Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement: Birth the healer within you!

Get the Reiki Bundle today: Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement and save! If you feel called to be a healer, and you want me to be your Reiki Master, book the Reiki Bundle: Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement now. Don’t forget to reach out, so we can connect!



Reiki all levels and Reiki Attunement: Allow Reiki in your life and bright light to the world.

I am a Reiki Master, and I have taught dozens of students for all Levels: 1, 2, and Master/Teacher. This is the Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement bundle pack. Therefore, I have compiled a very straightforward manual to teach you Reiki.

You will find a lot of helpful information in the Reiki Manual such as hand positions, symbols from all levels, and even some of my signature healing moves for you to practice and use.

Do you feel called to be a healer? More and more people are awakening, and if you are reading this, I am sure that you are as well, after all, you landed here. Maybe you want to know first about Reiki before getting the attunement, and that is completely fine. We can schedule the attunement at a later date when you feel ready.

You will be able to learn a lot about Reiki before you start working with energy, so you will choose your pace.

It is time to connect with the Light

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique discovered by various spiritual leaders. The Reiki you will be attuned with is Usui Reiki, however, this is just a label, because, in the end, all Reiki comes from the same source of light. However, some of the symbols and the hand positions come from this teacher, as well as the head of the Reiki Lineage you will receive if you become a Reiki Master through me.

Check out some quick amazing things about becoming a Reiki healer with the Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement bundle pack:

  • Working with Chakra Energy. You will be able to channel the energy in a way to helps to activate your Chakras and move their energy around. After Reiki Level II, you will be able to do this for others as well.
  • Channeling Healing Crystals. You will learn to connect with crystals and channel their energy thanks to your Reiki Attunement. Little by little, you will understand your crystals and use their energy to heal yourself and others.
  • Self-healing Techniques. You will learn self-healing techniques to bring the light to wherever you need it in your body or life. You will realize self-healing is as easy as placing your hands on your chest, and opening up to the Spirit.
  • Distant Healing. Once you reach the second degree of Reiki, you will receive some symbols, among them, one enabling you to connect remotely with someone else. You can heal everybody you find in your heart, regardless of where they are.
  • Certification. You will get a Reiki Certification signed and sealed by me once you become attuned to any Level. If you become a Reiki Master, you will also receive the entire Reiki Lineaje, for you to pass down. This Certification will be valid for you to display.

These are just a few benefits. If you are unsure about following a healer’s path, maybe you need to reflect more on it. Feel free to reach out first before booking this, you can ask me anything you need and reflect some more before moving forward today or in the future. This pack is for Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement, so there is no rush. Once you are ready to connect to Reiki, you will know it.


Q: What are the Reiki attunements?

A: These are the different degrees of Reiki where you learn different things. On Level I, you learn all about the hand positions and self-healing. During Level II you will start learning symbols and healing others. From here, you will keep learning more, to the point of becoming a Master/Teacher.

Q: How many attunements are there in Reiki Level 1?

A: Reiki Level 1 will receive the First Attunement using the Cho-Ku-Rei symbol. You will be open to the Reiki Energies from Source. This pack is for Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement.

Q: How many levels of Reiki do you need to practice?

A: Reiki has three levels. One, Two, and Master/Teacher. Some Reiki Masters decided to separate Level 3 from the Reiki Master/Teacher. This pack is for Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Reiki all Levels and Reiki Attunement


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