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Did you know (2018)…?

Welcome to the section “Did you know (2018)“. Nowadays, billions of images inspire us through social networks. Meditatewithfernando is not going to be less, and for this reason, the section “Did you know 2018” is here. Make sure you visit this page often since I’m updating it little by little. You will find many of these images in the different blog entries, but you have a complete compilation on this page.

Firstly, I invite you first to observe the image and its message. Secondly, I invite you to focus on how you can apply these messages of all life. Many of these messages may have nothing to do with your life (but if not, I invite you to share that will help others). However, I am sure that there are some in the other years if there is not any on this page (2016, 2017, 2019, 20202021.) Finally, I share a small explanation.

We all like these, and the did you know from 2018 is here.

As you give a few minutes of introspection to each of these images, you may realize that perhaps you went through something previously. So, I hope you enjoy them!

Shields do not block all empathic feedback.

Being an empath is tough. Shields don’t work. Period. If you are an empath, use your best shielding and ask for your guides for support. Avoid being exposed to a large crowd of negativity. (Did you know 2018)

Empower your dreams by chaining.

If you feel you are going to wake up, focus on the next dream, and visualize yourself already in it. You might get a pleasant surprise!

Practice in a Lucid Dream.

There are specific skills that you can practice in lucid dreams and getting actual better in waking life, like a real practice!

You can chain different dreams.

Sometimes, you can prolong it so much that you will have to awaken yourself by force in other to recall your dream entirely! (Did you know 2018)

Transform your Lucid Dreams.

It just takes to focus on your next lucid dream, staying lucid while you transition from one dream to the next!

The Astral Plane holds unlimited wisdom.

You can gain a tremendous amount of wisdom in the Astral Plane. Many great minds have done so, and nowadays; it is a great thing to do!

There is more beyond what we see (Did you know 2018)

Higher Planes of existence exists.

Time distortion, loss of ego, loss of negativity, massive amounts of love, and infinite wisdom are a small fragment out all the fantastic things you can experience in the Astral. (Did you know 2018)

WILD is easy to induce upon waking.

You will be with sleep paralysis, maybe scared. Focus on a positive dream and stay still. Soon, you will appear in that beautiful dream!

In lucid dreams you can multiply!

It takes some practice, but you can do everything you desire in dreams. It might take more than one shot at the beginning, but you will be able to do it!

We receive messages from dreams all the time.

Our subconscious talks to us through dreams. We can get to understand a lot about ourselves if we listen. (Did you know 2018)

Meditation is valuable!

You will massively grow spiritually, personally, and in life itself when you add introspection and meditation time in your life.

Tame your nightmares now!

Dream control is an ability we can all harness. Nightmares are no other than dreams… so, lucidly shift the nightmare into a better dream.

Consciousness only keeps on growing. (Did you know 2018)

Meditation helps with life.

With meditation, you can have a profound life-changing experience and travel far. You only need to get started and practice! (Did you know 2018)

Channeling together enhances the energy.

If one or more people connect to Spirit at the same time in the same room will bring higher vibrations and empowerment, making the connection stronger.

Other universe do not even perceive linear time.

Spacial paradoxes, time loops, linear time, erratic time, unstable dimensions, and more that we can’t even image is very real across the Multiverse.

We can surpass the speed of light.

The speed of thought is your speed in the Astral, and it is pretty much limitless. (Did you know 2018)

We can bylocate in other planes of existence.

It’s called bi-location. Visualize being in two places at once while in the Astral, and you will experience it.

The Tarot provides profound answers.

You can ask for messages and keep going deeper, bringing more cards out.

Thanks to the “(Did you know 2018),” you may share inspirational images.

We all can channel healing.

We all are vessels for healing light; we have the “mechanics,” we need to learn to trigger it! (Did you know 2018)

We can summon and visit places!

When dream control develops, you can summon pretty much anything, and you can travel everywhere… combine the two!

Some people were Spirit Guides.

Your soul might have had enough lifetimes already for this to happen. Even after being a spirit guide, the soul might desire to return.

Compatibilices are significant in all relationships.

Every connection has a purpose. Besides love, the same goes professionally and others. You can discover your soul connection with your boss and empower the sharp points! (Did you know 2018)

And little by little, more did you know images will appear. Although I also recommend reading the blog. These images have to do with the topic of the entrance of that week.

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