowing the Principles of the Kybalion improves your life, and we will talk about this, But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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