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The Astral Insider: Wisdom from the Higher Planes of existence.

Hey, so you should check out my radio show, “The Astral Insider.” You will discover a lot of stuff about astral projection. You will get to learn how to astral projects with ease and realize that it is easier than you thought. I share many personal experiences, and I am sure you will relate to some of them. You are welcome to participate, and if you need it, I will hear you. You will be able to ask questions and learn a lot about astral projection (and if possible), as well as lucid dreaming, the chakras, meditation, and more!

Before we start, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. If you want to learn more about these, I have an article about spirituality, meditation, astral projection, and more that I am sure you will enjoy. The Astral Insider will bring you more.

Your Portal for Adventure, Insight, and Growth

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The Astral Insider

I am pretty sure you will have a great time, and you will get to discover a lot of curiosities and techniques that will expand your spiritual life a lot.

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These are some of the topics we are going to talk about at The Astral Insider:

  • The Astral Plane, moreover, how to travel in your Astral Body.
  • How to experience Astral Projection easily, hence discovering everything you can learn on the Astral Plane.
  • Spirit Guides, Loved ones in Spirit, and other beings of light residing in the astral plane. As soon as you meet them, you will also desire to read your Akashic Records.
  • Besides, adding Astral Projection to your life will bring more color to it. Moreover, the Astral Inside brings astral projection to you.

To name a few.

What can The Astral Inside bring to your life?

You must listen to know, but let me share a few points with you:


Interested in astral projection? Accordingly to the show’s topic, you will be able to get the most out of it indeed. Hence, The Astral Insider will help.

Curious about spirituality? You will find out I have a lot to share. Therefore, tune in to The Astral Insider.

Questions about astral projection, lucid dreaming, and more? Now it is your opportunity. Besides, I might have already answered your question before The Astral Insider shows.

Do you want to know how to experience a state of mind like no other? Hence materializing bliss for weeks in your life, you will discover astral projection by listening to The Astral Insider.

Are you ready for adventure, insight, and growth? You have to unquestionably tune in to The Astral Insider and get your butt out of your body!

If you want to discover a whole new Universe, I will tell you how. Besides, you will be given the tools, so do not miss shows from The Astral Insider.

Is it in your heart to become a better person and finding more passion in your life? Learning astral projection will particularly help, so check out The Astral Insider will help you out!

If you want to expand your chakras, connect with your spirit guides, visit the astral plane, awaken in your dreams, and know more about how to feel and perceive the energies and bring this light to others, I will definitely tell you how.

Remember,  you will be able to tune The Astral Insider every second and fourth Monday each month!

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New year, new awesome stuff for The Astral Insider:

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  • 11-12-2018: Open the door and peek into the astral plane. Therefore, observe. (Download)
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