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All about the Root Chakra – The importance of being grounded.

The root chakra keeps us grounded.

Written by Fernando Albert

August 23, 2017

The root chakra keeps us grounded.
The root chakra? What are the chakras?

We have not talked about the Chakras for a long time, so this is a perfect time to return to them, especially talking about electronics problems last week. So let’s talk about the root chakra.

The same way we have organs, we have chakras, thousands of them spread throughout our entire body. However, in the same way, we have principal organs, we have seven main chakras that complete our chakra system. You can read more here.

You can also find a video course with lifetime access that will guide you through each of the chakras, including a powerful meditation.

The root chakra is our first chakra. It connects us with the Earth and expands our vitality.

I find it convenient to talk about it during these times, because during summer (sorry southern hemisphere, your summer will come soon), it is easier to enhance and empower this chakra, as it is crucial and essential for our well-being. The root chakra also called “the first chakra” might the one of the “boring” chakras, since the primary purpose of the root chakra (it has many) is to keep you grounded and connected with the Earth. It is a big one. However, our health enhances with the stronger root chakra. Here are a few benefits:

We live on the physical plane, so the root chakra is essential, like everyone else!

  • You are feeling more connected to the Earth and nature in general.
  • Furthermore, you will feel more energized and recharged overall.
  • You will have more motivation to live, as the root chakra will be getting you a lot of energy.
  • Your navel (primarily) and your solar plexus will benefit a lot from an expanded, and open root chakra (so do the others, but especially these.)
  • You will be able to feel more comfortable that “you belong,” feeling more at home and connected to your surroundings (especially true for human souls and elemental souls.
  • Your level of motivation and involvement in life will also be enhanced.

Those to name a few.

Nothing astral, nothing “fun,” nothing beyond this boring third dimension, right? But we are in this dimension right now, don’t we? So it is essential also to work the root chakra. Many people work their root chakra to make sure it is healthy. Maybe you already feel very connected to nature, and this is a sign of a healthy root chakra. It does not mean if you do not care for the outdoors, you have an unhealthy root chakra; however, being surrounded by nature is the best and obvious way to empower the root chakra.

Root chakra connects you to life.

Nature helps a lot to maintain a healthy root Chakra.

Nature helps a lot to keep a healthy root chakra. Just for spending time in nature, you are already enhancing your root chakra. The main reason why I mentioned the summer. We live in a very demanding life, and we need a lot more energy. We need more than what we have! Most people function on coffee due to a lack of energy. Sorry, I cannot recommend it, caffeine is a very addictive drug that we all can live without. I drink no coffee, even when I am without energy.

I cannot say that enhancing your root chakra will be as powerful as drinking an energy drink, but it does make a difference when your root chakra is improved and healthy, as you will have more energy and will be able to do more getting tired later.

How to activate the root chakra? A small self-meditation for the first chakra.

I am going to share a few easy things you can do to empower it:

  • First, this one comes from an old blog entry about balancing your chakras: Root chakra empowering exercise.
  • Also, check out this activation.

Cleansing your first chakra is essential.

To enable your root chakra, visualize a golden root that comes from the Earth and attaches to your tailbone area. Imagine that this golden root starts to send you golden energy that comes straight from Mother Earth’s consciousness. Imagine this energy going all the way up from your root chakra to your crown chakra. This Earth energy will flow through your entire body, connecting you more to your physical body and Earth. This exercise will keep your root chakra open and healthy.

You may hug a tree.

Doing this might seem like a joke, but it has more power than you can imagine. Trees already bring so many blessings to us (oxygen, beauty, food, etc.). However, trees are also catalyzers for negative energy. If you hug a tree, you heal (you can rest one open palm on the tree). The trees will help us to remove stress, anxiety and if we need to face an awkward moment (an essential meeting for example), hugging a tree and setting the intention for all this negative energy to be taken away. Don’t worry; you are not giving your “bad energy” to the three. The tree sends that energy through its roots to our beloved planet Earth to recycle into positive energy.

The next I do it a lot of times during the day.

I do this following exercise a lot throughout the day. I would recommend this if you live in a house or on the bottom floor of a building. You can also do it outdoors. Do not do this if you have someone living below you; it is not astrally polite. Place your feet barefoot flat on the ground, and imagine that all the energy that does not belong to you flows down to the feet and the ground is absorbing it (you are barefoot, remember). It is like when you are in the shower. The water falls on your head and flows through your entire body.

Visualize this with energy but being drained away through the sole of your feet to the ground.

I recommend this exercise a lot, especially if you are a therapist of some sort and have to deal with a lot of daily negativity for whatever reasons.

So, now you have a much more solid awareness of you and your root chakra. As I said before in other chakras, this is just a sliver of the “root chakra world,” but I believe this is a healthy and decent amount of information that will help to keep your root chakra open.

Meditation always helps.

I suggest you try this powerful guided meditation to balance your chakras as you will bring enormous benefits. It is suitable for beginner meditators as well as for the most seasoned ones. You can find this chakra meditation here:

Chakra Healing Meditation.

You are going to enjoy it loads. It is also infused with healing and subliminal positive affirmations!

Next week, we are going to talk about a fascinating topic, something that a lot of people ask. Something that many want to hear about. Perhaps something that some cherish (in a good and in a wrong way), something that is commonly feared, but fascinating.  Next week we will be talking a little bit about death. It will not be a grim topic (pun not intended), as I will approach it with a spiritual view, and it will contain no fear. But this and more, next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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