Are you an empath? The empathy is both a blessing and a curse!

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Here we are again, another week with new information! Remember that you can send me suggestions or requests for further blog entries. Some of these entries have come thanks to the demands of many of you. If you want to contact me, you can do it here. And now, let’s talk a bit about empathy. Probably by now, you will know empathy very well, but there is so much more to talk about it that you can always learn something more. Right now, I am writing this blog, and I have been empathic my whole life (even before I knew what empathy was). However, I still learn new things, and I know that I will continue to do so.

What is empathy?

But to start from the beginning: What exactly is empathy? Technically, I would not call it “gift” since all living beings have empathy. Although there are exceptions, a person in pain, in tears or despair, can shake any heart. Even if we do not know this person at all, we perceive his/her suffering, and at a shallow level we recognize it as our own and empathize with him/her. This is still empathy, but perhaps at a more fundamental level, to somehow name it. When empathy becomes a gift (or curse in a way) is when we can perceive beyond the physical signs that a person can give us in a good or bad moment. As an empathic person, I can tell you that when empathy is above normal levels, I can quickly notice someone’s mood, since mine also changes. For this problem, there is a solution, and you will learn to protect yourself so that these energies do not affect you (even so, your empathy will continue to work because you cannot stop it.)


Empathy knows no distances and is always “active” when we connect with another person. For people who are empathic above “normal levels,” it does not matter if the other person shows signs of how they feel. When you say, “Even if you do not see it in my face, I’m crying on the inside,” an empath will always know that that person is suffering. Without a psychic push and permission from that person, you will not be able to know the causes of that ailment. That’s why an empathic healer who can read energy is so efficient. We can detect the problem and help eradicate it. It even works at a remote level. I am going to tell you some small anecdotes (good ones and some not so much) from when I did not yet know the meaning of “empathy,” but I could perceive it.

Am I an empath?

Everybody who is an empath knows the answer to this question. When it is known, it is easier, but when it is not known, it gives life a unique twist (I told you before that some things were good and some not so much …)

  • In primary school, four kids pretended to be my friends. They were all very popular, but I was more of an average kid (or I made myself average instead of being one of the “mocked ones.”) I noticed a certain nervousness in two of them and they had a very cheerful attitude. Without understanding it, I thought it was me who was nervous, so I decided to leave it for another day. After a few days, I realized (and by incidents that happened to another child) that what they had prepared was a hoax, but thanks to the empathy I never got to live it, and I do not know what happened.
  • When the Internet was still a novelty and with it, the chats, I had a friend who was going through a hard time. I was not too happy either (it was not a wrong time, I just had some student problems). I did not want to feel sadder, and this friend talked to me through the chat. I remember thinking, “I do not want to feel like her.” After reading a simple, “Hi,” I could already perceive everything she felt as if it happened to me.
  • Empathy has helped me a lot to understand what happens to people who come to me looking for healing. I can also know faster where the problem is and why it exists. Then, to delve further into that problem, a reading could be used.

That is how I realized that empathy is a great ally. It helps me, and it helped me before, a lot in my healing towards other people.



I could give more examples, but I do not want to bore you either. I can assure you, that empathy has saved me from many disappointments by perceiving the intentions of the people I have met along the way. And while empathy is not the solution to everything, it is a great help. It is entertaining, and it is not karmic as long as you do not make bets, to use empathy in a card game. If you have to steal a card from someone, thanks to empathy you will know which card will bother them the most. It might be because s/he knows you need it or because s/he needs it. They will look like fools when this happens again and again! There will come a time that, even if they do not believe in empathy or anything like that, they will move their cards face down to see if it does not happen again. And it won’t happen because they can’t look at the cards, so your empathy stops working. I have a few funny anecdotes on this subject from playing with my friends. Competitions, on the other hand, are a problematic world for an empath.


Although a spiritual protection will not block your empathy, you will at least perceive very clearly how that person feels, but you will not notice those negative feelings as your own. In an earlier blog, I spoke about how to protect the Chakras and heal them. The Heart Chakra protection exercise will be the best for you to “lower the intensity” of your empathy. You can read it here.

And this is the end! Today perhaps it has been shorter, and I have talked a little more about my experiences. I hope you enjoyed the reading. Next week, we will talk about premonitions, another gift that I grew up with and never understood until a few years ago. I’ll tell you more next week!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

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