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Did you know (2019)…?

Welcome to the section “Did you know (2019)“. Nowadays, billions of images inspire us through social networks. Meditatewithfernando is not going to be less and for this reason, the section “Did you know 2019” is here. Make sure you visit this page often since I’m updating it little by little. You will find many of these images in the different blog entries, but on this page, you have a complete compilation.

Firstly, I invite you to first observe the image and its message. Secondly, I invite you to focus on how you can apply these messages of all life. It is possible that many of these messages have nothing to do with your life (but if not, I invite you to share, that will help others). However, I am sure that if there is not any on this page, there are some in the other years (2016, 2017, 2018.) Finally, I share a small explanation.

We all like these, and the did you know from 2019 is here.

As you give a few minutes of introspection to each of these images, you may realize aspects that perhaps you went through something previously. So, I hope you enjoy them!


A dream in a dream in many other dreams.

Sometimes, you will find yourself doing over ten reality checks when you are truly woke up.

Dream within a dream.

It can be truly amazing, but I have personally experienced it, and so did others. (Did you know 2019)

You may realize new things. (Did you know 2019)

Remote viewing and astral projection.

With practice, you can focus on a specific moment, place or realities. There are no differences.

Understanding Opposition allow you to control your life. (Did you know 2019)

Once you are aware of things you can approach them with greater determination. (Did you know 2019)

Share and ponder on these! (Did you know 2019)

Free thinking makes life unique.

Be yourself! You do not have to do or follow as others if you can’t find in your heart. 

You can meditate if you want.

You only need to find a few minutes!

There is more beyond what we see (Did you know 2019)

You can unlock your Akashic Records in a Lucid Dream. (Did you know 2019)

In one or another way, you will connect with your Akashic Records and your soul sort of “will understand how to adjust” to better match the vibrations with the Akasha. (Did you know 2019)

And little by little, more did you know images will appear. Although I also recommend reading the blog, since these images have to do with the topic of the entrance of that week.

In fact, I’ll give you a few links that you might enjoy:

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