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Did you know 2020.
Did you know (2020)…?

Welcome to the section “Did you know (2020)“. Nowadays, billions of images inspire us through social networks. Meditatewithfernando is not going to be less, and for this reason, the section “Did you know 2020” is here. Make sure you visit this page often since I’m updating it little by little. You will find many of these images in the different blog entries, but on this page, you have a complete compilation.

Firstly, I invite you first to observe the image and its message. Secondly, I invite you to focus on how you can apply these messages of all life. Many of these messages may have nothing to do with your life (but if not, I invite you to share, that will help others). However, I am sure that if there is not any on this page, there are some in the other years (2019, 2016, 2017, 2018.) Finally, I share a small explanation after each “Did you know 2020.”

New: From now on, each image will have a link to its own article.

We all like these, and the did you know from 2020 is here.

As you give a few minutes of introspection to each of these images, you may realize aspects that perhaps you went through something previously. So, I hope you enjoy them!

The Earth has gifts unique in the Universe, let's treat her well (Did you know 2020)

The Earth has wonderful stuff, we do not need the tech to get the best out of our home. (Did you know 2020)

These contain light, and wisdom. Enjoy!

Sometimes, you will feel very liberated, and clear.

Sometimes, you will feel very liberated, and clear once you do a cord-cutting.

Watch out on the "couple connection"! (Did you know 2020)

Too much social media, and time on the phone, can and will destroy your relationship by distancing. (Did you know 2020)

Feel free to share them, if you enjoy them, others will.

The stars may hold a life lesson for you.

Not only the stars but everywhere may hold a life lesson for you.

It's easy to trigger love within your heart. (Did you know 2020)

The Universe has two energies, fear, and love. You choose what you desire. (Did you know 2020)

These will go great on your wall!

With following your path, you reach your destination, even during transition times.

With following your path, you reach your destination, even during transition times.

Trusted Tarot Readings need no format. (Did you know 2020)

Many Tarot Readings need no format for a trusted reading. (Did you know 2020)

Did you know you will learn stuff from these?

The lower world has amazing sights.

You can find amazing places in the Lower World.

Auras describe our energy. (Did you know 2020)

Auras describe our energy and our emotional states. (Did you know 2020)

Share this, and share some wisdom.

You can find amazing beings during a shamanic journey.

You will find helpers, elementals, and other positive beings.

If you notice your gifts, they grow. (Did you know 2020)

If you notice your gifts, they grow and become more significant. (Did you know 2020)

Powerful messages come when you question.

Mental peace brings great ideas.

The mind works great once you clear it from unwanted thoughts.

Wooden toys feed the mind, electronics don't. (Did you know 2020.)

Imagination is much more powerful than any screen, and children are never lacking. (Did you know that 2020)

And little by little, more did you know images will appear. Although I also recommend reading the blog. These images have to do with the topic of the entrance of that week.

Upon checking some entries from the “did you know 2020” images, I’ll give you a few links that you might enjoy:

These are a few, but as you begin to read an entry, you will find others that interest you. But you can undoubtedly contact Fernando if you need it!

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