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Life Challenges – Are you up for them? You will greatly improve!

Life Challenges

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Life Challenges: I welcome you all!

Are you up for life challenges? (Well, one at a time!) Trust me. These are good and positive challenges. Upon completing them, you will feel accomplishment, hence the “good side effect” from taking these challenges. If this is your first time, maybe you want to read about life challenges. If you already know the drill, click here to avoid all the scrolling!

“Life Challenges” are about finding ways to self-improve our lifes. Our society has become so noisy and accelerated that we forget some of the very basics. Human beings (and possibly most mammals) are creatures prone to addictions. Some illegal, crazy chemical drugs are addictive, but music, electronics, etc., are also addictive, and most people are severely addicted to these. You know, it is never beneficial to overdo. Overdoing sports can cause injuries; overeating brings health issues, overuse of drugs, both legal and illegal, can be fatal. Like these, everything in life. It is wise to limit everything (okay, maybe you could avoid that crazy chemical drug too) and learn to use our blessings wisely.

Remember that challenges put you to the test!

These “Life challenges” will require you to, for example, decrease your phone usage or stay some hours in silence. But it will not be only about shutting off your phone or your TV. Some of these will ask you straightforward and basic stuff that, as a society, we are forgetting. Some of these will ask you to find gratitude or even do something nice to some random person!

Accomplishing these “Life challenges” will improve your life. You will understand the blessing of silence. Firstly, for example, you will be able to help yourself better with your phone. Indeed, you will be a kinder person, attracting abundance in your life, finding gratitude in your heart and also, feeling you accomplished and stepped up in life. Because if you achieve just one of these, even the easiest tier will already set you in motion for progress!

It is time for life challenges:

You may decide to implement some of these in your life permanently. It will be up to you. Some of you will find a lot of worth. Some of you might find it an easy challenge, while others might find it difficult. But while you will only see one video here, you can find them all on my Youtube Channel and challenge yourself with any “Life Challenges” videos you find. Feel free to comment on Youtube, your progress, accomplishments, failures, and ideas!

And a few extra points:

  • Every month, a new challenge will be posted on Youtube and updated here.
  • You will find three tiers, plus a bonus challenge.
    • You can archive the bonus with any difficulty tier. Just make sure to do the bonus part!
  • Be honest with yourself and take the appropriate tier:
    • Try to make it as challenging as possible based on your usual doings, but go down a level if you struggle.
  • You can comment on your victories and failures; you have a whole month. It is excellent for life challenges.
  • If the top tier and bonus combined are still accessible for you, double it. Hence, meeting improvement and effort.
    • You will archive Advanced+Bonus first through the way!
  • If the easy tier is still hard for you, don’t worry. “Cut it in half” and try that way. Once done, attempt to at least archive the basic tier.
    • Do not add the bonus option in this case. Archiving halfway is still an accomplishment if you tried hard!
  • You can do these in groups and challenge your friends.

And pretty much, that’s it! Just take a look at this 19 seconds video and get your hands dirty!

Current challenge:

Furthermore, if you want to check out older challenges, I invite you to like and follow my Youtube Channel. I will update you as new life challenges are released! 

I wish and invite you to send me suggestions for future challenges, or maybe you want to see your royalty-free stock image as the inspiration for a future challenge. So, if you have something to share or suggest, please let me know right here:

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