Making decisions the right way will bring you better results.

Making decisions the right way will bring you better results. Let's reflect a little on those moments that we have to decide.
Making decisions properly dictates the right path.

Making decisions the right way will bring you better results.

Hello, hello! How it goes the week going? I knew you were looking forward to Psychic Readings via text conversation, but I didn’t know how long! I am thrilled you like the idea, and it is a pleasure to do these readings. This week we will reflect on the correct way to making decisions since these will dictate your life’s path.

Today, decisions, in most cases, are made in a hurry and without being able to analyze the situation correctly. However, this is not the only problem when making decisions. The human being, in general, is conditioned, not only by the stimulus that surrounds us but by an endless number of preconceived ideas, stereotypes, and prejudices. Decisions are often made incorrectly because the critical aspects are not considered.

I’m going to choose this one because it’s prettier.

I bet you connect with this, don’t you? In most cases, the human being leans towards what “caters to their eyes best,” although this aspect is the least important in said decision. For this reason, I emphasize that you must focus more on effectiveness than beauty. A balance between the two depends on what is so important. However, I want to give you a small analogy.

Making Decisions is important at the time of choosing.

Making Decisions properly is vital at the time of choosing.

A shaman offers you a rose and a cactus. What do you choose? In this story, this shaman provides these options to a traveler, advising carefulness when making decisions. The traveler happily chooses the rose, as it is beautiful. This leads us to the fact that this person chose beauty without thinking about the future. According to what this shaman tells us, this traveler has a long way to go. The rose will wither, and it will have no value. However, the cactus could offer food and water, which are essential to living.

This traveler, in this situation, will lose the opportunity to have food on his way. Any goal he had with the rose would be frustrated since it would not reach its destination.

To understand well the goal and what you need.

Now, let’s turn this situation around. Let’s say that this traveler has only been traveling for an hour to visit the love of their life and spend a few days with that person. In this situation, it is the cactus that is worthless. The traveler will have water, food, and shelter in the home of their love. However, the rose will be a gift their love will surely appreciate with all their heart.

Therefore, I want to say that it is essential to understand the reason for choice when making decisions. If you are offered a square or a rectangle, you should not simply choose the one you like best of the two. First, we should ask ourselves about the results that each of these figures will give us. With this information, you should know what results you need; as a result, you can already know which figure will suit you best.

Making decisions and taking everything into account is essential.

Now we will talk about the most common topic, love and sex. When it comes to finding a partner, especially if the goal is to find the love of your life, you should not only consider the person’s physical appearance. If your goal is only sex, it will be up to each person; perhaps, in this case, you would not need to know the person intellectually, something essential if you want to have a serious relationship.

Making Decisions correctly is essential when developing a relationship.

Making Decisions correctly is essential when developing a relationship.

And as with this, everything else. There isn’t much more to say. There is always a polarity at any time when making decisions. Considering the Seven Principles of the Universe would be great, and I will discuss this in the future.

And, of course, it is essential to question everything, especially before making decisions. This way, we will realize if what they are offering us serves our highest purpose since we can discover that one or more options will not bring us anything. If any choice is malicious, you will realize it and avoid unpleasantness.

A chain reaction.

Do not forget that making decisions brings a cause and effect, a ripple that will have an astronomical impact on your life and the lives of the people around you.

I hope this entry helps you when making decisions, and you can analyze the big picture since, as the saying goes, “Not all that glitters is gold,” so do not be fooled simply because it is golden and shiny. Next week, we have the May Forecast, so let’s see how the energies come. But all this in a week, see you next Wednesday; I hope you have a great week!

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Love & Light,

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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