Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation: Get you 4-pack and visit something amazing!

Do you want to explore space? Enjoy a Sci-fi Adventure Meditation today and start a four-meditation journey to discover something amazing. A Sci-fi Adventure Meditation will take you through a fun and thrilling experience that will expand your mind. You might even meet someone cool and amazing!



Enjoy a four-pack Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation at the price of three

Do you want to have a space adventure? Try out this Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation 4-pack bundle! Not only you will save 25%. but you will also have a four-chapter adventure story to embark yourself into. These are for everybody, you do not even know how to meditate, you will only follow the script and let go completely.

While you have a super fun Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation experience, you will get many positives:

  • Lots of fun while meditation for adventurous individuals and space enthusiasts.
  • Unplug from the day-to-day hassle, and let your imagination fly.
  • Give a break to your physical body, as you will be sitting or lying down comfortably.
  • Have a great excuse to meditate at least once a day, if you don’t feel like just relaxing, have some fun instead.

Of course, you will get a ton of health benefits by letting go and having humor and positive emotions (source: Mayo Clinic) Don’t hesitate to try out a Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation today, especially if you never did before.

Space Distress at the Asteroid Belt

Someone is calling you! There is a distress signal coming from somewhere. Visit space, and fly through an Asteroid Field. You will pilot your craft, so make sure to emerge completely in this adventure, as someone is counting on you.

(Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation 1/4) – The interdimensional distress signal keeps ringing, and for a reason, you believe only you can answer this call. Someone is in massive distress seeking aid. Will you provide it?

Check out: Space Distress at the Asteroid Belt.

Exploring the Cylinder Ship

You receive a call to visit an ancient alien craft. A cylinder ship that someone hauled to an advanced version of the International Space Station. Discover the mysteries of this craft, and unlock any secrets that could potentially yield an amazing discovery.

(Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation 2/4) – The story continues: You are curious about the Cylinder ship you hauled some time back. It’s an alien ship ready to be researched. Will you do it? You will unlock a lot of mysteries.

Check out: Exploring the Cylinder Ship.

Reach the Uhmiphy system

Enjoy a fantastic journey and explore a mysterious star system. How will you even get there? The cylinder ship is equipped with a powerful pulse engine, with both pulse-drive and warping capabilities. A new star system will reveal an amazing sight the least, followed by much mystery. Could there be life as we know it here?

(Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation 3/4) – The story continues: You have the opportunity to visit a new star system. Maybe you will find something special. Will you take this journey? A new star system means new worlds and discoveries.

Check out: Reach the Uhmiphy system.

The Uhmiphy Crystal

Take a journey through the fourth visit in this small series. 100 Sols have passed, so it is time to return to Uhmiphy’s capital planet to answer their call. You have helped one of their kind, so it would be rude to not answer the call, perhaps unwise, as they surely have something that will help you.

(Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation 4/4) – The story continues: It is time to receive something special from an ancient, powerful extraterrestrial being. Will you pick up this treasure? The amount of gratitude they project is amazing, after all, you answered that distress call. Now is their time to help you!

Check out: The Uhmiphy Crystal.

Get your Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation 4-pack today

If you have never heard my voice, I invite you to do so in the video below. I am pretty positive you will find my voice soothing and relaxing.

Embark yourself in an awesome meditative adventure while you have a lot of fun. You will be delighted you took this journey, wanting to experience more of these adventure meditations. You only need to let go completely, and you will have lots of fun and unwinding.


Q: Are the Sci-Fi Adventure Meditations for experts?

A: No, these meditations are for everybody. You only need to visualize everything that my voice guides you to and allow your imagination to fly.

Q: If I cannot visualize, are these meditations good?

A: Right now, all Sci-Fi Adventure Meditations will require you to visualize and project images in your head. You will enjoy better these Aphantasia Meditations, where you don’t have to make visualizations.

Q: Is there a recommended time to listen to these?

A: If you have 10-15 minutes to spare, you can certainly take a ride and enjoy one of these Sci-Fi Adventure Meditations.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Sci-Fi Adventure Meditation


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