Understanding the Tarot

Learn to Understand the Tarot with this very profound eight hours plus video course. ~ Spiritual Courses with Fernando Albert. Your Daily Dose of Light.



Understanding the Tarot: Connect with the cards’ symbology.

The Tarot is much simpler than you think. This course is straightforward, easy, and pleasant to understand. Through the course, you will learn the symbolism of the Tarot. As the years went by, it is a lot more complicated, but you will understand that the tarot is much simpler than it seems. You will truly enjoy getting to know the wisdom of the cards. The Tarot will be a fantastic tool that will make a massive impact in your life. You will see that Tarot Guides are powerful teachers.

Therefore, if you complete this course, you will have a good base. Besides, you will realize that you can read any Tarot deck.

Start Understanding the Tarot now!

Tarot Cards have been around for a very long time, and with them, a great deal of wisdom.“Understanding the Tarot” is a very straightforward yet smooth and enjoyable course. Through the centuries, Tarot has gained a lot of rules and complications; however, it is much easier than it appears to be:

  • You will learn how to connect with your cards, reaching a deep feeling with them.
  • Start to become a clear channel to interpret symbology.
  • Allow yourself to explore your life path with the Tarot.
  • You will read the cards with more confidence and be able to deliver better messages.
  • The Tarot will contribute to any readings beyond the cards, providing additional information.
  • You will understand when you receive a direct and concise message much easier.
  • And much more, much, much, more.

If you prefer, you can check the course topìcs and read all about it right here. Lots of light! Namaste.


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