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Lucid Dream Challenge – Are you up for it? Get your pillow ready!

Lucid Dreaming Challenges

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Lucid Dream Challenge: Do you have what it takes?

Welcome to the Lucid Dreaming Challenges (more here)! I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun here. This section is completely free, so keep reading! (Unless you are coming back for more… then you do not need to read this, click here to jump straight to the current challenge.

I am pretty sure that you know what the drill is about! Some of you have asked me for these, so here they are! You can challenge yourself by putting your lucid dreaming skills to the test. It is excellent for self-motivation, like NOS (the biggest turbo you can imagine) for your lucid dreams!! In fact:-

I am a natural lucid dreamer, but did not learn the term until 2009. Shortly after, I found a community with these challenges. I went to bed thrilled. Nope, I did not accomplish the challenge, but I had a decent non-lucid dream and a short lucid dream. Before that time, I was probably a child when I still listened to my dreams (Good to have them back!). After that, I developed very fast, possibly thanks to those challenges.

So, it is about time that we have a section like this one, so you can also speed up your lucid dreaming skills.

Take a lucid dream challenge and improve!

If you don’t know how to lucid dream yet, don’t worry. If you want to, there is a lot of information on this blog and the rest of the net! You can get started to read more about in the article for lucid dreaming and regular dreaming.

If you are new to lucid dreaming, I am going to give you a few quick pieces of advice:

  1. Grab a lovely dream journal, put it next to your bed, and write down all your dreams, even if you just have a vague memory or feeling. Make it your routine.
  2. Random times around the day, check your hands to make sure you have your usual fingers. Check hard even if you know you are awake.
  3. When falling asleep, think of lucid dreaming. Try to avoid electronics at least for 5 minutes before “turning off the light” in bed.
  4. Read some literature on this blog. The internet, in general, also holds a lot of useful information as well, and do not forget and the libraries (they are not in museums yet!)  and a good book (Stephen LaBerge, psychophysiologist, oneironaut, and, the author recommended.)
  5. Prolong the dream (while dreaming.)

All help is great!

  1. And, while I am not this great man mentioned above, I probably learned to lucid dream before I started walking (check out this post). I have read plenty of books, including LaBerge’s, of course, as well as practicing and teaching for years. So, I compiled a lucid dreaming video course. New videos and lucid dreaming tools are frequently added, and you will notice right when you join! You will have it there, from recalling a flower (as your whole night’s adventure) to creating an entire galaxy and explore it (plus a few extra short dreams) for a night. From your phone, your tablet, computer, tv, or even your watch (plus whatever else plays videos in the future!). Check it out at Udemy here (it comes with a coupon!)

And to share a few recaps: 

  1. Every few, a new video challenge will be ready. So make sure to visit often.
  2. You will have to complete one or more of these challenges in a lucid dream to succeed.
  3. Write down all your doings in these dreams in your Dream Journal.
  4. I encourage you to share your successes and failures, but dreams can be very personal, so it is not needed. (You can use these on your privacy if you desire)
  5. If you can quickly complete one tier (like “normal tier”), I recommend you to go up to the next one.

And you know? That is pretty much it! There are no more secrets to it. These will be 19-second videos, so they are easy on your data! So play this video before bed and focus on your goal(s)! 

And with that out of the way, we are done. So, for those of you experienced oneironauts, let’s go for the lucid dreaming challenges.

Your task!

Prior Challenges:

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I wish and invite you to send me suggestions for future challenges, or maybe you want to see your royalty-free stock image as the inspiration for a future challenge. So, if you have something to share or suggest, please let me know right here:

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