Enlightenment courses bundle: Choose three Spiritual courses and pay two

Do you want to experience several spiritual courses at a discounted price? The Enlightenment courses bundle arrived for you to get a 2×3 deal and learn from more courses that will enhance your spiritual development. Make packs of three for each of this enlightenment courses bundle that you purchase and save a ton!


Master Lucid Dreaming: Your nighttime will be amazing

Tarot card reading course: Starting Understanding the Tarot

Reiki Fundamentals: Start your path as a healer and learn all three levels

Transformative success course: Embark your Path to Success today!

Learn Astral Travel: Start exploring the Universe and higher planes of existence

Holistic Chakra Course: Get your Chakras into awesoness

Channeling for beginners: Master channeling and connect

Start Lucid Dreaming Easily: Explore amazing dreams

Spirit Guides Course: Who are they and how to work with them

Spirituality Essentials: The Spiritual Transformation Guide

Empathy Mastery Course: How to cope and get the most out of it.

Foundations of Astral Projection: Astral Projection Mastery

Develop Intuition: Get the most out from your live

Read the Akashic Records online course: Receive inner wisdom


Get started today with the Enlightenment courses bundle and start expanding your spirituality

Spiritual courses will help you open many doors in your spirituality; consequently, learning is assured. Take advantage of the Enlightenment courses bundle and start adding a lot of knowledge to your spiritual repertoire.  All these courses (except for Reiki) are on video. All these courses have unlimited access. That is, you will only have to buy them once, and you will have them permanently.

These spiritual courses are expanding. New bonus classes are coming out little by little, so these courses will always have fresh content! Furthermore, you will be able to find free additional guided meditations spread out through different courses. These courses are going to help you develop spiritually. Therefore, if you are looking for spiritual expansion, you must get started today. You can bundle and save since you will pay 2 and get access to three courses.

Spiritual courses help us discover and expand gifts.

The consciousness of this planet is expanding, and this affects us all. We are in times of many spiritual awakenings, in addition to expanding our consciences. If you think you have gifts, you perceive things outside of this plane, or you know things because, yes, you may have gifts. And it’s not all about gifts, since some of these courses, such as astral travel, lucid dreams, Reiki, and a few others, will teach you and give you new skills.

I hope you enjoy and learn a lot. These courses keep on growing and becoming more complete. Make sure to stay posted, as new classes come out all the time. You are going to find that your Spiritual Development will be easier with these. You can also ask me any questions that you might come up with from class! I will be happy to lend you a hand and even offer mentorship if that is something that you want. If so, please reach out through the Whatsapp button here, or contact me here.

Benefits from learning through these Enlightenment courses bundle

You will enjoy many positive features from the Enlightenment courses bundle that will help your learning a lot. You can check out each course individually, but for you to have an idea, these are some great benefits of learning this way:

  • Meditation Practices: These courses are loaded with powerful guided meditations to aid your learning and practice. You will find them spread across the courses.
  • Mindfulness Practices: One major focus of these courses is mindfulness and how to be in a state of mental peace. For proper spiritual development, you need to start by increasing mindfulness in your life. Be assured most of these courses will teach you how.
  • Law of Attraction: Learn how to understand the 7 laws of the Universe to enhance your capabilities to attract what you need in your life.
  • Community Support: If you yearn to connect with other individuals, you will be able to. You only need to let me know, and I will give you access to the platform where you will meet many people in class.

There will be other amazing things across different classes such as healing techniques and modalities, dream interpretation, visualization, and much more. The best thing of all is that you can get multiple instances of the Enlightenment courses bundle and save a lot!


Q: Which three courses do you recommend me to get started with?

A: To give you the strongest foundation, you should choose the Channeling Spirit Guides Course, as well as the Chakra Course, and as your free one, either the Principles Course or the Spirituality Essentials.

Q: Are these courses lifetime access?

A: Yes, you will never lose access to these courses. You may have access on a public platform such as Udemy, or in my private Momence platform, where I can guarantee that these courses will not go away.

Q: Will I awaken completely when completing these courses?

A: All classes that you will find through the enlightenment courses bundle will enable your spiritual awakening and development. From here, by following the exercises, with daily practice, and good dedication, you will find yourself in the path of awakening. There is always more to awaken, so you will continue developing.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Enlightenment courses bundle


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